Season 1 Episode 15

Snow Job

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 03, 2003 on The WB

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  • Were the Writers Horny this Episode? 'Snow Job' Rhymes with 'Blow Job', Ya Know...

    To this day, I still don't know why the writers named this episode 'Snow Job.' I understand the 'Snow' part, but why the 'Job'? The only thing I can figure is, since there was a lot of sexual things, the writers were trying to be funny by naming the episode that rhymes with "blow job." Naughty, naughty, writers.

    Anyway, this was one of my favorites episodes, so lets break each storyline down.

    Laynie & Ephram: Finally, the writers are starting to NOT make Ephram so obsessed with Amy, and actually be interested in other girls! I mean, he seemed to be a pretty popular guy in New York (think back to episodes 'The Unveiling' and where Grandpa visits), so there's no reason why Ephram should like only one girl. While Laynie and Ephram didn't have as much chemistry as Amy and Ephram did when they first met, there was a lot of chemistry still there. And frankly, I think Laynie might be better for Ephram. She's more his type: Dark, mysterious, and sarcastic. Plus, they both hate Everwood! (haha) Seriously though, Laynie and Ephram would make a really cute couple, and Laynie sure does treat Ephram better than Amy does. Amy plays with his feelings, walks all over him by leading him on (kissing him), etc. I think Laynie was very cool in this episode, it's ashame thw writers made her stay limited.

    Colin & Amy: Ok, I just really didn't like Amy in this episode. First, why in God's name didn't she want Ephram to go on the ski trip? Fine, I know why, but really, it's a big group; if she doesn't hang out with Ephram I'm sure the chances of her bumping into her would be small. I just don't like how before Colin woke up she was all nice, and kissing him (TWICE!), and then as soon as Colin wakes up, BAM, she basically turns on him. And don't even get me started on her relationship with Colin. Is it me, or does she take their relationship WAY too seriously? I mean, they're sophomores in high school for crying out loud; she acts as though they're about to get married! It's also ashame she's so in denial about Colin's state. She thinks he's still that guy from last year, and even Colin telling her countless times he's not that guy anymore and to stop bringing up "last year", she still goes and brings it up right when things were getting pretty steamy, too. OK, I can't just bash Amy. Now it's Colin's turn. I understand him being upset that Amy brought up "last year" even when he said not to, but he really shouldn't have gotten so upset. I mean, he knows how hard it is for her to be remembering this him the way he used to be, and that guy being gone. That said, it's probably even harder for Colin not being able to remember anything/one, and always be pressured (by, who else, Amy) to be that guy from last year.

    Dr. Brown & Reverend Keyes: This storyline was the most emotional and sad, but also the one I cared the least about. I'm sorry, it was kinda predictable. I mean, it starts off with the Rev. having trouble seeing the TV and the money, so you didn't know he would end up having problems later in the episode? Maybe you didn't know specifically, but I bet you knew. Anyway, I absolutely loved the scene where they were about to go into the singles bar and Andy had a panic attack. It shows Andy isn't yet ready to date, and is still very much in love with his deceased wife. He had that panic attack because he was feeling guilty, like by going into that bar it would be like cheating on Julia. But that was awesome and really sweet when Reverend skipped the singles bar, and instead took Andy to the Mile High Diner. It shows how good of a friend he really is (hopefully, he'll pop up next seaon). It's very understandable that Andy didn't want to admit he knew the Reverend was going blind after the nice gesture he did for him. I wouldn't want to admit it, either. Fortunately, Edna was there to talk some sense into him (haha). I also really felt for Andy when he had to tell the Reverend that he's going blind. He just couldn't do it at first. He had done so much for him, Andy didn't know how to break the news to him. But then he realized he owed it to him to be straight with him, and not send him to some other doctor. And that he was: straight-forward. He told Edna with other patients he would hand them tissues and leave, but with Reverend Keyes, he stayed in the room and sat with him. I cried when the Reverend asked, "Can you fix this?", and Andy replied, "No, but I can sit with you."

    Overall, this episode had it's funny, sad, and romantic moments. I loved it. It was hilarious when Bright was about to score, and then saw his dad on the ski lift passed out. And my personal fave is when Colin was BSing Ephram asking him, "So you got to know Amy pretty well whenI was out?"... the look on Ephram's face was priceless! He got all pale, and looked like it was going to crap his pants. Haha.

    Random Rants:

    ~It's quite obvious that Andy and Nina have feeligns for each other; how much longer will the writers drag it out?

    ~Everwood has awesome writing, but one thing I didn't like his putting in these characters (Laynie, Rev. Keyes, and Bright's girlfriend) just to work the episode. I mean, they weren't properly introduced, especially Bright's girlfriend. I mean, when did he get a g/f anyway?

    ~Those are a lot of pancakes! I wonder if the Mile High Diner is real?

    ~Poor Bright, he's still a virgin!

    ~When Colin asked Amy if they ever had sex, her response was "No, we haven't... well, you haven't." So, was she implying that she has had sex?
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