Everybody Hates Chris

Season 1 Episode 12

Everybody Hates A Part-Time Job

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 19, 2006 on The CW

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  • A realistic look at the workplace

    This episode of Chris is very entertaining because not only is it hilarious it also gives Chris a level of respect for his father now that he knows what working for money is like and it also teaches him a lesson on material goods and that sometimes things cost more than you earn.

    The subplot is also very funny, Dare being shown to be quite a dangerous game with stairs, hot sauce milkshakes and many other interesting and humorous concoctions that make both plots very funny indeed, the ending being perfect, getting the jacket during the summer when he could afford it but not wear it.
  • Not a great story, I mean, there wasn't a big plot.

    Not one of the better episodes of Everybody Hates Chris, but pretty good nontheless. Chris wants a leather jacket, but he dosn't have enough money, so he asks his parents and they say no. But his dad will let Chris help work with him to earn some money, but he must get up very early in the morning to hand out papers. Chris discovers that the papers are very heavy, the job is not easy, but when he is rewarded his money, and is proud of his efforts and realizes the value of work ethics. A well-written episode. The dares that go on between Chris' brother and sister also gets quite disgusting.
  • The show makes a good job of a familiar story

    Everybody Hate Chris continues to impress me episode after episode. This week they tell the story of Chris trying to save up to buy a coveted leather jacket.
    His plight is a familiar one- to me at least. Wanting something so badly and seeing everybody around you with one is a hard thing to have to bear. But we see Chris have to take the hard route to getting his coveted jacket which is something I\\\'ve come to expect from this show.
    Chris\\\' part-time job made for some brilliant family moments between Chris and Julius- really sweet moments which indicate that Chris Rock is very close to his own father.
    The funniest bit about this storyline was at the end when we see Chris finally wearing his jacket. It is so typical that he would have it as soon as he doesn\\\'t need it!
    I also love the ability of the show to dip in between the past, present and future without interfereing with the flow of the show.

    The secondary storyline was still amusing with Tanya ending up in hospital after drinking a hotsauce milkshake. The scene at the hospital with the receptionist \\\"My husband has three jobs. I don\\\'t need this!\\\" was hysterical and provided some nice continuity to the show.
    I also loved the gag about using the Robotussin to cure all illnesses. It reminds me of the gag running through \\\"My Big Fat Greek Wedding\\\" with the father using Windex to cure all the families illnesses. It kind of reminds me of my own family but they are much less extreme!

    Other points:
    Greg seems to be relegated to a hallway buddy for Chris, like he was in the previous episode. He appears only for Chris to bounce ideas and thoughts off and little else.

    The screen at the beginning of the show has now changed to 1983- nice attention to detail and continuity from the show

    Chris seems to be able to talk quite easily to Keisha now (I\\\'m refering to the beginning and end of the episodes not the fantasy sequences) When did that happen?

    Overall a great example of parents teaching their kids the value of money that was definitely worth half an hour
  • Teaches you the value of money

    Chris sees a leather jacket in the store and attmpts to ask Julius for an allowance to buy it. Julius tells him that if he wants a leather jacket, he needs to get a job. Chris tries but to no avail so he asks his father for help and Julius allows Chris to accompany him on his paper route job. Chris learns that one weekends delivering didn't give him enough money so he kepts at it and put a jacket on layby (on no Americans call it Layaway) and pays it off.