Everybody Hates Chris

Season 1 Episode 11

Everybody Hates Christmas

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 15, 2005 on The CW
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Everybody Hates Christmas
It's Christmas and Julius and Rochelle find it difficult in breaking the news that they can't afford presents because of broken water heater.
Chris is suprised to discover who the canned food drive is really for...

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  • Everybody hates Chris!...mas!

    This episode is one of the best so far as the series gets better and better and it has a great concept from both plots, the reaction of a child when they realise Santa doesn't exist and the life of people who can't afford Christmas.

    Both were handled really well, Rochelle's hypocritical moments being very funny, not getting Chris a present but not accepting free food and the teacher that annoys the hell out of everyone, especially Chris and Rochelle, was a great addition that paid off in the end.

    Overall, this episode was great with very good morals in the end (It's okay to lie).moreless
  • That score on the right? For the episode, not for waking up kids in the middle of christmas dreams. Another happy ending christmas episode is what I thought it would be. I`m glad it wasn`t.moreless

    I`m going to start with the episode review. Another great episode just like every other one in the series. As funny as the others, even if you had kids watching who believed in santa, the easter bunny and the tooth fairy. You have to admit that.

    I don`t think this is a family show, it`s racist (but not intentionally) and if you have kids young enough to believe in santa clause watching the show, they are young enough to take unintention racism and repeat it. Like Tania in the show going around telling the kids there`s no santa. Normally you`d march right down to hollywood and slap the black off Chris Rock but you can`t slap the black off somebody for telling the truth. I disagree with the people who say they shouldn`t have `anti - Santa Clause on TV shows but I disagree with the people who say santa is bad because it`s like any other fairytale you tell kids. It`s not `satanic` or `low`. It`s a nice story to tell them, but this episode was for the show, to be different, not the `happily ever after` ending crap on everything now. Simpsons, Futurama, Malcolm In The Middle, even South Park have had christmas episodes end happily ever after, almost every year on Simpsons and South Park. It wasn`t made to please kids. I`m glad a show has come along and differed from the stone plots set for every TV show christmas special. I live in the UK and there`s next to no religion, there would be no religion if it wasn`t for muslim immigrants. Christmas isn`t about Jesus anymore. Wake up. To be honest Santa is about as real as Jesus. Personally, I think Santa is better for children ... it has a happy ending. They`re the same really. Be good and you`ll get presents. Be good and you`ll get into heaven. Be bad and you`ll get coal in you`re stocking. Be bad and you`ll go to hell. It`s bad if you`re watching a show and 20 minutes later you`re kid doesn`t believe in Santa. But don`t stop watching a good show because of it. If you didn`t want this to happen put the disney channel on sit your kid in front of the TV and soon they`ll be hypnotised and won`t find out about Santa until they`re on their deathbed. But kids are figuring these things out at younger and younger ages because theyre not modern ... how can Santa come through the radiators, for example.

    It was good while it lasted and this show will last a lot longer.moreless
  • Why is no one getting slapped around?

    I know this is going to be a slightly weird statement coming from a white jewish guy from an affluent family, but jesus, man; sometimes you gotta slap around the white folk.

    This episode, like most of the show, doesn't make me laugh. But this one in particular... it's as though the show speciallizes in spoiling expectations.

    For this whole show, Chris's teacher is being a dumb b*$#h, and frankly, all I'm hoping is that by the end of it she gets slapped around for it. That's all I'm looking for. But instead, they decide to go for the honeymooners ending; ie "One of these days, Alice..." It's just kinda dumb to insist that every episode ends with Rochelle shouting at Chris. It's a silly premise, and the show could do more.

    The fact is that there's a lot that's worthwhile in this show, but because they're trying not to allienate white viewers, and frankly, it shows, they're turning it into one of the wussiest shows on TV. I say go for it. Show differences and kick the crap out of people for it.

    That teacher is just a well meaning bigot, and I'd feel a lot better if she got smacked in the face! There's no emotional satisfaction that comes with this show. Things always end on the exact same note, no matter what happens in the episode.

    This show's got potential. There's a potentially volatile situation present, but until they start using it, it's little better than Dharma and Greg.moreless
  • For crying out loud...isn't there an unwritten rule against what they did?

    So I'm sitting here watching the show with my 7 year old little girl (who still belives in Santa by the way). Suddenly, they start announcing that there is no Santa. I'm figuring that they will have something happen by the end of the show that confirms for family viewers that Santa does actually exist. I mean that's how these shows go. They take a non-believer and have a Christmas miracle turn them around and they suddenly believe in Santa. i figured Drew would believe in Santa by the end of hte show.

    So Drew shows Tanya the toys upstairs. I figured, ok, the mom will say that those presents are the ones from mom and dad...not the Santa ones. But that doesn't happen so I keep waiting.

    Finally towards the end of the show, Chris Rock does a voice over that confirms, without a doubt that there is no Santa. He says something like, "So, now that Tanya realized that there is no such thing as Santa Claus..."

    Isn't it just understood in Hollywood that you just don't do this in a Christmas special??? I mean this show has it's moments when it's not entirely appropriate for kids, but for the most part, it's fairly family friendly. I have little doubt that there were tons of kids out there whose beliefs were shattered by this thoughtless episode. I had to come up with quick explanations off the cuff every time they said there was no Santa. I tried turning it off once, but my daughter is too smart. She knew I was trying to cover something up.

    I don't know if she still believes or not. She says she thinks she does, but she's not so sure now.

    Thanks Chris Rock. Thanks for destroying my child's belief in Santa, the Easter bunny, and the tooth fairy all in one fell swoop.

    ***edited 01/25/2006***

    I've received many messages from other users telling me what a horrible parent I am for allowing my daughter to believe in Santa Claus.

    Popular assertation #1

    "Isn't Christmas about Jesus? Not Santa? What are you teaching your child to believe in?"

    Yes, Christmas is absolutely about Jesus. He's the reason for the season and a multitude of other cliche, but accurate, sayings. That is why my family went to 2 seperate church services this year. The first we went to the day before Christmas. It was a special service designed for children to attend. A man dressed as Santa attended the service and spoke to the kids about what Jesus means and explained that Jesus is the real reason we celebrate Christmas. He then knelt at the altar and prayed to God for all the children to clearly see who is the more important of the two. The next day we all attended the regular Christmas morning church service that was designed for a more general audience. I believe my daughter got the idea just fine, thank you.

    Popular assertaion #2

    "It's a harsh, cruel world out there and kids are gonna find that out sooner or later anyway. Don't give them false dreams."

    As adults, we have been prepared for those harsh, cruel realities. We are equipped to deal with the trials of everyday life without being scarred as a result. Children are NOT so-equipped! Children cannot handle the same "harsh realities" of everyday life that adults face on a daily basis. That's why we have movie ratings and parents and teachers and trusted friends and family members to guide our children, to prepare them for life on their own once they realize that there is more to life than unicorns, rainbows, puppy dogs and Santa Claus. It is cruel to expect children to handle "harsh realities" as do adults. They simply can't emotionally handle the same concepts we as adults can and they need elements of fantasy and pretend in their lives, even if they don't know that some of the things they believe are nothing more than fantasy. They'll figure out what is real and what isn't eventually. And when they do, they'll be ready to handle it.

    Popular assertaion #3

    "Santa Claus is Satanic"

    Please. Just...no really....please.

    Etc. Etc. Etc.

    The entire point of this episode was how mean it was for Drew to tell Tanya there is no Santa before she was ready. No one praised him for his act. His parents disagreed with what he had done and when the dad further spilled the beans, the mom became mad at him as well. This show was not anti-Santa Claus. It was "anti-dashing your kids dreams before they are ready". And in the process, they dashed the dreams of every child who watched it.

    Ever wonder why Drew was the one to show the truth to Tanya? Why not Chris? He would be much happier to take a chance to get even with her for all the mean thigns she does to him. What a great way to get revenge! Plus, Drew has never had much of a proactive role until now. He just kind of sits around as window dressing and never gets much chance to do anything besides watch basketball and pretend he's a samurai off in the background somewhere. He's total window dressing and has never been given anything to do on the show of any real substance or significance. Until now.

    Why have Drew do the deed? Because they didn't want Chris portrayed as the bad guy. They knew parents would identify what Drew had done as being sneaky and wrong and that would bias them against their protagonist, Chris. So, they let Drew do it. It's ok if we see him as being less than perfect. But the whole point of the show is how bad stuff always happens to Chris when he is really a good and decent kid. They couldn't have him be the bad guy. They knew that what Drew did was wrong and they had him do it so that viewers wuldn't suddenly think that Chris was a little jerk. Period.

    The main arguments I received, however, really did not address the point I tried to make in my original review (as seen above). The (marginally intelligible) responses argued whether or not kids should be allowed to believe in Santa. This was not the point of my argument. Whether a child is given the option of believing in Santa should be a decision made by their parents and no one else. And I harbor no ill will toward any parent who decides not to tell their kids that Santa is real. Hey, it's your kid. Make your own decisions.

    "Everybody Loves Chris" circumvented that parental right to decide, however, and made the decision for them. They said, "Hey, we don't care if you want your kids to believe or not. We're gonna tell 'em how it is and by the time you know what we're doing it'll be too late, so you can't do anything about it. We are making your decision for you."

    And that's just plain wrong! Especially in an episode whose entire premise was that Drew had done something wrong in going behind his parents' backs and telling Tanya the truth. TV should never be allowed to dictate what a parent can or cannot do in regard to socially acceptable decisions regarding the raising of their children. Hollywood should never simply take a decision away from parents. If I'm a bad parent for wanting to make my own decisions in regards to my child's upbringing, well, you'll just have to deal with it.

    Next year, if my daugter still happens to display some belief in Santa, I'm going to foster that belief and encourage it until she is ready decide otherwise of her own accord.moreless
  • A good lesson...

    This episode is great for the fact that it sheds light for those who experience Xmas in the "hood", "ghetto", or just plain poor. There really isn't a Santa Claus. For those who can afford to give their kids gifts at Xmas and say there is a Santa, more power to you. I'm not knocking Xmas or Santa at all, but what do you tell a kid that because you can't make ends meet, or an event keeps you from purchasing gifts that there is a Santa? If that was me, I'd feel low and pathetic that Santa didn't want to bring me gifts. It's just a reality that all kids will have to face. There is no Santa Claus!!! I'm not the least bit religious, but I thought Xmas was about Jesus anyway? Guess kids dreams of Santa are more important. Also, to the person who said that there child was smart and wanted to know why she/he was turning it off, if they're so smart, how come they still believe in Santa Claus? (no disrespect intended)moreless
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  • QUOTES (7)

    • Tonya: I know there's no such thing as Santa Claus.
      Chris: (narrating) When my mother heard Tonya say those words, it was like she wasn't her baby anymore.
      Tonya Aged 30: So, what else did you lie to me about? Are you really gonna kick me out if I get pregnant? Is it true you ain't takin' care of no baby? Can I really not bring a white boy home? Does the Foreman Grill really knock out the fat? Can I really get a loan with no money down? Are you my real mother? Momma, I want answers!

    • Rochelle: So, you do understand.
      Tonya: Yeah, it's okay to lie.

    • Rochelle: Oh baby, you'll be able to use up all hot water you want.
      Chris [Narrating]: So all I'm getting is a clean ass.
      Julius: Steaming hot.

    • Chris [Narrating]: My mother would give away all the food we had, if she thought it would prove we didn't need it.

    • Tonya (about her new doll) : I wanted a Cabbage Patch doll with long hair!
      Rochelle: How about you have no doll with no hair?
      Tonya: Thanks.

    • Chris Rock: My mom had amazing hearing. You couldn't do anything in that house without her hearing.
      Rochelle (to Chris, who is in a different room) : Chris! Quit throwing cotton balls all over the place!

    • Chris: If you had a Walkman, you could even listen to bad music, and no one would know . . . unless you were dumb enough to sing along.

  • NOTES (3)

    • For this first 11 episodes:
      -The show won the 2006 Image Award for Oustanding Comedy Series, and, the 2006 Young Artis Award for Best Family Television Series (Comedy). Plus, it was nominated for:
      *The 2006 Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series-Comedy Or Musical.
      *The 2006 People's Choice Award for Favorite New TV Comedy.
      *The 2006 TCA Awards for Oustanding Achievment In Comedy and Outstanding New Program Of The Year.

      -Tyler James Williams (Chris) was nominated for the 2006 Image Award for Outstanding Actor In A Comedy Series, and, the 2006 Young Artist Award for Best Performance In A TV Series (Comedy Or Drama)-Leading Young Actor.

      -Tichina Arnold (Rochelle) won the 2006 Image Award for Outstanding Actress In A Comedy Series.

      -Terry Crews (Julius) was nominated for the 2006 Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series.

      -Vincent Martella (Greg) was nominated for the 2006 Young Artist Award for Best Performance In A TV Series (Comedy)-Supporting Young Actor.

      -The writing team was nominated for the 2006 WGA Award for Best New Series.

    • Parents were outraged at this episode when they said that Santa does not exist. To make things worse. they also blurted out that the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy were also fictionalized.

    • This episode is the Season 1 Christmas Special