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Every Witch Way

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The series on Nickelodeon that follows Emma Alonso, a new witch at Iridium High, though her witching and typical human difficulties.

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  • It was one of the better crappy shows - but still ...

    I don't know where the "lovers" find the reasons to like this show. My theory is they only watch Nickelodeon and Disney Channel and are teenagers (or younger). I compare this to for example Charmed or even to the old origins of such shows like Bewitched or I dream of Jeannie, and it fails miserably. Of course, if you compare it to a telenovela, I have no doubt it shines. I know this show from watching stuff with my daughter. And I have to say - actually the story line itself would have been really interesting. But the realization caused a lot of goosebumps and cringing on my side. Acting was horrible (like the beginners classes of my daughter - I have not seen one talent in the show, who was casting this, the girls all rather ugly, it is really funny that I have to say that the boys were better looking than the girls in this show), camera (like me filming with my - good - private HD camera; this is OK for private videos, but I hate this sterile look for professional productions).

    The special effects were in fact really OK in most cases. You don't need "more" for most of the events. But especially in the last episode . the scene, where they were all locked into their lockers - no, I could not have done it better privately (especially if I used only 2-3 takes), but that was still extremely pathetic, because it looked like it was done privately (like when kids make a movie at school and somebody puts some graphical effect on top of the scene).

    To keep the balance - the crap of the crap are the Thundermans. Horrible ! I try but I cannot watch.

    From all these teeny-shows Awkward is really good, Faking It is not too bad.moreless
  • One of Nickelodeon's Occasional Good Shows

    Nickelodeon has been crappy for a long time, ever since SpongeBob started going downhill after the first movie was relased, prior to it's original creators(Steven Hillenburg's) plan to retire, with shows like The Mighty B! iCarly, Back at the Barnyard, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012, Fanboy & Chum Chum, Planet Sheen, Rocket Monkeys, The Fred Movies 1 2 3, Fred: The Show(like the movies: which was neat in effects, but still a bad show as many reported), Nick Studio 10, Sanjay & Craig, Beadwinners, The Thundermans, but there was House of Anubis and The Legend of Korra, a spinoff of Avatar: The Last Airbender, which were the best Nickelodeon shows in a long time, and they did it again with Every Witch Way, Every Witch Way might have had annoying plots in the beginning, such as finding out that Emma was a witch, Plus Maddie was bratty, but thank GOD it didn't have a laugh track, and to those who say it has bad camera quality, the camera quality is futuristic, unlike the other Nickelodeon sitcoms and ESPECIALLY Old Hollywood movies, The next seasons started having better, tasty plots, better writing that makes more sense and better acting, Season 2 had an epic finale with a moment more powerful than an epic hurricane battle, The 3rd season was great, with full detail in everything, and yet a good, and important season finale, which they were inside a video game that Philip the former zombie came from, and it was a video game, implying that the world in it may be another planet, at least to the fans' and show's reference, making Philip a possible . alien and not just a zombie, The 4th/final season was the best, with more exciting adventures and huge twists, but that was until Emma "sacrificed" Daniel and all of his memories of her, which was a setback in the writing and plot, which is like the end of the Phineas and Ferb Across the 2nd Dimension movie ending, where the characters' memories were wiped away by Major Monogram, Just like that, Daniel and the other friends' memories were instantly wiped away by Emma, at least Emma is the only person on the show that still remembers Daniel, It was a great show, which Nickelodeon hardly makes nowadays, and it was not a rip off of Wizards of Waverly Place or any other magic show, as said by haters, It was an American adaptation of a Latin American Nickelodeon telenovela, if you resesarch it, caled Grachi, which ran from 2011 to 2013, unusually long for a telenovela, where as this one was rather average for one, but also unique, Every Witch Way's actors and actresses were very young when training for some years, which gave them the potential to have quality acting, the camera, again was futuristic, and professional HD cameras, as you would see on some of the promos, and also neat as it was variable, which doesn't usually happen, there were smooth and steady scenes, others were a bit to extremely shaky, like documentaries, reality shows, mockumentries (like The Naked Brothers Band), news reports and modern action or horror movies, home videos or even the old Nickelodeon show "The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo", almost never happened in any of Dan Schneider's sitcoms, sometimes at the wrong times, but other times, at the right times, ans it fit the moods of scary moments, like it did when Emma was almost eaten by zombies inside the video game, but however taken kind of too far during some of the beach scenes and especially the Everglades scenes, but still, it's good, it's a good show and there were many plot twists of many degrees and cliffhangers in the end of each episode, yet it was so successful that it even had it's own movie, although it wasn't the kind of movie you were hoping for, it was Spellbound, a flashback movie recapping all of the moments in Season 2 and giving a sneak peek of the first episode of Season 3, Not very entertaining as most of it was predictable until the sneak peek, there were even morals that were very improtant, which a lot of Nick shows nowadays lack, and it even ran the full 4 seasons, which a lot of the other modern Nick shows didn't do, I even met the cast 4 times, first on November 5, 2014, Then on December 12 & 13 at Universal during the 2 day fan meet & greet party, and 4th, back on the set, making them my new best and bestest friends, Overall, It was an awesome show and it even signaled a generation in which Nick is very slowly, but surely improving, as they also did with Harvey Beaks, the new and decent Nicktoon and 100 Things to Do Before High School, another sitcom with a good plot, lack of a laugh track, and morals, and it shows you that Nickelodeon can still, although rarely, make some good/decent shows, Season 4 just HAD to be the last season, so there were 3 good shows at that time, and now there are two, or maybe still 3, if you positively count the new animation, Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks, it's ok, very little toilet humor, and some amount of plot and originality, and each Alvin & the Chipmunks version had different quality, but always a mediocre plot nonetheless, every fan and I are glad it's getting a spinoff, The Academy, which will feature Andi as the main character, along with Jessie, Jax's sister, and be about witches, wizards and guardians training in an academy, it will begin at the part where the series finale of Every Witch Way ended, where Andi was trapped inside a force fiend being filled with magic water, about to drown her, leaving a HUGE and the BIGGEST Cliffhanger on the show of all time, Even though Nick pretty much stinks in the modern generation, at least there's Harvey Beaks, 100 Things, and the new and upcoming show, Academy, which should be good, like Daniela Nieves/Andi Cruz said in the ads about the Every Witch Way fans that are going to love the new show, yet Andi was from Every Witch Way and will be at Academy, and if it gets renewed for another season or a few more seasons, I'm planning on meeting her on the set again sometime after the 1st season is over, I am glad Every Witch Way turned out special and unique, yet good, and I'm glad I also met them multiple times, I know where in Miami they film it, I have maps, I'm not stalking, but if I tell other fans every bit of information, then they will be happy, and love it, and also feel happy for me, as I'm their biggest fan, and now a cast member, an honorary one, My dad says his favorite character is me, yet I also made 2 short Every Witch Way episodes about my visits, short 1 was about my first visit, a mid encore was about me at the Universal fan event, the second full short was about my last visit, and they should be sent to Nickelodeon, if my dad and I have the ability to do that, it would make the other fans so happy and realize how lucky I am, Over all of this, Every Witch Way was perhaps Nickelodeon's best show in the modern decade, especially after SpongeBob and The Fairly OddParents totally went downhill before, and since a lot of other new Nick shows are garbage in comparison to this, Harvey Beaks and 100 Things, Every Witch Way doesn't deserve to be hated, What if you guys wanted Nick to make a good show about aliens and they did it and it got criticism among millions of viewers, Wouldn't that make all of you guys ashamed, and to those who hate the camera quality of this show, it's futuristic and very detailed, yet realistic, almost captures what the eyes see, and if you like the camera quality on the Nick shows before this, isn't that like loving old radios better than good OS's and/or iPods/iPads? People need to move on and enjoy what we've got(the good stuff, not the bad garbage), It was an awesome show and i'm Glad Nick made it, without Every Witch Way, there would be any improvement on Nick and I wouldn't have the bestest friends in my modern life, which are the characters, Thank's Nick for making such an improvement, especially after going downhill so much with trashy shows.moreless
  • Great Show!

    Very great.
  • A Really Good Show

    I've watched this show from the series pilot to the series finale, and I think that it was the best show I have ever watched, by far. Intact I'm not sure why some people are giving Every Witch Way such a bad review. According to the haters, this show is a rip off of the renound Disney Channel show, Wizards of Waverly Place. First off I don't even know how that could even be possible because the shows are so different. The two shows are about wizards and magic related things and has a somewhat related episode... (Alex vs. Alex and Emma vs. Emma). So i see where all you haters have gotten that stupid idea. Now... as you may know, this is one of the great shows that doesn't have a laugh track. I actually like this because it lets YOU find the joke and it makes the show not annoying. What else is good about the show is that it was filmed on location. Unlike most stupid Disney shows like (Austin and Ally, Liv and Maddie, Every Witch Way is filmed and produced in Miami, which is where the show is set. and for all you haters that say the set is cheap, it actually ins't, because most of the furniture is really expensive. And for all of you haters who think the show has horrible effects, I'd like to see you try and make those effects... as if you can do any better. And for haters who hate the soundtrack... I happen to love the soundtrack though no one really cares about your opinion so it's best if you all haters keep your mouth shut. Lastly, what's good about this amazing show, is that it's main protagonist face real problems. Unlike stupid those Disney shows, Emma faces life without having a mother, which i think is uncommon in today's stupid Disney shows. I strongly recommend this show to anyone, who is willing to have a positive mind. Although the acting in season one wasn't the best, it gets better throughout the show as you see the characters develop (which is also GOOD about the show)moreless
  • Meh...

    I do not like this show. In fact it's bad but the only reason i gave it a 5.0 is because it doesn't have the laugh track. THANK GOD IT DOESN'T HAVE A FUCKING LAUGH TRACK!!! On a happier note it ends after Season 4, so you don't have to worry about that.

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