Everybody Hates Chris

Season 1 Episode 4

Everybody Hates Sausage

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 13, 2005 on The CW

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    Julius brings a big crate full of sausages after discovering that his wife did not bought meat, but later regrets it when Tanya refuses to eat it, Rochelle tells her that she is not going to move from the table until she eats the sausage, but thanks to Julius, she is not able to do it. Meanwhile, Chris gets detention after people tell that he was the one that hit Joey a lot, and because of that Joey begins to threat him, but later manages to finally to people to catch Joey in the act. It was cool!
  • Sausage War!

    The fight rumours, the sausage war, the battery throws, the ignorant job quitting… all of these were brilliant in this Chris episode and shows what a truly unique show Everybody Hates Chris is, with great scenes such as Chris’ mother quitting over the slightest things just because her husband has two jobs which can’t pay for meat by itself. This clashes with the sausage war storyline which also had great moments.

    The main plot, as usual, focuses on the school life of Chris, this time being detention and the rumours which an unknown person spread about the fight from the pilot, which mentioned that Chris kicked his ass, which he kinda didn’t.

    Overall, this episode is another funny instalment in the life of Chris Rock.
  • Grreat.

    This episode is enough to put anybody off of sausage. This show reminds me a lot of The Wonder Years, but with a lot of black stereotypes told by none other than Chris Rock (Mr Race himself). It\'s a pretty funny episode and you can really start to understand and get used to the family of Chris\' character.
  • This show is not about what really happened to Chris Rock when he was young. This show is how Chris Rock can take his childhood struggles and turn them into entertainment.

    Chris' dad buys a crate of stolen sausage. This changes the menu for every meal to something with sausage. His little sister refuses to eat it. They show two versions of how this plays out. In the first version, she eats the sausage, and likes it,
    Sam I am. The "real" version shows her mother getting fed up and jumping to stuff the sausage down her throat. How funny!

    Chris' brother gets into kung fu and starts playing with numbchucks. It reminded me of the time that I got caught with numbchucks in the 7th grade. The "period" action is as funny as any of the "jokes."

    But the best part is always the voiceover. No matter how crazy things get on screen, Rock takes them one step beyond with his witty remarks.
  • People spread rumors that Chris beaten up the school bully and the principal is on high alert with him. Now Chris can't fight back. Rochelle quits her job and Julius buys a crate of sausages. Unfortunately, Tonya won't eat them.

    The only challenge bigger than fighting the school bully is feeding Tonya sausages. I liked how Rochelle figured out sausages go well with pasta, just like how my mom makes it. Too bad she quit her job just because Julius has two and she thinks if anything goes wrong she will go pregnant. The way Chris was picked on by bullies was similar to the way they treat me. At least I'm not getting nailed by D batteries. Too bad that nerdy kid that hangs out with Chris runs away like a little... at the first sign of trouble. I hope Julius and Rochelle aren't on the road to divorce.
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