Everybody Hates Chris

Season 1 Episode 9

Everybody Hates Food Stamps

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 17, 2005 on The CW

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  • My second attempt

    This is my second attempt at a review for this episode because apparently the review I wrote last week didn't go through for this episode.

    This episode was quite enjoyable especially Rochelle and Julius' plot about the food stamps, though Chris and Greg's science project was very funny aswell.

    The end was terrific with Chris being yelled at once again, though this time Rochelle trying to shift the blame of the power bill (or maybe she's used to yelling it).

    Rochelle was hilarious in this episode and Julius being excited about finding free money was also teriffic and I can truly say that this is why I watch Everybody Hates Chris.
  • Absolutely Hillarious!!

    Very good epsiode showing the funny side of food stamps (as another member said). Pretty un-expected how chris and greg split up but shows true friendship by forgiving each other. Shows that as humans, we still feel embarassed when we come out or appear short in society. Well done another great epsiode!
  • Fun, but had some problems

    I think the Food Stamps story line was funny. Roshelle, in true fashion, stayed in ghetto snob character. She is embarrassed that she has to use food stamps which Julius found. When her friend is behind her, she uses the cash that was to be used for the light bill and her hair.

    My problem with the episode was the B story line of Chris working on his science fair project with his friend. While the storylines seemed to exist over days, all I saw was Chris at school, which made him seem disconnected to his family and the A storyline.

    Still, overall, it was a pretty funny show.
  • The funny side of food stamps...

    Wow, did those black and white generic boxes at the grocery store bring back some memories for me? I still wonder why they did made those boxes like that. I always remember the black and white Corn Flakes.

    This episode finally showed just how hard it is for people to have to use food stamps. We had to use them when I was little and I can tell you the look on Rochelle's face was one I saw on my mother a couple of times. I loved the sequence when they broke out into "Up Where We Belong" and Julius was wearing the Navy uniform pushing Rochelle in the shopping cart. Chris Rock's narration on this episode was possibly my favorite of all so far. Especially, the part about how excited Julius was about finding money all of his life.

    I consider the fighting between Chris and his friend a subplot to this episode really. I wasn't exactly that into it and it kind of didn't really go with the rest of the episode. You knew that at some point the two would get back to being friends, so it kind of brought down the rest of the episode, in my opinion.

    This is probably my favorite episode of the series so far.

  • Julius Is Hilarious!

    Dang, this show just keeps on topping itself every week and Terry Crews is absolutely the best character on the show ... ( along with narration by Chris Rock ) The fear of the wife to use food stamps really carries the episode, as I didn't really find the conflict b/w Chris and his friend that intriguing, more of a subplot this time. The reluctance of the wife to be seen as a poor woman even though it's true is so realistic, and the commentary by Rock add a lot of depth and insight to the events that the characters are engaged in. Classic!