Everybody Hates Chris

Season 1 Episode 2

Everybody Hates Keisha

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 29, 2005 on The CW
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Everybody Hates Keisha
When Chris's mother, Rochelle, hires the girl next door, Keisha, to tutor Drew at math, Chris sees this as an ideal chance to impress her. But someone else may have the same intentions.

Meanwhile, Julius finds himself in an awkward position when he becomes attracted to another woman, Sheila.moreless

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  • Better than the pilot

    Although the first episode was a great introduction to the series, this episode is really where the show starts to develop the characters with hilarious scenes, the opening scene being brilliant, Chris getting pepper-sprayed and almost hit by a car.

    The conversation between Chris Rock and his father was also brilliantly done, with both sides of the conversation being terrific, a credit to the writers.

    The ending was, of course, one that proved that everybody hates Chris.

    Overall, the episode goes into depth the relationship between Keisha and Chris which is really a non-relationship and Chris and his siblings.moreless
  • The Show Stays true to life

    I can truly understand the point of view that Chris Rock was trying to get across. It shows that the problems that young boys go through to get girls whicj I can still relate to. Chris said he didn't know much about sex at age 13 and also said he didn't lose his virginity until he was a young adult. This episode was a real life situation and it relates to all ages and genders. that is what i liked most about this episode

  • Keisha is the love of Chris Rock's young life. Since Everybody Hates Chris there is no doubt about how it is going to turn out. But it is not what you say or do, but how you say it or do it that matters. Here they do it funny.moreless

    Many of said that the sitcom is dead. I would have to say that is true. This is not a traditional sitcom. However, it comes closer than most anything else on the screen to doing what sitcom's used to do: Make us laugh.

    Chris has fallen in love with his next door neighbor, Keisha. His little brother is a guy the girls drool over. When said little brother gets a "D," Keisha becomes his tutor. Chris walks in on their tutoring session only to find the two in a lip lock. The rise and fall of this non-relationship is hilarious. Chris swears off Keisha forever. Or at least until the next day when she says, "Hi, Chris."

    The acting and the writing here are superb. The women throwing themselves at Chris' father was a bit over the top, but the rest was spot on.moreless
P.J. Marino

P.J. Marino


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Caroline Rice


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Jude Ciccolella

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Travis T. Flory

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Vivian Smallwood

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    • Chris Rock (narrating) I felt better than Billy Dee Williams after a case of malt liquor.

    • (About Drew getting a D in his maths test)
      Rochelle: Look we're going to have to get him a tutor.
      Julius: Tutors are expensive, y'all just gonna have to work harder we can barely afford kids, we can't afford stupid kids.


      Chris: (narrating) I didn't know a lot of girls who had boyfriends, babies yes, but not boyfriends.


      Chris: (narrating) Usually when Tanya says she was telling that meant I was getting in trouble, but I didn't care, all I wanted to do was slap the black off of Drew.


      Chris: (narrating) My father didn't like other women in the house for the same reason he didn't like guns in the house, even with the safety on somebody could get killed.

    • Rochelle: CHRIS!!!!
      Chris Rock: (narrating) My mom was so loud, every Chris in Brooklyn could hear her!

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