Everybody Hates Chris

Season 1 Episode 15

Everybody Hates the Lottery

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 16, 2006 on The CW

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  • Lottery, chocolate turtles, and asteroids

    In this episode I don't know why they call it everybody hates the Lottery it not mosty about lottery. Then Chris tries to protect his rep that old arcade game Asteroid.then Julius and Rochelle don't have the cash to pay the bills because Julius spents on Lottery tickets and Rochelle spents on chocolate turtles then they bet to see who goes the longest without using that stuff. Then this guy battles Chris on a game of asteroids and bet 5 bucks and Chris loses and the 5 bucks come from Greg and he mad. Then Julius buy one last ticket but he wants Chris to buy one then Chris battles the guy once one and wins but no bets. Then we learn that the numbers Julius wanted won but Chris didn't buy the ticket they could of been rich but EVerybody hates Chris
  • Spending lottery money on arcade games... what's the worst that could happen?

    When the lottery being given up was first mentioned and this being Everybody Hates Chris, I made the connection that the numbers would come up and they wouldn't have a ticket because that's how the show works but I was pleased to see they managed to tie it in with Chris' storyline so that it was his fault that he didn't go behind his mother's back to buy lottery tickets for the father that forbid his mother from eating turtles due to bill problems - that's right, the episode is that complex.

    Julius is as always hilarious and we get to see that he isn't fully rational and does spend money on the lottery despite his cheapness in every other are of finance.

    Overall, this episode was a little predictable but shows just how great Everybody Hates Chris is.
  • Funny!!! Especially at the end "Mama". LMAO. GIVE THIS SHOW at 10/10

    Funny!!! Especially at the end "Mama". LMAO. I give this show a 10/10. The show was basiclly break down into two parts. First part, Chris was talking about reputations for everyone. His reputation was that he was the best astroid player in New York. Until Someone Beat his score. Another synopsis was that Julis and Rochelle had to give up there lottery and turtles.
  • Funny episode, but with one thing that I didn't like.

    I enjoyed this episode a lot, but the lottery number thing was way too obvious: when Julius told Chris to buy that lottery ticket, I knew he'd screw up by not buying it and making his father angry at the end. Unfortunately it was very predictable that the winning numbers were the same Chris didn't play.
    The rest of the guys are really funny, I like Greg, I hope to see him with his valentine someday, she was a cutie (not the same episode, but I watched both together).
    That's it.

    PS: The guy that played Asteroids against Chris was called Jorge, just as me.
  • Chris as an asteroids champion and Rochelle and Julius giving up their guilty pleasures.

    Well.... this episode of Everybody Hates Chris was funny- I was laughing all the way through. But the characters who I enjoy every week are Rochelle and Julius. Their relationship is great- they never fail to make the viewers laugh. The lottery plot was great- it would have been good if Chris did get the lottery ticket. 637. On to the Chris plot... it was an average story, not that funny. The music in this episode was great. Tonya and Drew subplots are a joy to watch. Well that's all I can say for the episode.

    Episode Grade- B.
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