Everybody Hates Chris

Season 1 Episode 13

Everybody Hates Picture Day

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2006 on The CW
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Everybody Hates Picture Day
Chris tries to put together the right outfit for the school pictures in order to convince the other kids that he's cool. Rochelle tries to earn extra money selling cosmetics from home.

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  • What an ordeal!

    This episode is pretty funny, with a great plot and some hilarious jokes, such as the lost and found kids confronting Chris, including the kid that lost his pants. The subplot with the Drew/Tonya feud was pretty funny and a great atire on sibling rivalry and how promises are often forgotten within days.

    This episode isn't the strongest of the show but it is entertaining most of the time, with the cliche montage of trying on clothes in the 80s, and the sweater that Rochelle planned for him to wear on picture day. Overall, this episode is a good one and worth seeing.moreless
  • Picture Day... Chris gets his clothes stolen, Rochelle is in a funny pyramid scheme job and Drew and Tonya bicker as always.

    Everybody Hates Picture Day… well, who doesn’t? It’s Picture Day and Drew and Tonya have new clothes and shoes for the big event but Chris doesn’t. He has to wear Drew’s old clothes. So yeah, Chris gets some suede clothes courtesy of his mother Rochelle only to have them stolen from his locker. Chris tries to get some clothes from the Lost & Found but they get taken off him and so he gets his funny picture taken somewhere else. Rochelle gets involved in selling cosmetics in a pyramid scheme in order to pay off her debts. Drew and Tonya bicker like they always do. The Chris storyline was so funny… Picture Day- does a lot to you and can affect you. I felt bad for Chris when his clothes were stolen… he’s always suffering. But I have to say that I found Rochelle’s storyline the most loveable in this episode. The actress really deserves an award because she never fails to make me laugh each week. Rochelle is great. I didn’t really enjoy the Drew & Tonya because they always fight. But that’s OK. This episode was well written and shows us a good example about family.

    Episode Grade- B.

  • The joys and horrors of Picture Day...

    This episode involves that wonderful time in school we all loved, Picture Day. I mean that sarcastically because I hated Picture Day and this episode shows why.

    Chris is upset because Drew and Tonya each got something new to wear for Picture Day, but he ended up with Drew's old clothes yet again. So after convincing his mother that the school would think he was on welfare for wearing the crappy sweater, Rochelle gives in a buys Chris a whole new outfit. However once Chris arrives at school, el stupido redhead steals his clothes out of his locker, even though he won't admit to it. Chris ends up trying to get clothes out of lost and found. I about died when all the kids came up and said "That's my shirt, pants, and shoes." The dude was actually wearing little girl shoes, poor baby. In the end the poor thing was forced to wear a horrific lawn jockey outfit from the Drama department. The best part of the plot was when Chris was trying on all the clothes (his ReRun outfit was hysterical) and when Rochelle finally saw Chris's picture for the first time.

    I enjoyed this part of the storyline because it shows that no matter whether you have good clothes or hand-me downs, people will still chose to pick on you because they are just jealous of you. I do wish Chris would have ended up finding his clothes and I was shocked that the principal did not believe him when he revealed that the idiot stole them. However, the plot did effectively reveal what a torture Picture Day can end up being as a child.

    I didn't really enjoy the storyline with Tonya and Drew fighting. The fact is they do this in just about every episode and I don't think they did a great job showing it. They've done this for the past few episodes and they have done it a lot better. I know it was used to tie in the Picture Day theme, but we all knew that Tonya would eventually tell Drew she was sorry about the destroying his toy car, so she wouldn't get in trouble for her one missing shoe she had to wear on Picture Day.

    The subplot of Rochelle trying to earn extra money by selling "Yvonne" (which is clear was a cross between Avon and Mary Kay because of the getting the car if you sold enough) was an absolute delight! Once again, Tichina Arnold really shows how great of an actress she is with this episode. I'd love to see her get an Emmy nomination come July because she deserves it. The best part of her whole storyline was when she couldn't get any sales, she lied to everyone by saying that the lady she bought the products from was actually a 62 year old woman and look what the product had done for her. Now it's obvious the woman wasn't 62 years old, but Rochelle got her items sold and made make her money that Julius was worried about her taking and then some. I wish we could have seen more from Julius in this episode, but all his lines were brillant, especially the one's around the dinner table discussing what he wish he could do.

    In the end, although this episode had many plots, it was wonderfully written and effectively showed what it intended about how Picture Day really can affect your life, in more ways than one.moreless
  • A great episode where not only Chris shines, but so does everyone else in the family. Overly reminiscent of the way my siblings acted towards one another.

    In this fun packed episode the family has three different well written stories bouncing around.

    First, Chris is worried about looking stupid in his school pictures so he tricks his mom into buying him some fancy new duds. However, shock and horror arise when his new clothes are stolen from his locker.

    Chris's mom Rochelle tries to go into business for herself by selling cosmetics from home in a pyramid scheme while Julius contests the action because it is his money that she is working with.

    And finally Drew passive agressively tortures Tonya for breaking his model car and not apologizing.

    This episode exemplifies what makes this show great. The inter-family conflicts small problems are all entirely relatable. A solid episode with alot going on, with phenominal writing that keeps it from becoming a mess.moreless
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