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  • I like it.

    I like Chris Rock, and this show. He is funny and talented and I think he dose a great job with this show. I like the show. It is very funny, and cool. I think the show should be on more often. I dont see it a lot any more. This show should keep on going for a long time, So more people could see it. Cause I want to see it more!!! This show is so cool, I love it, and give it a 10. Also, a spot on my favorite shows chart. Chris Rock is talented. Well, to me!
  • It turns out, it wasn't easy living in the poorest end of town, growing up with a father that works two jobs just to keep the clothing on back, and being black in the 1980's..Dont believe me? Ask ledgendary comedien Chris Rock, and he'll tell ya!

    "Everybody Hates Chris"is set in a small town in Brookland, in the early 1980's, and centres around a younger, 13-year-old Chris Rock, whose life is turned when he is uprooted from his comfortable home and school and sent to asociate with other children who enjoy taughting him about his skin color and family income.

    Chris' parents, over-excentric-shopper-holic, mother Rochelle Rock and money-consious Julius "That' 59 cents worth of oatmeal'" Rock, may be strick at times, but all together give the impression of wanting the best for their children.

    Drew and Tonya are chris'onscren brother and sister.
    Drew is obsessed with Karate and can perfect the skills of a black belt by just watching them on TV and movies. While Tonya has developed a growing intrest in gossip.

    All in all, this show has the grownds of becoming an instant classic.
  • This show is so funny!

    This Show is so funny! I wacth it every time it comes on. This is a good show. It deals with out of the ordinary issues. Chris always seems to get in trouble! I like the episode when Chris gets a bus girlfriend! Anyway This is also simalar to Bernie Mac with is based on a family and is funny. This is a great show.
  • this is a show that everyone likes because of where it takes place but it isnt really good I HATE CHRIS

    I try to watch this show every week on upn just if i'm down at i need a laugh or to.That laugh never comes. I havent laughed 3 times since this show has been on. It is not funny. None of Rock's jokes give me even the slightest tickle, and i laugh at just about anything.The show is a comedy but where is the comedy. No where. If its a comedy then it is a big waste of network tv. It just isnt funny. Never was Never is, Never will be, not on upn nbc abc, cbs, wb, or PBS it just isnt at all funny. No stoylines, but writing, bad plot , can anyone tell me the main idea? A kids dad that is cheap on everything, if thats the plot and it works well I;'m going to make a show about my ice cream falling on the ground.
  • Life of Chris Tucker.

    Nobody knows i watch this because no body even knows this show exist. It has not gotten enough publicity outside the west. I began watching this show when it was first aired. I found allright and nothing special really. But the funniest character and most interesting i found was Chris's dad. His mom is just plain annoying and irritating. If you're planning on watching this with you significant other on a romantic evening, don't! Both of you will just get freaked out by Chris's mum. I don't plan to watching this show if it's going to be a returning series.
  • Amazing show about a kid who is down on his luck.

    Everybody Hates Chris, is a show that I never thought would come. It is a show about normal teenage kid, who is usually down on his luck. There is it no secret life, or being wizard. He is just a normal kid. That is, I believe, the beauty of the show. I can empthaize with Chris because I've been the same situations he has encountered. The show is very fun, realistic, and touching. All the characters are funny and not sterotypical sitcom characters and the narration is typical extremely funny Chris Rock. I was very sad when the show got cancelled, but alls well that ends well.

    I never watched Everybody hates Chris until this year and I love the show. The last episode is definitely a cliff hanger and I can only hope that somebody would have pity on the viewers and not leave us hanging. I even watched it over again to see if there were any clues besides Chris singing the lyrics about the guy working the dock as his mom tells him Drew and Tanya are at Docs, and the strange guy that came in the diner before drew and tanya. They focus on the rear of the dad's truck. . The guy looked at Chris and he looked back. For anybody that's a good sleuth that's too many coincidences and way too many open windows. And who wouldn't want to know what he scored on the GED?! The most haunting detail (I really am laughing out loud) is they didn't....DID NOT play everybody hates chris at the end. So now we are all left in suspense....... If there is anybody that pays attention to anything that is ever said about television viewing.....I hope the show is not cancelled and we get to find out what happened to Chris before he got famous.

    Motivated by his childhood experiences, Emmy Award-winner/actor/comedian Chris Rock, narrates this very hilarious & touching story of a teenager growing up as the oldest of three children in Brooklyn, New York during the early 1980s.
    Chris's dad Julius is the funniest dad i have ever seen on a sitcom,he is really cheap with his food stamps and generic food brands and trying to get the cheapest deal on absolutely everything. His mum Rochelle is really funny strict mother who Chris refers to as a ghetto snob. Drew or Dru( i don't know how it is spelled) is Chris's taller,younger and more skilled brother who gets all the girls without knowing it.Tonya is Chris's annoying little sister who always disobeys Chris and tries to get him in trouble all the time. This a funnier,black version of malcolm in the middle and i enjoy that show too.
  • Very funny, high-quality show. As funny as shows like Seinfield or Mad About You that were moved around until they found a larger audience.

    Everybody Hates Chris is a show that needs a second chance. It is laugh out loud funny which is more than can be said for Ne Adventures of Old Christina and more entertaining than any of the reality shows.

    Other shows have been moved around until they find a spot that works for them. Everybody... should be given such an opportunity. We need an opportunity to see stories about innocent youth, not thugs and drug dealers. Certainly they have their family squabbles, but who doesn't? The characters are realistic, talented, and Chris Rock is a funny, funny man. Keep Everybody and lose Cupid.
  • Vanessa Makes The Show!

    If only Jackee appeared in every episode!

    There is a few scenes in this episode where Vanessa (played by Jackee Harry) is making a bet with some girls from her salon ('Nessa's) against the boys from the barber shop. If the girls lose the bet Vanessa has to go on a date with Kill Moves.

    Rochelle is convinced that it's because Julius did the ironing that they the girls will win the bet. Turns out it just isn't so and they lose!

    In the end everything turns out okay. Vanessa comes into the beauty salon on a natural high. To the girls' surprise it was because her date with Kill Moves was AMAZING!

    Vanessa is such a wonderful character and I just can't wait until the episode titled "Everybody Hates Vanessa" comes out (which I'm sure will happen one day)!
  • Story of Chris Rock's early childhood.

    Extremely funny,it cracks me up all the time.The characters are great,Chris,Greg-his best friend,Rochelle-his mom,Drew-his brother,Tasha-his sister and their workaholic dad.It has a lot of humor in it.Who can forget Caruso-the bully.Its absolutely fabulous.One thing i like so much is his mom she's strict all because she wants to see her kids succeed and the fact that their dad is one of the very few fathers in town but he still tries to give them his all.I also love Rochelle's favorite words "I can't do these my man has two jobs".That just makes me laugh.Finally a very good show kudos to the producers.
  • Get ready for a comedy the whole family will love

    Everybody hates chris is the best show on cw.This is a black comedy show about a boy name Chris who lives in Brooklyn New York with his family.chris is forced to go to a all white school by his mom far out of his neighborhood because his mom doesn't want him to go to his neighborhood rough school.This show is funny because chris is the only black kid in his school.He gets bullied by a red head chubby thug but not by the color of his skin cause the bully beats on the white kids too.but he does pick on chris more.Chris only has one friend name greg who is never by his side when the bad times come.he's your average friend.chris has a racis teacher.everytime chris does something she doesn't care because she thinks he cant help himself cause he's black.like when they do projects,his teacher excusses him because she thinks his family cant afford the materials cause he's black.but otherwise it's a good show cause everytime he does thing he's not suppoes to do it backfires or will end up getting caught.This show is funny and the whole family will enjoy
  • I don't hate chris!

    to start off with this show is really funny. its one of my fav shows on tv there needs to be dvds or more dvds if there are some already i havent bought any but i have some on my iPod and PSP. NEVEr eVER ENd ThIS ShOW! i love it so much i dont know how I could live without it it should come on FOX instead of CW thats how good it is. it isnt your average show. it always puts me in a good mood i watch it all the time. Chris rule so hard! I like it so much
  • Everybody may hate Chris but I love him!

    I am three quarters of the way through season one of this show and I can't believe that I'm just now starting to watch this.

    I'm currently on my third tour in the middle east and this is the perfect time to get into new shows. I have had the first season of Everybody Hates Chris for a while now but never really into it. Now I have to say that I can't get enough of it. For 20 or so minutes, this show never fails to make me forget that I'm away from home and in the desert.

    The writing on this show is similar to a few others in that it doesn't seem scripted. The actors deliver their lines with a precision that truly makes me forget I'm watching a television show and makes me feel like I'm watching the life a young boy and his daily life.

    I think the narration by Chris Rock is what truly makes this show unique and a pleasure to watch. I watch this show by myself and often catch myself laughing hard at the combination of Chris' comments and how they are visualized on the show.

    I only have a few more episodes left to watch in season one and it's gonna kill me to have to wait until I get back home to watch the rest. For a Marine in his third tour in the middle east, second in Iraq, this show is a big moral booster, if only for 20 minutes at a time. I am definitely a fan of this show for as long as it's on the air.
  • Funny as hell

    Another single thing that has the signature of the Super Comedian Chris Rock. This might seem as a great lie though it seems that life in the ghettos is like that. Not in that funny way but more or less the same way. Chris Rock narrating and even staring i think only to a single episode in season 3 still makes it interesting to watch. Nice series an i think i could take a couple more seasons if they decide to have them. THere is nothing to be said more just CHRIS ROCK is making people laugh their mind of all the time.
  • Lovely Comedy!

    I've only watched The First 2 Seasons of the brilliant show (Live in the U.K) still waiting for the 3rd Season to air here.

    Chris Rock narrates this very hilarious and touching story of a teenager growing up as the oldest of three children in Brooklyn, NY, in 1982. Chris turns 13. Filled with dreams of being a cool teenager, Chris moves with his family to Brooklyn. As the family's emergency adult while his parents are working, he's responsible for taking care of his younger brother Drew , who's taller and more confident than Chris, and sister Tonya who gets all the parents' attention.
    Dad Julius works numerous jobs to properly support his family.

    Mom Rochelle runs the household on a tight budget, and works part-time in a small real estate office. Drew and Tonya go to the same school in their old neighborhood, Chris goes to Corleone Junior High. Despite being an immediate target for bullies, Chris' innate charm and sharp wit enable him to make new friends, like Greg another smart, nice kid... who can't fight, by the way. As Chris Rock pointedly looks back, his younger self is set to find what his family already knows.
  • funny show......

    With his mother strong-minded to see him in a good school, Chris reluctantly faces multiple bus transfers each day to attend Corleone Junior High School in the Italian neighborhood, South Shore. Even though hes always the first target for bullies, Chris' innate charm and sharp wit help him make new friends at school, like as Greg, a white, smart, nice kid...who can't fight :P. As Chris Rock flashbacks, his younger self is set to find what his family already knows: Chris' sharp, scrappy character is going to take him places. But first, he's going to have to think, talk or run his way through one growing experience after another at both home and school, and on any number of buses along the way. everybody haaaaaates chriiiiiis :P :lol:
  • lol funny

    it's has a strong sense of humour
    Chris Rock is such a funny guy with creative comedy ideas.this story is unique as it also display ironical meanings,contrast of the facts.these are more essential to let people thinking about its theme of discrimination. Everybody Hates Chris" is an American sitcom. It is inspired by the teenage experience of comedian Chris Rock. The title of the show is a play on Everybody Loves Raymond. Everybody hate Chris, this is a very funny show The more I watch it the more I fall in love with it. It's a great show and Chris Rock was brilliant to have come up with it. This show is so great. I'm old enough to get all the jokes in the show without feeling old. This has potential to become the next "Cosby Show" meaning that it crosses racial and socio-economic boundaries.
  • Growing up, Brooklyn style.

    How many of you grew up in Brooklyn in the 70's and 80's? I did. It wasn't in Bed-Stuy it was in Flatbush but it's very similar. A lot of the humor that is seen here is based on reality. From the nutty store owner on the corner (played by Huggy Bear from Starsky and Hutch) to the numb-skull, clueless school teacher, it's all here. And while it's got the usual story-lines the show is original and it always has a moral message without beating you over the head. It really is a loving, hard working family.

    It's based on Chris Rock's childhood on Bed-Stuy. There is Chris who always gets into a fix, or trouble, a sister and brother who sometimes get mixed up inthings too. His mother and father are played by Tichina Arnold and Terry Crews. Also living upstairs is a womanizer played by Ernest Thomas of What's Happening, a 70's sitcom that was pretty funny though formulaic.

    If nothing else it proves that Chris Rock does not need to use profanity to be funny. This is a sleeper in my opinion. I never miss it.
  • it's about a story of a black kid Chris and the real life of black people.

    it's so so funny with strong sense of humour.i love the story,once you've seen,you will never forget the interesting details of it.haha.it lets me realize that the blacks are born to be comedians.Chris Rock is such a funny guy with creative comedy ideas.this story is unique as it also display ironical meanings,contrast of the facts.these are more essential to let people thinking about its theme of discrimination.seemingly it's about a black family's normal daily life,a kid's experience in school,but it's not just the simple one.by showing how people really are,what chris sees and thinks tell the truth of unfair facts. besides,everyone plays very well.ROCHELLE,chris' mum is so funny,all the members from chris' family impress me a lot.
  • "Everybody Hates Chris" is an American sitcom. It is inspired by the teenage experience of comedian Chris Rock. The title of the show is a play on Everybody Loves Raymond. Unlike other sitcoms, this doesn't use a studio audience laugh crack.

    Although the show is an episodic sitcom, in which characters situations change from episode to episode, there are several character tendencies, thematic elements, and sayings that continue throughout the series. These include:

    • Drew, Chris' younger brother, is taller and looks much older than Chris.
    • Julius will always know the exact monetary value of anything being wasted by the family.
    • Rochelle is always making sure that no one thinks of her or her family as poor, yet she judges everyone else because she is a 'ghetto snob' E.g.: "Girl, watcho' talkin' 'bout food stamps? Who's sellin' food stamps? I ain't selling' no food stamps!" • Rochelle uses a range of vibrant and colorful threats.
    E.g.: "I'll slap the caps of your knees" • Whenever a girl talks to Chris, Greg always tell him "You are so in there"
    • Whenever Chris in trouble, especially with Caruso, Greg runs away. • Whenever Rochelle leaves a job, her last words before actually going are always "I don't need this. My man has two jobs" • Rochelle loves chocolate
    • Tonya never resists the opportunity to get her brothers into trouble.


    • Tichina Arnold: as Rochelle. She is a very strict and bossy mother. She can also be affectionate and tender hearted. She always makes exaggerated threats, cares too much about what others may think and makes sure her children aren't having babies. Although she always tries to help out with their kids problems, she often proves to be bad at it. For example, when she offers to mail a letter to Tonya and forgets, or when she tutors Chris on his Math but makes it harder on him. • Terry Crews: as Julius. Although his wife has most of the control in the family, no one has more control over the money than him. He delivers newspapers for a living and has a second job (truck driver). He once had a job as a fisherman; though it paid well, the bad smell he brought home made him quit.
    • Tequan Richmond: as Drew. He is cool, talented and sympathetic child who always has girls chasing after him but is too young to be very concerned about them. He seems to be older than Chris because he is taller than his brother. • Imanim Hakim: as Tonya. She is the sensitive daughter and the antagonist of her older brothers. As the youngest and the only girl, she is able to get anything from her father. Everybody hates Chris is one of successful sitcoms that carries the tradition of being produced two decades later than the time period in which they are set. The show takes place in the early's 1980s and was produced in the 2000s. Chris Rock

    *Rock began his comedian career in 1985 in New York's city. He started earning bit roles in some films. Upon seeing his act at a nightclub, Eddie Murphy decided to mentor the aspiring comic. *In 1990, Rock became cast member of the popular sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live. The following year, he released his first comedy album named Born Suspect and won acclaim for his dramatic role as a crack addict in the film New Jack City. *He wrote and starred a documentary, CB4, but the film was not a success as it was expected. *His comedy typically involves race relations in the United States, politics, music, romantic, and class relationships. *Many of his comedic views are rooted in his teen years. *Rock claims to have been arrested four times: three for traffic violations, including driving without a license and driving too slow, and a fourth time for vehicular assault on a youth who had robbed him. *He is married to Malaak Compton, since November 23, 1996. She is the founder and executive of StyleWorks, which provides free services for women leaving welfare. The couple has two daughters: Lola Simone, who is five years old, and Zahra Savannah, who is three years old. In November 2006 they were about to divorce, but they didn't. Awards and nominations:

     2006 Golden Globe Awards. •Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy (nominated)  2006 NAACP Image Awards •Actor in a comedy Series – Tyler James Williams (nominated) •Actress in a Comedy Series – Tichina Arnold (won) •Comedy Series (won) •Directing in a Comedy Series – Ken Whittingham (nominated) •Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series – Terry Crews (nominated)  2006 Writers Guild of America •New Series Television – Aron Abrams, Rodney Barnes, Chris Rock (nominated)
  • this show rocks and everyone should watch it

    it is about a boy who gets bullied in home school and around the neighbourhood he is the most unpopler ouyt of his sister and his brother he always get trouble and mischeif from other people that he meets in the neighbourhood he is the most mature from his whole family and he also has a best friend who he only talks to at school only because they both are so dorky they have no friends in there entire school and he also trys to make more friends he hates school he trys to earn money and trys to convince his parents to buy him accsesories
  • this show is so original and it reminds people of their childhood lives, i love it!!

    Chris' rough, cost-conscious father Julius (played by Terry Crews) works numerous jobs in order to properly support his family. Meanwhile, his very strict, sassy mother Rochelle (played by Tichina Arnold), who works part-time in a small real estate office, runs the household on a very tight budget, while demanding the best for her children.

    With his mother strong-minded to see him in a good school, Chris reluctantly faces multiple bus transfers each day to attend Corleone Junior High School in the fiercely Italian neighborhood, South Shore. Although being an immediate target for bullies, Chris' innate charm and sharp wit enable him to make new friends at school, such as Greg (played by Vincent Martella), another smart, nice kid...who can't fight, by the way.

    As Chris Rock pointedly looks back, his younger self is set to find what his family already knows: Chris' sharp, scrappy character is going to take him places. But first, he's going to have to think, talk or run his way through one growing experience after another at both home and school, and on any number of buses along the way. "Everybody Hates Chris" is produced by 3 Art Entertainment and Paramount Studios.
  • A show about a teenage boy in the eighties commented by his older self. Great concept, show and stories and very funny to watch.

    Chris is a teenage boy who thought that now he's 13 he'd be very cool and everything would be just great. But he has to face the facts: He isn't very tall - even his younger brother Drew is bigger than him (and more succesful with the ladies) and his sister Tanya always tries to get him into trouble. His father Julius has to work two jobs to get enough money for his family and Chris' sometimes eccentric mother Rochelle tries to manage their everyday life.
    In the first episode Chris' parents decide to send him to a "good" school, Corleone, where unfortunately he's the only black student and therefore bullied by a boy named Caruso. His only friend is a shy boy named Greg who has the amazing ability to get Chris and him in even more trouble.

    This show - inspired by Chris Rock's life - shows a teenager's life in the beginning eighties and uses a funny voiceover and some allusions to today's events. These elements combined with some very good stories, good music and hilarious jokes create a wonderful show.
    There are some things that impress me most about this show:
    - The setting and equipment from 1982/83/84. I'm not old enough to have a real recollection of the eighties but because of the excellent wardrobe and equipment I really believe this show is set back then.
    - Chris Rock's voiceover. I didn't really know him before this show but his comments are just hilarious.
    - Little Chris. Ok, you got me, I don't know the actor's name and I'm too lazy looking it up right now. But he's fantastic and perfect for the part. On the one hand he makes me laugh and on the other hand I feel very sorry for him.
    - Rochelle. By god, this part is fantastic. And the actress even more. She delievers an amazing performance and is very convincing. She's crazy and hilarious and just perfect - though I wouldn't want ehr to be MY mum.

    There is much more good about this show but I already mentioned it above (Story, jokes etc.) Why a 9.0 then? Well, although it is great it could be a little bit more realistic and the stories could vary more. In the first season for example, a lot of stories end the same way: Chris has done something wrong. I know this is intentional, but still...

    To sum it up, there is not much more to say than that it is a great show and truly worth to be watched.
  • This show makes me crack up laugh all the time.

    So all the characters are funny but the funnest is the creator of the show which is the narrorater which is chris rock. At some points in this show it makes me laugh so hard i start to cry. I like the parts when they talk about chris mother being such a pain. Then there father always trying to save a penny on any thing he buys. Chris sister because she gets a way with almost every thing and i wish thats how my life would be. Chris brother because hes supposed to be all smooth and good with the ladies.
  • This show is about the hard life of famous comedian, Chris Rock. It shows what challenges and obsticles he had to overcome to get wher he was.

    This show is great. Chris Rock went through a lot. I never knew what Chris Rock had to go through. He is a funny comedian and he makes very funny and comical comments during the show. His narration through the show is LMAO funny. Tyler James Williams plays Chris in this show. What he has to go through is sad but funny at the same time. His parents are funny as well. His dad, Julius is a very cheap person. He does not want to give a single penny to someone. he is always trying to save money on anything. His mom, Roshell, is also funny. Her motherlyness is very funny. It is fun to see her threaten the kids.
  • Funny!

    This show is a pretty awesome show because it shows what life was like for comedian Chris Rock when he was growing up. Though I don't know if this show is all true or completely true for that matter but it's a great show to watch when ever it comes on your neighborhood. This show also has a great cast with Terry Crews who everybody should know by now because he was in the comedy White Chicks and the sports movie The Longest Yard, but those are some of his smaller roles. In this show he plays Chris's father a money saving loon but all in all he this is a great character.
  • Spectacularly funny

    Motivated by his childhood experiences, Emmy Award-winner/actor/comedian Chris Rock, narrates this very hilarious & touching story of a teenager growing up as the oldest of three children in Brooklyn, New York during the early 1980s.

    Uprooted to a neighborhood and bused into a primarily white middle school two hours aways by his strict, hard-working parents, Chris (played by Tyler James Williams) struggles to find his place, all while keeping his younger brother & sister in line at home and surmounting the tests of junior high school. This dependable, resilient teen brings a unique, comedic spin to his everyday trials & upsets in a new single-camera comedy, "Everybody Hates Chris."
  • What the hell is going on.

    Everybody hates chris is really starting to get on my nerves.It really makes black people look bad in my opinion because of the crazy things that they do.I was watching the show about a month ago and I found it t be terribly disturbing.First of it made the mom look happy to be using food stamps.I mean how stupider can the get I that Chris Rock should spin alot more time thinking about his jokes before he airs them on televison. And also they use the N word way to many times.And that really makes me mad because I am also a African American
  • this show is so crazy the cast is so.........

    halarious its like at my house its funny and it has everything a person can fall in love with lol iam watching it know its crazy to know ppl chris rock went through this when he was young, if you see this show at least once you will get addicted to it and will want to watch it over and over and over again its genius!!!!!!!
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