Season 2 Episode 22

The Day Is Done

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 10, 2004 on The WB

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  • Ephram and Amy!

    After almost two years of dancing around each other and drama Ephram and Amy finally ended up at the same place at the same time. And though it was never the same again through out the series, this episode really gave us hope in the idea of true love and the potential that we all had to reach it even when it didn't seem possible.
  • Just love it

    It was exciting watch the show. I was through the whole episode just that same spot that I was in the beginning. My hands was shaken and I was sweaty. My eyeballs were inch out of my head. I couldn't hear anything or anybody. My mum tell me afterword that she try to jell me in the kitchen but I was like zombie. And then started to happen when Amy and Ephram goes to the piknik. My hands are in the fist. And then.. Amy and Ephram kiss'es!!! I was so so so happy; They were together-finally. But that wasn't the end. No. Harold, Andy and Edna gonna start doctor's office. Amy left's the Everwood for eleven days and goes to N.Y with Ephram.
  • Well we come end of season 2 and we seen how much character have change.

    Well there are a lot of things to discuss in this episode and I don’t know where to start. So I will start less important stuff which is when Amy ask Ephram to stay in Everwood I was rather annoyed at that but I’m glad to see what happened at end when she surprised him on the plane but one question-how did she get plane seat next to him? Does anyone find that odd?

    Ok Madison pregnancy I known for sometime but this story-line and you got to admit writer really did a number on this one-on most series when a secondary character leave a series that it no where to go but writer decided to give her one final story-line. Let’s connect this to Andy decision not tell his son-was it the right move? Well he was doing what he thought was best-of course this come back to haunt him latter on half way through season 3 which will be in 2 episode in 2 weeks.

    On the subject of Andy his dream-the purpose of this was that to show how much this character has changed in 2 years and conclusion of his dream at the end was awful to watch how selfish he is-his wife saying ‘it scares me to think what would be needed to wake you up’ that was a reference to her dying.

    We get a conclusion to Abbot situation opening up a shop but more surprising was the fact that Andy ask him to be a partner but more importantly now they will have charge for services they provide which certainly won’t go down well certain people. Still he was a nice gesture and he accepted.