Season 2 Episode 7

Three Miners From Everwood

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 2003 on The WB

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  • Too Much Drama...

    I love Everwood, I really do, but this episode is just too forced for me. I did not believe the mine story lines for one minute. I believe them as country and/or local doctors, but really, as emergency doctors, I just did not see it or believe it.

    The Will and Ephram story line is good, and very important to the show, but I don't know, I just do not know why, but I just do not feel this episode as a whole.

    Really, I truly believe Everwood is one of the best shows that every graced the TV, but this is just not one of the best one, especially after the banned episode that was on a week before.
  • Two forgotten stories are woven around the collaps of the local mine shaft. James Earl Jones and Beau Bridges guest star.

    In the 4years watching Everwood this is my favorite episode. It doesn\\\'t advance the overall story but it introduces interesting characters and shows Ephram to be a teenager in the real world(not just the brat he is sometimes at home). James Earl Jones and Gregory Smith create the most interesting relationship in the series with the exception of Ephram/Amy to date. And the story of the lighthouse, albeit fluffy, is very heart-warming. For a filler episode it dosen\\\'t get any better that this.