Everybody Hates Chris

Season 1 Episode 15

Everybody Hates the Lottery

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 16, 2006 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • Samuel L. Jackson and Halle Berry have uncredited cameos as footage from Jungle Fever is briefly played.

    • "Believe It or Not" was the theme song to the Greatest American Hero. Which was in it's final season in 1983
      (It was played during a few scenes).

  • Quotes

    • Chris: (narrating) In Bed-Stuy, a lot of people have reputations for different things. Deidre Garfield was 23 and had a reputation for being the youngest grandmother in Brooklyn. Mr. Jackson had a reputation for being crazy as hell, but a lot of people say he invented homelessness. I had a reputation, too: not only for being a nerd or getting beat up every day, I was also known for being the best Asteroids player in Bed-Stuy.

    • Tonya: Momma, can we have our candy back?
      Rochelle: No. I ate it. Don't need you all getting any more cavities which you all got. No cavities in this house. (adding sugar to her drink)
      Chris: (narrating) But at this rate, there'll be plenty of diabetes.

    • Chris: (narrating) My father was crazy about Tonya. She was the only one in the house, who would dare to take sleep and money from him at the same time.

    • Chris: Wait, your dad is giving you 5 dollars, just to come to the school?
      Greg: I bet I won't miss a day at school this year. So far so good.
      Chris: (narrating) My mother told me, I better not miss a day at school, or else she'll take 5 dollars off my ass.

    • Chris: (narrating) Getting an award for attendance is kinda like getting an award for breathing.

    • Chris: (narrating) A dream book takes any possible dream you can have and transforms it into a lucky number.

    • Chris: (narrating) My mother loved chocolate turtles more than anything else in the world.Whenever she ate one, it was like all her life's problems just went away. It's a good thing she chose those turtles instead of guns.

    • Chris: (narrating) My father never knew there's anything wrong with the kids, unless we're unconscious or in the hospital.

  • Notes

    • The song Dance Hall Days by Wang Chung is played when Chris is asking Greg for money.

    • The 1983 song White Lines by Grandmaster Flash was played during the scene when the mom was searching for candy while going through sugar withdrawals after giving up chocolate turtles. The song urged listeners not to use cocaine.

  • Allusions

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