Everybody Hates Chris

Season 4 Episode 19

Everybody Hates Back Talk

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 03, 2009 on The CW



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    • Julius: The one thing you have to learn about women is nothing makes sense. Once you learn that you can become a man.

    • Rochelle: What did you say?
      Chris: I said no.
      (Fantasy Sequence)
      Rochelle: That's what I thought you said.
      (starts throwing silverware at Chris, pinning him to the wall)
      Rochelle (pulls out knife) Now say it again!

    • Monk: I also will take that, uh... helmet and those death darts.
      Mr. Omar: That's a crock-pot and pens, man!
      Monk: Not in the jungle, it's not. You know, I can make me a hand grenade out of a can of Cheez Whiz and a dress sock.
      Mr. Omar: Well, you need to use it to blow your own brains out. Don't they have centers for people like you?

    • Chris: Why didn't you wake me up? I'm late for school!
      Rochelle: You grown. Wake yourself up. If you don't wanna do nothin' for me, I ain't doin' nothin' for you.
      Chris: (narrating) And she didn't.

    • Vanessa: Chris, you are a child. Parents don't negotiate with children.

    • Rochelle: Where have you been?
      Julius: I stopped to get coffee.
      Narrator: With his coffee coupon.

    • Narrator: While my mother was teachin' me lessons about life, Mr. Omar was teachin' a lesson about death.

    • Narrator: How come when a woman says, "Fine," it's never actually fine?

    • Narrator: When you're a kid, one of the most important lessons you learn is when your parents tell you to do something...
      Rochelle: Y'all better eat that liver.
      Chris, Drew and Tonya: Yes, ma'am.
      Narrator: ...you do it, no matter what you think.

    • Narrator: I had put my foot down, but unfortunately, it was into my own grave.

    • Chris: Ma, I didn't eat all the dinner by myself. I shouldn't have to clean it all up by myself.
      Rochelle: I don't wear all the clothes, but... I wash them by myself. I don't sleep in all the beds in this house, but I... I make them all by myself. I don't pee in all of the toilets in this house by myself!
      Chris: Ma, Drew and Tonya are sittin' right there doin' nothin'. Why can't they help?
      Rochelle: Because I told you to do it! Now, I don't wanna hear no more back talk. Now, clean this mess up.
      Chris: No. I'm not gonna do it.
      Rochelle: Lord, please help me before I knock this boy's neck off.

    • Julius: Why is this table such a mess?
      Chris: (narrating) Somebody fired the maid.

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