Everybody Hates Chris

Season 1 Episode 17

Everybody Hates Funerals

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 23, 2006 on The CW
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Everybody Hates Funerals
Chris' beloved grandfather (Jimmie Walker) dies while paying a visit to Rochelle and the family, and the extended family comes to town to pay their respects.

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  • Rochelle nice... something terrible must have happened!

    One of the great things about this episode is the way it brings in a lot of the series' continuing themes such as Rochelle's chocolate turtles, Julius' cheapness at the casket place and Keisha having more sympathy for one brother than the other and so it plays like a real episode and hence remains funny aswell as having some great depth like Rochelle dealing with her father's death by changing her personality and then quickly snaping to anger when her mother eats the turtles and all is back to normal, Chris being back to being disciplened about the yoyo.

    Overall, this was not the funniest episode of Chris but when it's dealing with death it would be a little disrespectful if it was continually hilarious.moreless
  • I loved it

    This episode really hit to the other side of Chris. I don't hink it was meant to be so much as funny but to give you a peek into , if I might say , a serious side of the charactrer's life. We all know life ain't all comedy. The subjects that were touched on gave you a look into how a lot of families are in a crisis, African American more so than others.moreless
  • This episode wasnt close to being funny like the others...

    This episode starts off with a death of a relative, and it's like a party after that. Chris is making fun and a series of his own grand father, that kinda SUX. But oh well, I guess whatever's labeled as comedy is absorbed by the masses. This one didnt entertain me at all.. Humm.. I'm trying to think of any memorable scenes?? I indeed predicted that if Chris's mom didn't get no turtles, she would burst and become herself again ( as in this episode right after the grand father's death, she becomes very calm and kind to everyone ). But yes, I was bound to happen with mom critisizing everything she does, we now see where he character comes from. I found one scene funny, where you see chris imagining smaking her mom out of it. That was something lol.Also, that reunin of the funeral, where chris's uncle sees that chris has a white friend and freaks out, and everyone tries to offer him food as if he was a bum haha. Also a funny part was when the robber dude come near chris for apologies and said 'hey , here's money, you might not know it, but I robber your grandfather'. That was kinda funny. That pretty much wraps up my thoughts bout this one..All in all, a big 'MEH.' dissapointed as for it's potential, I mean It was a season finaly jesus chris :Pmoreless
Tricia Delaney

Tricia Delaney

White Mom

Guest Star

Loretta Devine

Loretta Devine

Chris's Grandmother, Maxine

Guest Star

Monica Calhoun

Monica Calhoun


Guest Star

Jacqueline Mazarella

Jacqueline Mazarella

Mrs. Morello

Recurring Role

Antonio Fargas

Antonio Fargas

Mr. Harris

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Recurring Role

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    • Chris: (narrating) That's my Aunt Charlotte, but we called her Grievey because we only saw her at funerals. No birthdays, no weddings... just funerals.

    • Grandfather: Knock-knock.
      Chris: Who's there?
      Grandfather: Pass me them porkchops.
      Chris: Pass me them porkchops who?
      Grandfather: No! Pass me them porkchops right there!

    • (The morning after Rochelle's father dies)
      Drew: Do I have to go to school today?
      Chris: (narrating) Usually the only death that could keep us out of school was our own!

    • Rochelle's Mom: (to Chris) Talk to me like that again and i'll knock you into another family.
      (Chris is sitting on a sofa with a different family)
      Mom: Who are you?
      Chris: You don't wanna know.

    • Chris Rock: (narrating) My uncle Michael was almost 40 and never had a job. He put the "um" in "bum."
      Michael: Hey, sis, how are you doing? Y'all got something to eat.
      Rochelle: Yeah... (Michaels drops all the luggage and rushes inside for the food)
      Chris Rock: (narrating) I think he saw a job chasing him.

    • Chris Rock: (narrating about his teacher dissing on him then realizes he's telling the truth out his grandfather did) In honor of my grandfather, I should of hit her with a brick.

    • Grandfather: Knock-knock.
      Chris: Who's there?
      Grandfather: feeling pain Oh, Lordy.
      Chris: Oh, Lordy who? (everyone laughs)
      Grandfather: I'm dying.
      Rochelle: I'm dying who? (laughs)
      Grandfather: I'm...having...a heart... (dies)
      Tanya: You're having a heart who?
      Rochelle: Daddy? (silence) Daddy? (suspicious) Daddy?
      Chris: (narrating) I never found out who was there.

    • Chris Rock: (narrating) At the day of the funeral, there was one thing left to fight over...who get's to drive in the limo?

    • Chris Rock: (narrating) Isn't it funny how irresponsible people think they could change the whole world with a piece of chicken?

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    • In one scene (that was just imagined), Rochelle is seen saying "Damn, damn, damn." This is a reference to the character Florida Evans from Good Times, who reacted the same way when her husband, James, died.