Season 2 Episode 7

Three Miners From Everwood

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 2003 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • Harold says that one of the injured miners has his pupils dilated; immediately after, Andy examines them but they aren't dilated at all.

    • Everwood has a college and many other urban amenities, yet apparently there's no town hall, since the town council must meet in the local cafe to decide whether or not a lighthouse should be built in town.

    • When Harold Abbott's next door neighbor is building his lighthouse, the houses across the street are in the same plane as those on the Abbott's side of the street. However, the episode's last scene (a miniature) shows the lighthouse in a typical mountainous mining town with terraced streets (and with a slope of about forty degrees).

  • Quotes

    • Bright: I can do this... if you'll help me. If there's any chance you're still available for help.
      Chris: If you'll tell me the one person you'd like to have dinner with and why.
      Bright: I don't know.
      Chris: Think about it. Who's somebody you have questions for? Who do you talk to in your head?
      Bright: I... I talk to Colin sometimes.
      Chris: What do you say?
      Bright: I just... I tell him how much more fun things were when he was here. I tell him I'm a mess, and I've pretty much screwed up all the plans that we ever had. And I wonder what he would do if he was me, 'cause, man, he could handle anything. He was, like, fearless. I... I'd tell him I miss him.
      Chris: Good. That's your essay.

    • Doctor Harold Abbott: Oh, my back hurts, my feet hurt, my clothes hurt. Starting tomorrow, I'm giving up fossil fuels.
      Doctor Linda Abbott: Ohh! That was some pretty strong work today, Harry.
      Doctor Harold Abbott: Oh, thanks. Didn't do so bad yourself, using your hoodoo powers of suggestion to bamboozle that poor woman out of her pain.
      Doctor Linda Abbott: I am way too tired to take that as anything but a compliment.

    • Narrator Irv: The town of Everwood was built around a silver mine opened in 1857. In 1929, like much of America, the mine closed and a lot of families learned what it meant to go without. It wasn't until another 10 years later that someone started snooping around another part of the mountain and found a kingdom's worth of coal waiting to be unraveled. The mines reopened and that many people didn't have to go hungry anymore. From silver to coal, just like that. A good example of how something you never considered before can become your whole focus and blazing new relief all of a sudden.

    • Narrator Irv: When it's going right, life changes minute to minute. On a random Tuesday in 1939, coal unexpectedly became important to the entire town of Everwood. On another day some 75 years later, it was a lighthouse suddenly on everyone's mind.

    • Will: (to Ephram) Who the hell are you?

    • Ephram: (To Will) Oh I saw that! That was you liking something. (Mocks him) Impossible, I'm a scary old man. I like nothing and no one!!
      Harold: (To Andy) You can do this. That's what makes you so irritating!
      Andy: (To Ephram) He (Will) sounds like a nice guy.
      Ephram: (To Andy) Not even close.

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