Everybody Hates Chris

Season 4 Episode 22

Everybody Hates G.E.D.

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 08, 2009 on The CW

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  • Jumps the shark.

    At first this episode seemed to have promise, but when Chris was running late and he had to jump over cars and avoid gunfire from the police and criminals, yeah, that is when I lost it. That is when Chris Rock's clever narration about money, Kim Kardashian and beatdowns was erased from my memory and this scene took its place. This followed up with the one minute of the people from the barbershop dancing at Amateur Nite is the reason nobody takes this show seriously.

    It's not that it is not funny, it's not that it isn't a good family show, it's all these stupid, unrealistic cutaway scenes that would not even make it to an episode of Family Guy that get thrown in.
  • great

    chris can't afford to be late one more time or he will have to repeat the 10th grade. when he is late, accidentally, he is forced to repeat. but when he refuses, he drops out and instead opts to get his G.E.D. Will his parents approve? And what will his G.E.D. say?

    good finale, i liked the surprise ending and thought it was clever. and some of the lines were really funny as well, and so i think this was a good finale, it gets a B+ from me, because i did not like some of it, but overall, great
  • I liked the show about him getting his G.E.D. I really liked the suprise ending. They ending like the sopranos to make you something else might or might not happen.

    I'm always trying to get time to watch an everyone hates chris show when I can ot when the kids are at school or I might watch a show will them when their home sometimes. The humor is funny but serious at the same time because it reminds you of when you where a kid. This is one of my favorite shows. I hoped they would come back on with some new episodes. Those shows are awesome! I love his shows they always good for a great laught. It's just sad that there are no new shows. Thanks for the laughts!
  • It can't be over now

    In the series finale we learn that if Chris gets one more trady he will do the 10 grade once more. Then Meanwhile, Drew enters a talent contest at the Apollo i think he does stand-up comdey. then Tonya Graduation the 6th grade.then Chris was trady then he refuse to go to the 10th grade once more. Then Greg tells chris to get a GED. And we learn why Carusso been beating up Chris the whole time. The thing that sucks is that we don't know if Chris pass the GED it's one of theso things we won't ever know just like never seeing the wedding in Family Matters