Everybody Hates Chris

Season 1 Episode 20

Everybody Hates Playboy

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2006 on The CW
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Everybody Hates Playboy
Chris finds Julius' copy of Playboy and takes it to school and charges kids to look. But when Joey steals it he must work out a way to get it back before Julius realizes it's gone...

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  • Phobias galore

    Fear plays a great role in this episode, not only because it's the main theme of the subplot, where Drew is afraid of spiders and retaliates with Tonya's fear of clowns, but also with Julius' fear of being busted by Rochelle for his playboy and Chris' same fear with the vice principal.

    The episode is hilarious and has some fantastic moments with scenes like Chris trying to buy a playboy, and not even Risky giving him one, and Julius finding 500 dollars in a shoe.

    All the storylines in this episode are fantastic and well plotted aswell as being hilarious which is the main aim of the show.moreless
  • this is pretty funny, or should i say its extremely hilarious!

    in this episode of everybody hates chris, chris is told to get his dad\'s crazy glue from his dad\'s toolbox. he explains that when ever something broke, they used crazy glue. but when he looks in the toolbox, he finds a playboy magazine which he finds interesting.

    he takes the magazine to show his friend. then someone else sees the magazine and says

    \"hey can i have a look? ill give u a dollar.\"

    chris thinks a bout it and accepts the dollar. then he starts a little business by letting other people look for a dollar, and a peek for half. but then the school bully takes the magazine and walks off. chris tries to get it bak but the vice principle finds it and confiscates the mag.

    chris then tries to take it out of the office by sneaking in, finding it and then quikly getting out. but the vice principle gets bak b4 they planned her to and chris\' parents are called to the school. he then learns a lesson that he shouldn\'t take things without the person who owns it knowing.

    this was a very funny episode and should recieve 10/10 but there were a couple of bits that weren\'t too good. overall, i suggest that u watch the episode.moreless
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Darrell Chapman

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    • Chris: (narrating) When I was a teenager, I discovered a lot of new things. I discovered sour milk doesn't always become yogurt.
      (Chris pours some milk into his cereal, which comes out looking like yogurt; he tastes it, then spits it out)
      Chris: (narrating) I discovered the barber who's always available isn't always the best.
      (a guy sees blood on his hand and runs out of the barbershop screaming)
      Barber: Next!
      Chris: (narrating) I also discovered that if you hit people with a truck, they'll do anything you want.
      (a clip from "The A-Team" is shown on TV)

    • Chris: (narrating) I wanted to lie, but my mother told me if I ever did, she'd slap me into another nationality.

    • Chris: (narrating) If Miss June knew how much trouble she was causing, she wouldn't be smiling!

    • Chris: (narrating) I thought Keisha was cute, but I'd push her in front of a gas truck to get to Miss June.

    • (Chris tries to buy Playboy and Gum)
      Chris: (narrating) The vice principal had my magazine, but I had money, so I figured replacing it wouldn't be a problem.
      Store Clerk: $3.50 (Chris pays, and the store clerk takes away the Playboy)
      Store Clerk: Now get out of here before I call the cops.
      Chris: For what?! You just robbed me, this one cost me 50 cents.
      Store Clerk: Really? Then why don't we call your mom and tell her how you're trying to buy a Playboy.
      Chris: (narrating) Hey, this (Miss) June was fine, but she wasn't worth going to jail.

    • Rochelle: (to Julius) Why were you going through my stuff? I don't go through your stuff!
      Chris: (narrating) Yes she does. He just never caught her.

    • Chris: My father knew that if my mother ever found that Playboy, he'd probably never see a naked woman again.

    • Chris: If you're gonna buy cheap furniture, you better stock up on Krazy Glue.

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