Season 2 Episode 1

The Last of Summer

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 15, 2003 on The WB
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In the second season opener, the town of Everwood deals with the aftermath of Colin's unsuccessful surgery, as he is now dead. The Brown family begins to feel ostracized by the town due to Colin's death. Meanwhile, a saddened Andy feels guilty of not doing his very best and regrets his promise to Colin of not resuscitating him if the surgery went wrong. Amy and the rest of the town find out about this matter and confront Dr. Brown over it.moreless

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  • One of the best season premieres I've ever seen!

    The episode was brilliant! I loved every second of it. At the begging I was skeptic. I didn't understand why the first season had to end that way. I thought it would be better if they had shown whether Colin survived or not. But when I saw the episode I realized I was wrong. It's better that way. Colin's death causes so many things, so many emotions, that they could never show all of them for the last two minutes. Besides Colin's death is a part from the story of the second season and it doesn't fit in season one. I loved the characters and the way they emotions were shown. It looked so real and so human… I loved the relationship between Ephram and Andy. It was great to see how Ephram really cares about his father's feelings and wants to help him. Amy is sad about Colin's death and it's normal to be sad. She tries to hide her grief and becomes cold and angry. It's so real… humans always act like that when they lose someone the love. The reaction of the people from Everwood was also incredibly well-written. As I said – I loved every second of it.moreless
  • Failure of surgeries no no no no!

    Failure of surgeries no no no no! I can't wait till I see what happens to Season 3 I am very excited this was such a great premiere and I personally can't wait till I see the next episodes I hope Colin would be fine during the next episodes will he still be there?
  • So it look like Colin is dead

    Well i forgot how much drama they can fit into 1 episode and you don't really appeciate the fact that all actor/actress are very good on this series which makes their performance brillant to watch.

    So the clifhanger at the end of season 1 was whether Colin lives or dies and it seem he died and everyone is blaming DR.Brown for it but he did do his best unfounatly Amy found the letter on his laptop to DR.Brown and she can't forgive him. maybe it's just me but he did what he could, doctor have accept patient wishes no matter how hard it is. it's hard for anyone accept that.

    In a big city if this happend only the family would be angry but the problem in Everwood that it's a close community and having the whole town blame you is rather more difficult, Colin Heart was a person everyone in Everwood cared about and fact DR.brown couldn't save him was disappointing.

    Amy & Ephien it's does seem their relationship will be strained to the point they will just be friends. i have a feeling in time she can look past it. i like the advice he gave Amy about being able adapt to it. it doesn't get easy and you will have to live with it.

    DR.Brown speech at the end was really good and water-work was rather effective and brillantly delivered.moreless
  • Incredible season two opener with the outcome of Colin's surgery.

    It's season premieres like this when you know that you are going to be getting into something good. This episode, the season premiere of season two, is one incredibly strong, powerful, and emotional episodes. It just may be THE most powerful and emotional episode of the entire series. It's episodes like this that show what kind of a show Everwood is. This is the kind of the show that shows why this series is so well liked and so critically acclaimed. You are stunned through every second of it, and your eyes never leave the screen. It's that good. Well, after getting a very good cliffhanger at the end of last season's finale "Home", this episode reveals the fate of Colin Hart's surgery. How did it go?. Did Colin pull through like Andy told him he would?. Did he die?. Was there a problem and Andy took Colin up on the promise he made him when he came to visit Andy before the operation?. All is revealed in one exquisitely written and set up masterpiece of a season premiere. One that plays, at the start, with your emotions and expectations, and one that finishes with your heart in your throat. This was exceptional drama, and was done without being overdone. Something Everwood has always been an expert at. So, how did season two start?....

    The episode starts off so differently than what anyone would of been expecting. It's the last of summer(ha ha)and it seems that everyone is out enjoying the heat and the local swimming pool before it's all gone. Amy and Ephram are working at the pool, and we learn that Bright is the new lifeguard there. Everything seems so peaceful. So serene. So right. So perfect. You know that either something has to be off, or that the surgery must of been a success. Then, we see Colin on the diving board getting Amy's attention. He's about to dive off the board and...and...he's gone. Colin's gone. It's then we realized that we've been had. This was all a dream. Nothing is perfect. Nothing is wonderful. Colin is gone. The surgery was not successful. Colin Hart is dead. At that very moment when the truth comes out, you are taken aback. The breath taken out of you for a quick second as you take in this new revelation and reazlie that you've been had. This was just yet another fanastic way of the show handling something that could of been very typical, maudlin, cheesy, and cliche. They set up the big resolve of the cliffhanger in such a magnigicent manner. So expertly constructed. Everwood, you are so good. Colin's death, as you can imagine in a town as small as Everwood, is felt by everyone. It's no big surprise that it is especially hard on Andy. Poor Andy. He feels he killed the town's golden son, and he isn't going out a whole lot. It doesn't make matters any better when it seems that the town is looking at him in a different way. You feel sorry for Andy. He had already had one tragic loss in his life, and now he gets another one when he comes to this idyllic town to get away from it all. Now this. Imagine if something went wrong when he operated on Rose in the third season finale?!. Whoa.

    If you don't remember, there was a promise that Andy made with Colin before the big operation. Colin told Andy that he doesn't want to come back wrong. He doesn't want to be brought back if it meant that there was a possible chance that he could come out of it a vegetable. He didn't want that to happen to himself, or it to become a burden on everyone else. Andy promises him that if there is a problem, and if there is no way that Colin would come back normal, that he wouldn't try to save him. Andy kept his word. This was a promise that was kept only between the two of them. But Amy finds out. She finds out that Dr. Brown knows something, and she wants to know what he is hiding from her about Colin. Andy goes out to dinner, reluctantly, with Nina. Amy and her family just happen to be there as well. Amy sees this as the perfect time to confront the good doctor on what he knows, and what he's not telling her. As if Andy didn't feel bad enough, and in front of the community that he didn't want to be seen by at the time, Amy comes up to him and makes a scene. Is Amy in the right?. Is Andy?. You see where both parties are coming from here. This is a serious matter. If there is a chance that the doctor performing on your loved one won't try to save them if there is a problem, wouldn't you want to know about it?. Especially if it's a promise?. Would you be mad if this was kept from you?. In all honesty, I would probably be mad. But Amy is in bad shape. Her boyfriend just died, and she's, well, she's in a stage that one can only imagine following the death of someone. But should Andy of told her?. Should Colin?. It's understandable where they came from too, and why they thought it would be better to do that. I guess it's open for discussion. It's hard to say when you are not the person in the predicament. I don't fault Amy for acting the way she does. Last season, she got a bit annoying and people were getting frustrated with her. The way she thought Colin was fine and everybody else must be idiots. Constant denial. But hey, this girl has had hard times recently, and this is the worst. If she is hurt, angry, confused, whatever, then she has every right to be. If you have never been in such a situation, then you really don't know how you would react. People said Amy was a bitch. Was she?. Maybe. But she had every right. This is a strong scene, and Emily Van Camp is great in it.

    This episode had little bits on the side with Bright as the new lifeguard at the local swimming pool and all the little girls liking him. The episode is light on the Ephram, but he and Amy share a nice talk at the pool. Ephram is also conflicted. He wants to be with Amy and mad at his dad, but he feels that maybe Andy was in the right. That he did the right thing. If this is what Colin wanted, then this is what he wanted and Andy gave that to him. So, Ephram doesn't know what to think.

    The most powerful, most touching scene is when Andy goes to Colin's memorial. Unbelieveable. Not only was it perfectly written, it was perfectly acted by Treat Williams. There are two moments in the show's run so far by Treat that are so powerful, he should have an Emmy by now. This one, and the moment where he breaks down in the church in season one's "Til Death Do Us Part". He gives one of the most brilliant performances of the entire series here. He is always good, but this is the one to remember. The whole cast was teriffic in this amazing episode. Emily Van Camp is underrated if you ask me. You hear most people talking about Gregory Smith(rightfully so)and others, but young Emily is just as good as Gregory. She can knock your socks off when she wants too.

    In the end, this is an episode that should always be shown to prove Everwood's greatness. Amazingly written, brilliantly acted, and the best show currently on TV. Every season premiere has been great, but this one has yet to be topped. Absolutely amazing.moreless
  • The Last of Summer: The Last of Colin

    Colin: Did Dr. Brown save him, or did he kill him?

    That's the question Andy asked Ephram during one of their conversations. Which do you think Andy did? Was he right to keep Colin's wishes, and just stop trying after a certain point during the surgery? Or, as a surgeon, should he have done everythng he could to save Colin-whether he be a vegetable or not? I'll let you know what I think

    later in the review, and you might even be able to guess before the end.


    Welcome back from a very long summer vacation, Everwood fans! So who here pulled out all of their hair during the summer because the wait to see Colin's surgery got too much to handle? *raises hand* I had to go buy Just For Men hair product last weekend, for obvious reasons. Anyway, done to the real reason you're here reading my review: For my thoughts of the season premiere of Everwood's second season!

    My thoughts on the premiere, in a nutshell, are that this episode was very well written. The transitions of Colin disappearing into Amy's imagination were wonderfully done, and very creative. Everyone's performance in this season premiere was the best I've seen thus far, especially Treat Williams'. The writers certainly didn't let us down with the premiere after a long, long summer's wait, as something happened that I'm sure most of us thought wouldn't: Colin's death. No, he's not a vegetable. No, he's not again in a coma. He's dead. PLain and simple. Good or bad? Read on.

    Now on to what I thought was bad about this premiere episode. Was it me, or did everything seem too overdramatic and overdone? Not just the characters, but the overall feel of the episode was a little too dramaticy (if that's a word!) and gloomy. The characters like Andy, Ephram, and Amy especially seemed too dramatic the whole episode. I mean, we're used to it with Amy-you know, the girl who think she's married, the girl who's obsessed with her ex-boyfriend, little Mrs. Perfect, and the girl who's bitchy all the time. If you haven't guessed it yet, yes, I'm talking about Amy.

    Usually Everwood episodes have specific storylines, with everyone having their own one, but this episode was really centered around the aftermath of Colin's death. So I'll talk about each character, one by one, in this episode and what I thought of them.

    Andy: Poor Andy-my heart really went out for him this episode (and let me just say again, Treat Williams' performance was really a Tour De` France-this episode is the reason why he won for best actor) as he was actually blamed for Colin's death by the town and Amy. The only people who were still talking to him were Delia, Ephram (surprise!), Nina, Irv, Edna, Dr. Abbott (surprise again!), and Colin's parents. You could really see the hurt and guilt in his eyes for thinking he should've tried his best, without keeping Colin's promise. I haven't seen Treat deliver such a powerful performance since his episodes with Julie. I'm not quite sure why Andy didn't tell anyone about Colin's letter. Sure, I know about doctor/patient confidentiality, but even so I think it's something the town should've known, considering their past with him and all. Still, I very much see where Andy is coming from.

    Ephram: He didn't have a particularily big part in the premiere, but he was still an important character. In the episode, Ephram was torn between whether to side with the girl of his dreams and blame his father for Colin's death, or stick with Andy and realize, while Andy could've tried harder, he couldn't have stopped Colin from being a vegetable, and since Colin's wish was to die if that were to happen, Andy did the right thing. At first, Ephram kinda blamed his dad, but I think only because he didn't tell him of Colin's letter. In the end, Ephram stood up for his dad. I thought it was nice after Andy gave his speech at the memorial that Delia and Ephram walked out with him. Kind of saying they'll stand by him and be on his side no matter what the town wants to think (including Amy).

    Amy: Oh, where do I begin? Many fans started to hate her last season when she was in complete denial about Colin's state and began to treat everyone like dirt, and Colin like a prince. And this episode was just the icing on the cake! Ok, first of all, having your boyfriend be in a coma for seven months and then finally getting him back only for him to be taken away permanetly is a traumatic and awful experience for a 15/16 year old girl. I really did feel bad for Amy, but I also couldn't help hating this selfish, ungrateful, brat's guts. Lets begin with Andy: If it weren't for him, she wouldn't have never gotten those five months with Colin last season. If it weren't for Andy, that whole time Colin would have still been in a coma. But he performed risky surgery on her boyfriend and it worked so good it was considered a miracle. And now that the second VERY risky surgery, which Dr. Brown had said he couldn't promise anything before, was unsuccessful she's pissed off? Amy expects Andy to be a God-like he can determine Colin's fate! He may be a damned good sergeon, but only God can determine when someone's life is over. Colin made Andy promise that if he couldn't get him back to himself, to just stop trying and let him die because he didn't want to be a vegetable. Andy knew that if he kept trying, that is what would happen. He wanted and did respect Colin's decision and choice about his life, unlike Amy. All Amy can think about is HER feelings-forget the fact that Colin would've been a vegetable-but she would've been happy and that's all that matters! But, no she would'nt have been happy. She would've continued to live in the fantasy world she was in season 1 with her and Colin being the perfect couple like before the accident. Never had she faced reality and realized that that time is GONE. It's OVER-and she STILL doesn't realize that. Maybe once she has time to grieve and sob and go through her time, she will realize life goes on (ahem, Ephram anyone?). But in the meantime, no matter what, you can't take your grieving out on other people like she did. MAYBE it's ok if it's your parents, but to have made a scene at that restaurant in front of everyone and yell at Andy like she did, making him feel even worse, was completely wrong. I wanted to punch her through the TV. And what was up with her getting mad at Colin's mom for not telling her she knew about Colin's letter? That letter was between Colin, Dr. Brown, and Colin's parents. He told who he wanted to know, and obviously that wasn't Amy. She acts like she's his wife and she deserves to know everything about him: wake up girl! You were his high school GIRLFRIEND!

    Flash forward to the end when she was talking to Ephram. What was up with her saying she can't forgive Dr. Brown? I mean, even after he gave that very clear speech at the memorial and even after she knew this is what Colin wanted, she STILL was pissed at him?! He tried to warn her last season in 'Home', remember? At the football field, he tried to make her see reality and make her realize there's a good chance he won't be coming back. He tried to say goodbye and give closure to their relationship, but no, she just refused that. I know a lot of fans will hate me for this, but the most of the pain she's going through is her own fault. Hopefully the writers will redeem her character and have her apologize to Andy later.

    Overall, this episode was great! It was very dramatic and had a lot of shocking surprises (ie, Colin's death). Like I said before, maybe a little too overdone and dramatic. I mean, the episode seemed kinda gloomy, didn't it? But I won't hold it against season 2 since last season's premiere wasn't the best either. And this is certainly a way better premiere than last year. So, the season premiere had me on my seat, and made me go through enough boxes of tissues to give it a good score.

    Random Rants:

    ~Nice to see Delia more involved in the episode and have her own storyline and some girl friends, instead of her tomboy ways.

    ~Anyone else thought it was mean of that mother to make her daughter disinvite Delia to her slumber party? I felt bad.

    ~Nice to see Ephram still knows how to yell at his dad; also nice to see them having a rational conversation.

    ~Has Ephram been working out? He looks buffer than last season. And nice, slick haircut, buddy!

    ~Bright and Amy have jobs?! I would've thought Bright has too dumb and Amy was too "perfect" to have a job.

    ~Good to see Nina and Andy hanging around together. Now that she's there fulltime, do I smell romance...?

    ~Very good to see Harold still is a stick in the mud!

    ~Unlike some other fans, I love the new theme song. Finally, the changed the loud upbeat tune in the beginning and added some action photos!

John Beasley

John Beasley

Irv Harper/ Narrator

Nora Zehetner

Nora Zehetner

Laynie Hart

Debra Mooney

Debra Mooney

Nurse Edna Abbott Harper

Tom Amandes

Tom Amandes

Dr. Harold Abbott Jr.

Gregory Smith

Gregory Smith

Ephram Brown

Stephanie Niznik

Stephanie Niznik

Nina Feeny

Mike Erwin

Mike Erwin

Deceased Colin Hart

Guest Star

Robert Peters

Robert Peters

Marty Maxwell

Guest Star

Michael Coe

Michael Coe

New Lifeguard

Guest Star

Merrilyn Gann

Merrilyn Gann

Rose Abbott

Recurring Role

Lee Garlington

Lee Garlington

Brenda Baxworth

Recurring Role

Nancy Everhard

Nancy Everhard

Sharon Hart

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • In the opening pool scene Amy is told that the Bahama Mama's (drinks) get 1 cocktail umbrella each, but as soon as the manager tells her, the camera switches angles and the drinks have 1 umbrella each.

      Since this is Amy's dream sequence continuity errors could be attributed to the subconscious changing the physicality of the dream.

    • Ephram and Amy are Juniors. And Bright is a Senior.

    • Summer jobs for Ephram is being towel boy, Amy is like a waitress and Bright is the lifeguard.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Narrator Irv: Sometimes it is only with the ending of a season that a storyteller can find the most appropriate ending to his tale. As the last hours of summer crept up on Everwood, it seemed everybody was just about ready for a change. A fresh start, filled with new adventures and new friends, and some old ones, and those somewhere in between. For if death reminds us of anything, it reminds us of just how resilient the human spirit is... when it wants to be.

    • Narrator Irv: The funeral for Colin Hart fell on the first warm day of spring. For many who attended, it was the most difficult day they had ever known. But the day was kind enough to pass. I'd like to say it took a while for Everwood to return to business as usual, but it didn't. Bright and Amy went back to their usual summer jobs; Ephram joined them, though his duties were a little less glamorous.

    • Narrator Irv: It's hard to say what happened exactly. For the most part it depends on who you ask. There are as many sides to a story as there are pairs of eyes. It's always been that way; one of those sides must be closer to the truth, but we'll never know which one. I try even now to look back at that time, look past the blame and outrage that made it all so hard to see anything. I try to piece it together; what follows is all I know.

    • Amy: I should've called you Laynie.
      Laynie: It wasn't your decision.
      Amy: No, you, you should've been there.
      Laynie: Some days I'm really mad about it. Sometimes, you know, I'm glad I wasn't there. I got a whole extra day to feel normal again.

    • Dr. Brown: (To Amy) Just because I wasn't able to save Colin, doesn't mean that I killed him.

    • Amy: (To Ephram) We're friends Ephram. Let's just leave it at that, okay?

    • Amy: (To Ephram) I wish he wasn't your father, Ephram. I wish I didn't have to think of him every time I talked to you.

    • Amy: (To Ephram) If you're asking me to forgive him, I can't do that. I'm sorry.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Episode Music:
      Robbie Williams - One Fine Day.
      10cc - Things We Do For Love.
      The Beach Boys - California Girls.
      Guster - Come Downstairs And Say Hello (Album: Keep It Together).
      The Chi-Lites - Oh Girl.
      Randy Newman - I Love L.A..

    • After being listed as a co-star for the entire first season, Michael Flynn (James Hart) is now listed as a guest star.

    • Season 2 has a bit of a difference in the opening. The theme song is a bit different and they also have some live action photos in addition to the paintings.

    • Stephanie Niznik (Nina Feeney) is now a regular cast member of the show Everwood after having a recurring roll in the shows first season. She will appear in the opening credits.

    • Nora Zehetner (Laynie Hart) is now a regular on the show. She will not appear in the opening credits but is listed at the begining of the show as Also Starring.