Season 2 Episode 17

Unfinished Business

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 05, 2004 on The WB

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  • Well 3 things happend- Amy moves back-madison breaks up with ephiene and Harold finds out who gave amy birth control pill

    Since we are ¾ through the series it was about time certain story line had to end and in this cleverly titled unfinished business we got that. I will discuss all 3 of them below.

    Madison/Ephene- I knew when they started this story line it would have to end and it did in this episode but was done rather emotionally as well, he realise at her birthday party what the problem was and that party confirmed the problem with age-difference. The fact they just have different circle of friends made it even more difficult. At least he still has Amy who broken up with other guy-after pervious episode I had a feeling it was over.

    Amy-we knew eventually Amy would move back to her house but he realise she can’t go back everyone around her was changing and they won’t forgive her but at least Bright helped her face up to it. I have feeling that things are going work out

    Amy has put Andy in a difficult position since he respected her wish as patient and didn’t tell Harold about birth control pills making their friendship over. I get feeling next couple of episodes are going a lot of fun for both these characters. We all love these two character fighting.
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