Season 1 Episode 8

Till Death Do Us Part

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 04, 2002 on The WB

Episode Recap

Till Death Do Us Part
Originally aired November 4, 2002
Written by: Oliver Goldstick
Directed by: Michael Schultz

This episode takes place during the days surrounding what would have been Andy and Julia's 20th wedding anniversary.

Andy is plagued by reminders of marriage when the town reverend comes to him for help. It seems that man is allergic to his wife. The reverend's wife has recently lost 35 pounds and has begun to wear make-up and dress somewhat provocatively. Their marriage is in serious trouble, not only because the wife feels that her husband doesn't appreciate her, but also because she actually thinks he is allergic to her. Andy tries to help there marital problem by finding out that the man is allergic to. However, it leaves him even more depressed when he finds the allergen and the couple still decided to divorce.

The reverend and his wife are not the only couple Andy helps. He instructs Harold to spend more time with his wife, who is upset with him for taking her for granted. Andy makes it clear that no one knows how much time is actually left to spend.

After all of his counseling to others, Andy finds himself in a church begging God to help him. He begs for there to be some joy brought back to his life, the joy that has been gone since Julia died. The reverend over hears his plea.

As all of this is taking place in Everwood, Ephram, who knows he should be with his father, gets stuck out of town on a field trip. He is with Amy who is somewhat of a basket-case because Colin has not woken up yet. They discuss whether Amy will still be Ephram's friend when Colin does awaken. She says of course, and Ephram kisses her. She runs away and avoids him for the rest of the episode.

The episode ends by the reverend naming Andy the beacon of hope for the town of Everwood.