Everybody Hates Chris

Season 3 Episode 22

Everybody Hates Graduation

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 18, 2008 on The CW

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  • Chris is ready to graduate from Corleone, yet is disappointed to learn that Greg will go to a different school next year.

    This excellent season finale has Chris about to graduate junior high, which he is excited about doing. To his disappointment, however, Greg isn't going to the same high school with him; instead, he's going to a private high school called the Bronx Academy of Science. Also, Chris will have to go to an all-white high school with absolutely no friends, which is bad news for him. Chris decides to try hard to get accepted into the Academy so he can go to high school with his best buddy, so for that to happen, he needs to pass an admittance test, which he studies for and eventually passes. Rochelle even refuses to answer the stereotypical questions the interviewer, Mr. Perkins, asks, even though he got the ideas from Chris' teacher, Ms. Morello. Meanwhile, Julius invests some money in his brother Ryan's mixed tape business, which succeeds. However, unfortunately for Ryan, he is arrested for selling copyrighted music. In the end, Chris and Greg are happy with the fact that they're going to high school together, but Chris learns that the school has made too much money and refused to fund Chris' education. Fortunately for Chris, though, he and Greg get to hang out outside of school. At the moment, no one knows whether Chris will make any new friends at his new school or what problems he will have to face.

    In the B-story, Tonya is excited for her dance recital to perform in "Swan Lake," yet cannot perform due to an ankle injury her partner has suffered. That won't stop Tonya from going to her recital, so Rochelle promises to find a replacement for her injured partner. Drew fills in as Tonya's partner, and all's well.

    Overall, this episode has a great main story, a terrific subplot and is a season finale you don't want to miss.