Everybody Hates Chris

Season 2 Episode 1

Everybody Hates Rejection

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2006 on The CW
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After Julius' truck is stolen Rochelle decides to get involved with a neighborhood watch group, but instead ends up in a competition with new neighbor Louise (Whoopi Goldberg). Chris asks out a new girl in the neighborhood hoping not to get rejected again. Drew has the girls all over him when he volunteers to be a crossing guard.moreless

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  • It's back!

    My favourite show is back and I'm loving every minute of it. This episode reminded me of why i like this show. It still has its spark of the first season and the jokes were just flowing in. I didn't like Whoopi's character but i like the actress. I did like when Rochelle was making jokes at her expense and the neighbourhood watch scenes were funny. The girl that Chris asks out was mean but funny and Drew being hassled by all those girls was classic. Great season premiere and I hope this season gets better and better with every story.moreless
  • A Wonderful and Funny return of one of my fave shows from last year. I just hope Whoopie Goldberg will not be a returning guest. Or a very rare returning guest anywaysmoreless

    I loved this series last year, but if Whoopie stays in it as a recurring charcter Im out. A more over rated actress comedienne I cannot imagine. She has a voice that makes me sick and carries an attitude that makes myself and everyone I know despise her. Her funny times were 20 years ago doing Comic Relief. Otherwise I think that this show will be the one to finally topple Fox as comedy king on Sunday night in a definitive fashion.

    Just please No More WHOOPIE GOLDBERG !!!! ;)moreless
  • \"Whoopi\" let the laughs continue this season and they is defently a storyline this sseason. Honesty everybody really does hate rejection?

    Theres good and bad things about having Chris on at 7 first Im sure the CW will want to make the show have less swears and a few other things which was quite evident in the premire but with being at 7 it helps the ratings with not much competition Anyway to the storyline.

    Rochel and Louise new castmember whoopi goldberg is a nosey old grout who wants to be the neighborhood whacthwomen. I cracked up when she asked rochel \"I cant find me glasses\" there on her head! and who has a granddaugter that Chris is in love with. Im glad chris has a job and the store manager is funny to helping him with the ladies... not the best episode of the series but defently not the worst. Tomorrows Best bet.


    Im out Tibmoreless
  • Good Season 2 Premire

    The first episode of this second season of Everybody Hates Chris was really good. Chris wanted to date the new girl in the neighborhood, but he later found out that she only wanted to date him because she didn't have anything else to do and because Chris had money. A new lady named Louise wants to get involved in a neighborhood watch group. Rochelle ends up being the leader but Louise really wants to be the leader. Drew volunteers to be a crossing guard and all the girls like him and want him to take them across the street. At the end of the episode Rochelle lets Louise be the block watch leader and Drew quits being a safety patrol. Chris meets a new girl who is Louise's granddaughter and she tells Chris to stay away from her. Overall I thought that this episode was really good but I really don't like the scheduling time for this show on The CW.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Louise's line is changed in the aired episode. She says to Chris, "Stay away from my granddaughter, you cockeyed hooligan." In the previews she calls him a "two-toned runt".

  • QUOTES (6)

    • (On taking nominations to head the neighborhood watch)
      Vanessa: Who made the pie?
      Rochelle: I did.
      Vanessa: I nominate Rochelle to be the next block watch captain.

    • Louise: Stay away from my granddaughter, you cockeyed hooligan!
      Chris: (narrating) Turns out all the women didn't like me, either.

    • Chris: Hey where y'all moving too?
      Kiesha: This place in California. It's supposed to be really really nice. Palm trees and lawns, no violence and no crime
      Chris: Oh, what's it called?
      Kiesha: Compton
      Chris: [narrating] I always wondered how that worked out for them.

    • Louise: I heard a noise in my house.
      Rochelle: I heard a noise in my house, too. And that's you at my damn door!

    • Chris: Even on my block things were starting to get out of control, the muggers were getting mugged.
      Mugger #1: Let me hold a quarter.
      Mugger #2: 'Zup, little man, let me hold a dollar real quick. I'll take that quarter too.

    • Chris: It used to take years to become a junkie, but crack cut that down to 37 minutes.

  • NOTES (3)


    • When Chris was practicing asking the girl out with Greg, the narrator makes a comment about "Brokeback Hallway." This was in reference to the 2005 movie Brokeback Mountain based on the novel be E Annie Proulx, about the homosexual relationship between two cowboys.

    • The white Bronco driving on the freeway was OJ Simpson from 1994.

    • The film clip shown was of Pam Grier as Coffy from the movie of the same name. A lesser known fact was Coffy spawned the movie Foxy Brown which Antonio Fargas starred in.

    • Chris's outfit for his date was based on Don Johnson's outfit from Miami Vice. The series started airing in September 1984.