Season 1 Episode 8

Till Death Do Us Part

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 04, 2002 on The WB

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  • Field trips, kisses, wedding anniversaries all I can say it is absolutely a cool episode. Go Everwood!

    Field trips, kisses, wedding anniversaries all I can say it is absolutely a cool episode. Go Everwood! I personally believe that this is such a great episode you know I wanna watch this again cause this show rocks my world it helps me give that drama relief and it replinishes and soothes your soul.
  • 'Til Death Do Us Part, or 'Til the Hives Break Us Apart?

    If memory serves me right, this was Everwood's first major themed episode. By that I mean, never before did they have an episode with such a strong theme in the majority of the storylines. The theme was marriage; A marriage that was already ended and that had been taken for granted, a marriage that was in the process of ending, and a marriage that went through a little "rough spot." I think you all can figure out which of those marriages describes Andy, Rev. and Mrs. Keyes, and Harold & Rose.

    First, lets go through all of the three marriage storylines.

    Andy & Deceased Julia: After seeing this episode, I really understand why all of the critics are saying Treat Williams does an outstanding job in Everwood. His performance, particularly the church scene, was amazing and heart-filled. When Andy looked as though he was about to cry, so did I. It was really sad to see this man struggling and hurting about the death of his wife, and telling God he doesn't have anything left. It's very realistic for Andy to have appeared fine in other episodes, and then have him just crack in this episode. Of course, the fact that his 20th anniversary was that day had a lot to do with it. But I think the last straw, sort-to-speak, was when that lady called on the phone saying she's been trying to get a hold of him for weeks because his wife had planned a trip for them. The look on Andy's face was so sad. But letting all his emotions out is the first step to the road of recovery.

    Harold & Rose: They could've really left this storyline out, and the episode would have "flowed" so much better. I don't know if it was the fact that there were too many marriage storylines or that this storyline came from no where and was too stereotypical of married couples, but I found it boring and forced. Here we have the typical wife who feels her husband isn't spending enough time with her, blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda. Come on, Everwood writers, can't you be a tad bit more creative? That said, it was nice to see Harold and Andy talking in the bar towards the end of the episode. Up until this point we haven't really seen Harold and Andy do anything but throw insults at each other; it was great to see them bond. Also, Andy's advice to him was great. He said, "If you're lucky enough to meet a woman you love and she's dumb enough to love you back, you hold on to her like a son of a bitch." That is so true! All too many times we take loved ones for granted.

    Reverend Keyes & Sally: It was very unfortunate that neither of these characters were willing to go throw marriage therapy or something like that for their problems. It wasn't said how long they were married, but regardless of the length, marriage is suppose to be until death do us part, and they throw their marriage away so quickly? You could tell it really tore Andy apart to see two people willingly give up their marriage, while he knows how difficult it is to have a marriage end unwillingly. I agree with Dr. Brown that people should try to save their marriage. I mean, if two people just grow apart, then it is best to get divorced. But not without at least putting the effort into trying to save the marriage--especially if they have kids. Thankfully the Keyes don't have kids, so I can see why they would just want the divorce and move on. On another note, when Andy found out the cause for the Reverend's hives he thought it would automatically just fix the Keye's problems. But somewhere along the way their problems became noncurable, and not even the best surgeon in town could cure that.

    Overall, this episode OK. Some storylines were too forced and should've been removed, but it got the job done and was entertaining.

    Random Rants:

    ~I didn't mention it in the actual review, but this episode marks Amy and Ephram's first kiss! Go Ehpram!

    ~Will they ever let Nina have her own storyline? Please?!

    ~It was sweet to see Ephram sticking up for Amy when those guys played that oh so cruel prank on her!

    ~Nice to see Wendell again! Hey, maybe he will steel Amy's heart away!