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  • what a great show

    Wow, I was really impressed by the execution of the show. Nostalgic shows can be a bit dull, but this one os really funny, and I can really see Chris in the actor playing him.

    Yeah, so definately well done to those young Actors, usually young actors are annoying and obnixious on screen, but herer they are all fantastic.

    I also like the way that they use Chris's voiceover, It helps you to realise the link between past Chris and Present Chris.

    His siblings are funny too, he even has the trademark annoying little sister that parents love. Id love to see what Chris's real family think of the show...
  • Everybody Hates Chris is my don't miss on monday night show. I laugh until I cry everytime I watch it.

    Everybody Hates Chris is one of those shows that is long over due. I have personally been looking for a modern show that's based in the 80's and I found it. It crack up evrytime this show comes on, and my parents can relate to Chris's parents on the show. It is definately a 'double knee slapper'. Chris Rock (actor) bases his life off of this show, and it shows his sorta akwardness. But, I love it. Tichina Arnold, who is also feature in the show, does a wonderful job as the mother. Tyler James Williams (Chris) is also featured in Unaccompanied Minors. That movie was utterly hilarious! Both of these, Everybody Hates Chris and Unaccompanied Minors should be seen by all, all ages will enjoy!!!
  • its got a few problems

    this show is good but the story line is boaring, what makes it as good as it is,is the comentary by chris rock,without it i think the show would a flop, and also i think the story would be better, more complete if it was an hour long show, most of the time i'm like wait what thats the end.
  • Bloody Hilarious

    This program is supposed to be following chris rock when he was young living in 80s new york. it is a very funny program. the constant day to day mishaps of chris rock. my favorite bit was when chris siad he was going to get the black beat out of him, it then cuts to police outside his house and the police officer holds up a bag of liquid and says 'we found the black'. this is defenitly one of the best comedies of recent times. i hope the second season is as good as the first. chris rock is funny enough himself.
  • The show plays all the songs I grew up with! Terry Crews and Tichina Arnold make me laugh sooo hard when they do flash back examples of how they have sayings for everything. Tyler Williams, Imani and Tequan are the perfect cast for the show.

    What can I say, this show ROCKS! I can't think of any other shows that have the same type of humor, that goes with the soundtrack as well. Terry Crews is hillarious and the perfect match for his role. Tichina Arnold is really strict and down to earth as a mother of three. She knows how to express the trouble you would be in of you were to cross the line. Her facial expressions say it all, but yet still beautiful.
  • Everybody hate Chris, this is a very funny show

    I really enjoy watching this show its hilarious it shows you the life of Chris Rock in the early 80's, the story in about Chris he's the oldest in the house he got a young brother Drew and an annoying little sister Tonya who's putting Chris always in trouble with his mum and dad Rochelle and Julius Rock, Rochelle Chris mum thinks when your child study in a white school that means he getting more education than other schools, and in that school Chris get to know Greg his new best friend.

    In every episode there is a funny story in it like in school they made him play basketball because he's the only black kid in the school and he was awful in the game, my point is this is a good show and I recommend you guys watch it ;).
  • great show about life in the 80s.

    i like this show so much. when it came first came in england, every one was all hyped up about it. i found out it about 6-7 months earlier. england is so slow. when i found out and told people about it they didnt care but as soon as the commercails started they were so excited!anywho, this show was, is and wil allways(hopefully) be great. i like the way chris rock narrates it. the humour in this show never stops. theres never a dull moment in this show. its just so great and funny. i like it so much and i cant wait for season 2 to start in this slow country.everybody hates chris rocks!!!
  • Go back! What was that? Everybody Hates Chris?<br /> This show is intentionally funny!

    This is a great intentionally funny show!!!

    everybody Hates chris is exactly what it was expected to be...funny, entertaining and great.

    I love this show...

    It tells of the life of a teenage black kid who doesn't really fit into the world his parents have seemed to tose him into...but he tries to make life work!

    This show is great and will be known among all the other all time favourite comedy shows!
  • suprisingly good

    i thought this show would be really funny, but with no plot. Most shows like this never make it to season 2. With Chris Rock in charge you can only expect comedy, but he managed to keep episodes intresting and now is making evening more money after being rich from his movies and his comedy yours. after watching some of his movies you would think that this would a horrible idea to take the next step into televison. Who else but UPN/CW take a dumb risk by saying they're going to put it on the air. Luckey for them that the show was a hit.
  • Good show. Actually suprised

    I watched this show when it first came on because there was nothing else to watch!!! But i found myself laughing and thinking how very true it is. I have never really been a fan of Chris Rock didnt really care bout his stuff. But this show is just great and made me more of a fan now. I think everyone should give this a try because it is a realistic funny show!!!
  • everybody hates chris is a comedy you cant help but love.

    It is generally assumed that the last name of the family is \"Rock\", but this has not been established on the show.

    Tichina Arnold as Rochelle Rock, the sassy, scary, scolding mother who cares a lot about what other people think. Terry Crews as Julius Rock, the generally cool-headed, big-hearted, but penurious father. Tyler James Williams as Chris Rock, the hapless, soft-spoken, and innocent eldest child. Tequan Richmond as Drew Rock, the effortlessly cool and handsome, middle child. Imani Hakim as Tonya Rock, the antagonist of her older brothers. As the youngest and only girl she is able to get anything out of her father. Vincent Martella as Greg Wulliger, the shrimpy, advice-giving best friend of Chris. Chris Rock as the narrator (voice), an older Chris looking back at his youth, a la The Wonder Years.
  • The childhood of comedian Chris Rock.

    A simply sweet show about the ups and downs of childhood for comedian Chris Rock.

    This show is definitley underappreciated, possibly because it is not advertised nearly enough. I don't think that many people are aware of the fact that it exists and therefore do not watch it. I am not even sure the exact day and time it airs, I just watch it when I catch it.

    The stories are often very funny and have a little life lesson hidden underneath that makes it sort of comically sweet, to coin a phrase. I always enjoy watching an episode when I can catch one on.
  • Everybody Hates Chris is a story about Chris Rock's life as a kid. It is a comedy with a twist, set a while ago in the USA.

    Everybody Hates Chris is a hilarious show about Chris Rock's childhood in America. It makes fun of the void between Black and White people, the way Chris is always blamed for everything, his father's saving habits, his mother's splurging habits, his big brother's 'cool'ness, and his little sister's tendency to get Chris in trouble. I like the flashbacks/forwards, especially the one where Chris's dad jumps up in what appears to be a hospital ward with a woman giving birth in it, and saying, "Look! I found a dollar!". Chris's commentary is also funny. I rate this show 9 out of 10 because it is very funny.
  • The right charcters with the right attitude with the right time where African-Americans were not treated fairly with a mother who is jobless and a father who slaves on two jobs as Chris\'s father try to save every penny they have

    Mix people being rude to African-Americans+A thrifty father+A mother who wants to show-off+a trouble-casuing sibling+A \"better-than-you\" brother+a school of Americans+A school bully=A great show...A great cast with a great plot to match the show,worth every single second of watching the show and see how the family go though trouble,incidents with a twist here and there without any happy ending which only exist in story books it hits you right in the face with reality and watch how this family go though life with a enviroment which are unfair to them and see how Chris faces being in a school of white people
  • Chris Rock made this? It doesn't look like a Chris Rock thing, and yet it does.

    I love this show. No laugh track. No camp. And of course, what is Chris Rock without a little racism once in a while? Drew is funny. Tonya's okay. Chris's parents are perfect. And Chris? He's okay. One good thing is that it's set in the 80's, so it has more nostalgia. And a lot of things were funnier in the 80's! Even if they weren't supposed to be funny. Every episode has some originality. And look at the school! It looks so normal, yet so wrong. How is it a good school for Chris to go to anyway? Inside, it looks bad.
  • Everybody Hates Cris in summary is also another one of my favorite sitcoms out there today.

    I glad UPN or CW brought back this show. Like most show, the idea in terms of settings is somewhat unoriginal, however, the way the settings is presented in comedy is funny. How a 13 year old boy is treated like trailer trash while his associates and relatives under him are treated like prize possesions. That's what makes the show funny. Alos, what makes the show funny is the cultural backgrounds that is set up in lower brookly. Although Chris Rock and associates do go a little overboard in terms of making the discipline comical, the whole overall theme is mildly funny. So I gave this show a 9 because although Chris Rock and associates do go a tad overboard andd becomes unoriginal with the attempts, the show is still hilarious.
  • Funny I tell you its dang funny...let em read cake!

    This is one of those shows that is just going to get better with a little time but they can't drag there bottoms to long or the cast is going to grow up like Malcolm in the Middle and get hooked on crack..oh wait that last part hasn't happened yet!
    Seriously though the mother is just a down right riot and deserves any praise that she gets for her acting in the show. "YOur acting Suspious!"
    The Father is a laugh a minute in anything he does plus hes build like a brick house check him out in The Longest Yard.
    The Kids are all funny in there own right and doing a great job entertaining.
    If you have checked it out, check it out with the whole family even!
  • Gotta say i love this show very fun to watch. It better stay for a while.

    This show is proably the funiest ive seen in a while. Every part is a good one. just love the way everything is staged. The new season better be a good one ofcourse it will but it better be. If they would cancel this show in a year i wouldnt be happy a lot of comedy shoes have gotten canceled like Bernie Mac defitenly the best comedy show next to everybody hates chris.
  • a comedy depicting comedian chris rock's exaggeratted childhood.

    who wouldnt watch a comedian tell his life story? this show is truely hilarious. its one of the popularest black shows on television and hilarious. what more is there to say? its just a family living in new york on the ghetto side anyway. chris goes to a white school and gets beat up daily by some chubby guy. his parents are equally hilarious. although id like to see more from the other characters its too funny to stop watching.
  • Everybody hates Chris is about the famous comedian Chris Rock when he was in childhood. The show shows how Chris went through tough times in his life, and how he usually never got his way, unless he tried which still never gave him success.

    This show is absolutley fantastic. I love watching the episodes it just makes me laugh my head off. One of my favorite parts of the show is when the older Chris Rock (narrator?)talks, he always sais something funny about a certain situation that happen to him when he was a kid. I love this show I watch it every Thursday. You will like this show as it is fantastic (shows its in its awards). It's a show with so much comedy, and even some funny action. Trust me it should be called "Everybody loves Chris".
  • It's funny

    Everybod Hates Chris was supposed to be the anti Everybody Loves Raymond. If Chris Rock's aim was to create something completely different than the CBS primetime hit-than he has succeeded. The era, race, neighborhood, and family dynamic of this show all culminate to make 'Hates Chris' a very viable show. Yet, at the beginning of the series in '05, I had my doubts about the comedies staying power. I thought the voice overs would annoy me, but they only add comedic punch. I assumed this show would play old black sitcom cliches like not being able to pay the rent- so far, I haven't seen that plot. It's fresh, humorous-a bit forced at times, but all in all a good show.
  • The new malcome!

    It's such a shame malcome in the middle finsihed, but I beleive this has taken it's place. Each family memeber has their own personaltiy and storylines, not just Chris. It's very funny and has a sweet side to it like Malcome did. I can see it being around for a while and it getting bigger and bigger.
  • hilarious.

    Everybody hates chris is a tv show based on the life of the popular comedian chris rock. Its a very funny show with interesting episodes each week that can happen to everyday people like getting food coupons and other funny things. My favourite episode so far is everybody hates picture day. I hope season two is better than season one but season one is very funny and really interesting. My favourite charachters of the show are chris and chris's mother ( i can't remember her name at the moment) and its hilarious when she talks about her husban d having 2 jobs.

    overall: a funny tv show.
  • Everybody Hates Chris is one of TV's most hilarious comedies ever!

    Telling the story of Chris Rock's chilhood, this show is quite successful at turning bad moments of life into comedy. Smartly written, this comedy is truly hilarious. Chris' family, particularly his mother, is hilarious. The constant issues that Chris faces on the show, though quite unpleasant in real life, are hilarious in this show. The acting is great, and the characters are off the wall funny. This show sure lives up to the praise. It is a top-notch comedy with a top-notch cast. It gets better with every episode and every new story. Everybody Hates Chris is an outright smart and funny show!
  • Everybody Hates Chris is a really, really, really, really funny show!

    Everybody Hates Chris is absolutely a revolution is the realm of comedy! Chris Rock has managed to create a show which is extraordinarily funny but amazingly truthful at the same time!

    I love it when Tanya and Drew keep on giving each other dares and when Chris keeps on getting blamed for something he didn't do because it's so funny but yet so true if you know what I mean. You'll get it when you will watch it and I know you're going to agree with me because this show is great!

    I only found out about this show when my brother showed that it was on and I started watching it every week laughing me head off!

    You'll also love it if you watch it! If you like comedy this show is definetly for you! Watch it it's great!
  • Good laughs

    I think Chris rock has out done his self because his show tells you about all his troubles when he was a pre teen and you can get alot of good laughs

    a n d w h o e v e r y r e a d s t h i s p l e a s e t e l l m e w h y d o y o u n e e d t o t w o h a v e o n e - H u n d r e d w o r d s f o r a r e v i e w
  • This is a decent show, but it is the best comedy out there today.

    I was going to give this show a 7, as I did not find it too funny. However, I gave myself a moment to think, and decided to give it an 8. Why, you might ask? Well, I realized it was the best comedy show out there today, so I gave it an 8.

    The best parts of this show are in Chris's mind. He has such a wild imagination! The funniest character on this show is Chris's dad. He is so cheap it is hilarious and it makes his character hilarious. I also like how everyone always blames and picks on Chris for every little thing, but it is not his fault.

    Finally, I can't really find anything bad with this show, but I can't find anything jaw-dropping with it either.

    For all the reasons listed above, I give Everybody Hates Chris an 8/10.
  • I love Everybody Hates Chris!!!!!

    Everybody Hates Chris is okay. Sometimes some episodes are funnier than others, but all in all Everybody Hates Chris is a pretty good show. I think they should try to make it a little more funnier and I would rais my score from a 8.7 to a high 9 0r even an 10. I also like how this is the true (or some what true) life of Chris Rock. I can't wait to see the new episodes of Everybody Hates Chris. The old ones are getting really old and boring. Please hurry up and make new ones. See you soon.
  • Everybody Hates Chris...

    What trouble is Chris going to get in today? In each episode you never know. Tanya being dared by Drew, Chris failing Math, and then the Momma whooping their butts. Then there's Dad. Sweet old money makin' two job Dad. Alwats complaining about money, $2 is a lot of money back in 1983.
    Chocolate turtles. Gotta love them turtles. Chris' mom is crazy! Tanya a little tattletale, Drew a cutie pie to the ladies, Two job Julious(also a ladies man), and Chris. Chris, what to say on Chris. He's the only colored kid at Corleon and is sort of a loser. That's why people love Chris. He makes big mistakes and always has no idea what to do. Chris a hilarious family show, all about Chris Rocks life.
  • very parental

    i think that this show is so funny. it also shows you how family's with money trouble deal with it. it alsos hows you another side od chris rock and his childhood it also twists it alittle. it is uncreditably funny and it is a show that many people like and will continue to like for a long time becasue there are not too many comedies on tv these days there are mostly romance or drama or even kid shows such as sponmgebob or even unappropaite shows for little kids such as rescue me or nip tuck. there are no shows that the whole family could watch until now.
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