Everybody Hates Chris

Season 1 Episode 14

Everybody Hates Valentine's Day

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 2006 on The CW
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Everybody Hates Valentine's Day
While Chris develops a crush, Julius and Rochelle have their work cut out dealing with all of Tonya's and Drew's admirers.

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  • The best serie i ever see

    Awesome i like it so mucho thanks
  • Once again, Chris is screwed over in love.

    This episode is hilarious, particularly the double standards plot of Drew and Tonya both being young valentines, Drew's being particularly amusing with all the grown women flirting with the 11 year old.

    Chris' plot, while it is obvious that he will get screwed over is still hilarious, with great scenes such as his hate cards, the mixup with Greg's card, and of course the give more than a card fiasco that this hallmark-made holiday creates, which is a perfect opportunity to knock Chris on his ass.

    Overall, the episode is hilarious and one with some very good twists and turns, and a great holiday episode.moreless
  • Its everybody hates chris- you just that valentines day will leave him with a broken heart

    Another funny episode from EHC. Chris receives a number of hate valentines from Caruso and is desperate to receive one from his bus crush.

    She is a louder than life girl who is constantly fighting with her "future wife beating" boyfriend. I enjoys Chris crushes and love that he doesn't just crush on one girl- it makes it more believable. The girls of his dreams is not a conventionally pretty girl like Keisha was as well- I think this is important in showing Chris (both little and big) as not being shallow.

    The B- storyline was with Rochelle and Julius trying to contend with Tonya and Drew's valentines. Rochelle is upset and angry by the amount of valentines that 11 year old Drew is receiving, some even from 30 eyar old married women. On the other hand Toyna is happy with her one boyfriend- but Julius isn't and does everything he can to deter this boy away from his precious daughter. I loved this storyline, a perfect example of the double standards that exist between boys and girls. Julius is quite happy to let Drew have his admirers but not Toyna. I thought the storyline was well acted and written.

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    • Chris: Why is that when it comes to me, you know so much about girls but you freak out when one gives you a card?
      Greg: I guess it's kinda like not being able to cut your own hair.

    • Rochelle: Boys are becoming fathers even at age 12.
      Chris: (narrating) And great grandfathers at 43.

    • (reading from a card)
      Chris: Roses are red, violets are blue, please go back to Africa, and take your mother with you. Happy Valentine's Day. (narrating) Love a clod like this and I might just go to Africa.

    • Tonya Aged 30: Daddy, this is Ronald, my fiancee.
      Ronald: Nice to meet you, Sir.
      (Julius shoots at Ronald)
      Tonya Aged 30: Momma, daddy shot my fiancee again.
      Chris (narrating): Hey, say what you want but that's effective birth control.

    • Julius: Rochelle, did you watch the news? Girls are having babies at 10.
      Chris: (narrating) And grandbabies at 20.

    • Chris: (narrating) I didn't have any luck with girls when I was 13. Mostly I just had a bunch of crushes. They call it a crush because chances are if you open your mouth, you're gonna get crushed. They coulda call it "She don't like you, stupid!" but crush is just quicker.

    • Caruso: Roses are red, violets are blue, you stinks like a monkey, and look like one too. Happy Valentine's day.

    • Chris: They call it a crush, because every time you open your mouth there's a chance you're gonna get crushed. They could have called it "She Don't Like You Stupid!" but "crush" is just quicker.

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    • Chris: Valentine's Day makes some people think of candy and flowers, but it made me think of the gangland massacre in Chicago.

      The infamous "St. Valentine's Day Massacre" happened on Valentine's Day 1929. Al Capone had seven of a rival gangster's associates lined up against a wall and shot. When the rival, Bugs Moran, first heard about the murders, he reportedly said, "Only Capone kills guys like that."