Everybody Hates Chris

Season 3 Episode 7

Everybody Hates Houseguests

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2007 on The CW
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Greg comes to stay at Chris' house while his father is out of town but Chris starts to have regrets. To make extra money, Julius drives taxis in his spare time where one of his customers turns out to be a fugitive.

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  • Greg stays over with Chris while Julius gets a job as a cab driver brings laughs.

    I thought this was a superb everyone hates Chris. I was nice to see Greg's side of the family for the first time. Now if you wanna now what Greg's family looks like watch this episode i think its the only episode where that happens. Now this episode is about Greg staying over at Chris's house because his dad is out of town and Julius getting a job as a cab driver and he takes someone to Las Vegas. There were some laughes in it i had one small problem in this episode. I didn't like the fact when he left Chris asked he could stay again some other time and his family was like "No!" because they worked hard and they had to give up stuff. But minus that this was a superb Everyone hates Chris with a lot of laughes. I laughed at the part when Chris and Greg were dressed up as Caroton/ comic book characters. I laughed at the part where Chris gives Greg the tour (or something around that part i haven't seen this episode in a long time.) I laughed when Greg was tired at school and teacher said "OH my god he's drunk!". And i laughed at one part on the Julius scene but i forgot what it was. Overall 9.5/10.moreless
  • Greg comes to stay with Chris and his family for a week after his dad goes out of town; Julius gets a job as a cab driver and takes a passenger to Las Vegas for $1000.moreless

    Have you ever wished your best friend would stay with you forever? If so, then this is the episode for you. In "Houseguests," Greg's dad is out of town for a week and he doesn't want to stay with his grandma because she hosts German parties and he has to dance in lederhosen. Funny, isn't it? Then, with his mom's permission, Chris invites Greg to stay over at his house. During Greg's stay, Chris and his family have to eat vegetarian meals because regular food might kill Greg. Chris also has to put up with Greg's strange habit of dressing up as characters such as Optimus Prime, Darth Vader and Robin before going to bed every night. As days go by, Chris and Greg's friendship starts to crumble, but in the end, they make up and become friends again.

    The sub-plot has Julius on his first week as a cab driver, and he has to take a passenger named Eddie (played by Tommy Davidson) to Las Vegas for $1000. The problem is that Eddie is a fugitive from the law, but Julius doesn't know that until much later. As he and Julius travel across the country through places such as Ohio, Denver and Nebraska, Eddie continues his crime spree; however, when the two reach their destination, they are caught in a police stand-off and Eddie's girlfriend appears and convinces him to surrender. Afterwards, Julius returns home without the $1000 he was supposed to get from the cab fare.

    Overall, this is one of the best episodes of the show ever written.moreless
  • Greg stays over with Chris's family with hilarious results.

    It was good to see Greg with Chris's family for once. It was a rare opportunity since he's only seen with Chris at the Corleone school. Chris invites him to stay with the family when Greg's father goes out of town and he dreads staying with his grandma because she usually hosts German-themed parties and he ends up dancing in lederhosen (Funny flashback). But the boys' friendship is tested when Rochelle seems to start treating Greg better than Chris, and Drew and Tonya have to watch Nova with him instead of their favorite TV shows and have to eat vegetarian meals while he's staying with them. Chris also has to contend with Greg's quirks like dressing up as various cartoon and comic book characters like Optimus Prime, Clark Kent, Darth Vader, and Robin before going to sleep. That itself seems to be an adventure with Greg's snoring and even sleep dancing to Flashdance. Greg himself has to deal with the various cast of characters in Bed-Stuy when Chris gives him the tour. Things get strained when Chris get bothered catering to all of Greg's needs and Greg has to get up very early to get to school on time. This leads to the eventual bickering between the two. But they eventually realize that they're from different worlds and make up, becoming friends again. Chris hopes Greg can stay with them another time, but the family declines big time for they don't want to put up with him again.

    The B-story has Julius working as a cab driver who picks up a passenger (played by Tommy Davidson from In Living Color fame) who wants him to drive all the way to Las Vegas. Unknown to him, he's a fugitive who's committed various robberies and continues his crime spree along the way. Of course, Julius is still unaware of this until they get to their destination. He gets caught in a standoff when the police surround them when they arrive. Luckily, the thug's girlfriend convinces him to surrender. Julius gets arrested as well, but it looks like his name was cleared and was able to return home, but without the 1000 dollars he was supposed to get from the cab fare. This adventure made him more appreciative of his family as they were happy to see him again. Overall, an excellent episode and a rare one where the entire cast interacts with each other.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: Greg's "Robin" costume was the modern version, first introduced in the 90s. Back in the 80s (when this show is set) D.C. comics still had Robin wearing his old costume (the one with the green underwear rather than long green tights and solid yellow cape rather than the cape that is yellow on the outside with a solid black lining).

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Chris: (narrating) If my dad were alive to see the price of gas today, it'd kill him.

    • Chris: (narrating) My dad had turned into Al Cowlings and he didn't even know it.

    • Rochelle: Now, wait a minute. You know we say grace every night.
      Chris: No we don't.
      Rochelle: Yes we do. Shut up and bless the food.
      Chris: (narrating) If I didn't thank the Lord at the table, my mom was gonna send me to thank Him in person!

    • Chris: Hey, Greg. What's up?
      Greg: My dad's going out of town for a week. I have to stay with my grandmother. Not looking forward to it.
      Chris: Why not?
      (Greg and his grandmother are at a German party and a banner saying "Willkommen Greg!" is above everyone)
      Greg's Grandmother: Left, right, left heel, right, left, right...

    • (On the phone)
      Julius: Rochelle, it's me. Listen, I won't be home for dinner tonight. I have to take a passenger to Vegas.
      Rochelle: Julius, are you crazy? What about your regular job?
      Julius: I have a few sick days I can use. I'll be back by the end of the week.
      Rochelle: Julius, you are not driving that cab to Vegas.
      Julius: The guy's gonna pay me a thousand dollars.
      Rochelle: Get me Wayne Newton's autograph. Bye! (hangs up)

    • (When the kids are watching TV)
      Greg: What are you doing?
      Chris: (with the remote) Turning to MacGyver.
      Greg: But I wanted to watch NOVA.
      Tonya: NOVA?!? What is that?
      Greg: It's a show on PBS about science as it relates to the universe.
      Drew: Cool! That's almost like MacGyver.
      Chris: Just like Lawrence Welk is like Soul Train.
      Rochelle: Chris, Greg is your guest. Let him watch NOVA. Gelato? (serving him dessert)
      Chris: (narrating) Is that Italian for Jell-o?
      Greg: Thanks!
      Chris: (narrating) I thought having Greg stay over would be fun. Probably what the Indians thought when they first saw Columbus.

    • (In class)
      Ms. Morello: What year did the American Revolution begin, Greg? Greg?!?
      Greg: (waking up) 1942.
      Ms. Morello: Greg, what's wrong with you? You're usually so alert.
      Chris: It's because he's staying at my house for the week.
      Ms. Morello: Oh my God, he's drunk?!? Did he have a 40 for breakfast?
      Greg: I'm not drunk. I'm just not used to getting up so early.
      Ms. Morello: Don't be ashamed. Chris's people have a history of being up when the rooster crows to go to work in the fields. Who could expect you to keep up? Go back to sleep.
      Chris: (narrating) She was Don Imus in a dress.

    • (At school)
      Greg: (angrily) Why didn't you wake me up?
      Chris: You told me you didn't want me to do anything for you, so I didn't.
      Greg: That didn't mean I wanted you to let me sleep through school. I missed the quarterly history test!
      Chris: Well maybe you should have gone to bed dressed as Superman. That way you could have flown to school. (walks away)
      Chris: (narrating) Good thing he doesn't have heat vision.

    • Julius: Look, I cannot take you to Las Vegas!
      Eddie: Would you take me to Las Vegas for $1000?
      Chris: (narrating) For $1000, he'd take you to South Africa during the height of apartheid.

    • Greg: Hey, I just got a nickname!
      Chris: Hey, you just got robbed!

    • Chris: (voiceover) Help! My mom is possessed by a nice lady!

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