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  • Chris = Awesome and definetly worth watching. Screw Smallville and Joey they're dead to me now....simply amazing. YOU-MUST-WATCH!

    This has to be the best show this season other than My Name is Earl and Supernatural. a perfect mix of life, and comedy. I thought this was never gonna sail. This is much better than Smallville and Joey. It's sad to say, but it's true...Remember

    Chris = wh00t!
  • Original and plain old hilarious!

    This show is too funny and tremendous. I waited all summer to watch this. Chris Rock is one of my favorite comedians and it's even better to watch a sitcom from his childhood. I love this show because it's realistic. Julius is definetily one of my favorite characters or if not, my favorite. He's too funny. Rochelle is the perfect example of a real life mother and everyone else is just great. This show is da bomb, I love it!
  • Thought it was alright to begin with but its just so boring.

    I dont think ive actually laughed out loud yet ? I've lasted this long because i like to give shows a chance but im gonna have to leave it at that.

    It seems alot of people like this i just don't see why.
    Chris Rock as narrator does an ok job but his puns are limp.
    The acting is good but i have no favorites. Nobody stands out as the funny guy or the silly guy its all just too weak.

    Everybody hates for each episode title is just copying friends, it was unique then, now its been copied its cheap.

    Im now trying to think of the positives and cant think of any!

    Im not a negative person and to be fair i have lasted 8 episodes of this.

    Good luck to the rest of you.
  • About the childhood of Chris Rock!

    Funny Hilarious Amazing are all words that describe this show i am hooked from the first episode i love it i hope it never goes of the air never leave chris! watch it i guarentee you'll laugh so hard you'll cry! on thursday nights before love inc. and after the simpsons.
  • I don't see why "Everybody Hates Chris" because I'm lovin him and lovis his show!!!

    \"Everybody Hates Chris\" is a breath of fresh air and a bunch of laughs. This show has a lot of old school flava with a new school cast that adds their own style to each role. I can\'t remember the last time I talked about a show everyday til the next episode. And Tachina Arnold reminds me of all my friends mothers and my mother wrapped in one. The girl is bad to the bone. Finally a show that is worth watching. I give it Two Thumbs Up and a Snap!
  • so good

    loved it loved it loved it
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  • Tyler Williams is excellent in this episode. Give that boy a Emmy!!! Every episode I see him getting better and better. As long as he doesn\'t go through a "Different Stroke" phase he should be a long career in acting.

    Tyler Williams is excellent in this episode. Give that boy a Emmy!!! Every episode I see him getting better and better. As long as he doesn\'t go through a "Different Stroke" phase he should be a long career in acting. I don't know if he is like Chris Rock as a kid but he is starting to make the character his own.
  • I read the review because people around me won't stop talking about it. So finally, I got convinced and borrowed a friend's tape. Watched it and now stuck on it! Another show to affirm my couch-potato life. Hahaha! Worth it! Love it!

    Chris' childhood is something I can easily relate to. With parents wanting the best for their children and trying very hard to make ends meet, it's easy to fall into the trap of being the new kid in High School with nothing much to show for except for your wit and street smart.

    With two other siblings, he may not be so cool in school but definitely a respected figure at home being the eldest.

    His life is not easy but it's the best way to learn about life's real world outside home. It's also character-defining to go through an adventurous adult. It makes you wiser and stronger...

    I can't wait to see more of the comedies and tragedies of teenage life. Back to memory lane.
  • I love this show! Chris Rock's view of the world makes life not only funny, but hilarious! This show is about Chris Rock growing up, dealing with school, bullies, girls, family, and more. Things you don't normally pay attention to come to life in this fun

    I think Chris Rock makes the whole show funnier. Sure, the family is funny, but without Chris Rock's narrating, the show would just be another sitcom. He says things that make you crack up, that you would never think related to everyday life. Another addition that makes the show even better is Tichina Arnold. She makes the part of Rochelle Rock her's. She plays the role so well, you'd think that she's always like that. Her threats make her the typical black mother from the projects. Her "I know I'm right" attitude keeps everyone in line. Her husband, Julius Rock, is a really great character. He knows how much everything costs, and his attention to the prices of everything makes him a father many can relate to. To be honest, he sorta reminds me a little of my dad! Tyler Williams, the young Chris Rock, makes the show. Tyler Williams has that quirky kid persona that makes the show funnier. Along with Chris Rock's narration, the show itself is, fantastic. I think that this show tells you something about everyone's family; black or white. This show, is pretty much the whole enchilada. CHRIS ROCK - you did it, my brotha!
  • Everybody Hates Chris is about the life of Chris Rock as a teenager growing up in Brooklyn, New York during the early 1980s.

    This show is great. It’s better than great; it’s fantastic. But I guess you can say that considering the idea was from Chris Rock. He is funny and talented and putting those qualities together, he made a great sitcom. I remember when I saw the previews of Everybody Hates Chris. I immediately thought it was going to be good. Then I saw the premiere. It was great and funny. I never laugh so hard in my life. I gotten my mother into watching the show and now she is addicted. We would wait until Thursday came around so we can watch it. I highly recommend this show. It’s funny, but also it reflects on family life, which is good. All the actors are good at their roles especially Tyler Williams as the young Chris Rock. He plays the role great. The show is like a black Wonder Years with Chris Rock narrating his life. I can see this show sticking around for years to come.
  • Everyone keeps on praising Tyler Williams as this breakout star. Sure, I think the kid is talented, but I find the magic of Everybody Hates Chris rests solely on the shoulders of the parents, charismatically preformed by Tichina Arnold and Terry Crews.

    Does anyone else find it odd that the best three network sitcoms (arrested development, my name is earl, and everybody hates christ) currently airing all rely heavily on narration? I rarely enjoy television narration. It is too often used for shortcuts in plot development and hardly ever executed properly. The only perfect example I can think of is Daniel Stern’s work on The Wonder Years.

    Perhaps that’s why I don’t mind it on Chris Rock’s Everybody Hates Chris (by the way – I hate that title, its far too contemporarily contingent and totally clichéd), which is essentially the black Wonder Years in sitcom form.

    Everyone keeps on praising Tyler Williams as this breakout star. Sure, I think the kid is talented, but I find the magic of Everybody Hates Chris rests solely on the shoulders of the parents, charismatically preformed by Tichina Arnold and Terry Crews. Also, huge props to the costume designers of Everybody Hates Chris for not mocking or overplaying 80’s fashion, which is so easy to do (see Reunion).
  • Chris Rock's new comedy on UPN... right now one of UPN's highest rated shows! Excellent series, like an urban Wonder Years!

    The show is great! It's doing well for UPN in thursday nights.

    The story and plotlines are original, funny and so are the actors- the little Chris Rock is great! Personally, my fave is Rochelle especially in last week's episode when they had WARNING signs when she was about to scream at Julius.

    Chris' brother and sisters are fun to watch as well. I hope this series continues to excel and continues to pick up viewers along the way.

    Rock on, Chris!
  • Chris - what the hell is your problem. Bruh do you need money! I can get a fund raiser going for ya. You are so much better than that. "Everybody Hate Chris", and opposed to "Everybody Loves Raymond". That was the best title you could come up with. Chris

    Can we say Black Writers, from the black perspective in the 1970's, because baby this an'it it. Good cast, but unbelievable some of the lines, responses. Those words weren't even said back in the 70's, and if they where you got your azz kicked for it. Chris we love ya
  • "Malcolm In The Middle" meets Spike Lee's "Crooklyn" with a dash of "Bernie Mac." Not a bad recipe.

    "Malcolm In The Middle" meets Spike Lee's "Crooklyn" with a dash of "Bernie Mac." Not a bad recipe. I love Rock so I guess I'm a little biased but I think this show deserves shot. It's smart and funny - a tall order for most comedies on TV today. It's in a tough time slot so set your TIVO.
  • Excellent show...

    This show is great, boy Chris is being loved because he is being hated. This show is funny. I just think you gotta love this show.

    E V E R Y B O D Y H A T E S C H R I S

    W A T C H O N U P N
  • When I watched the last episode I think I cried the whole time. It´s just so good.

    Yes. It is.
    Oh, and I think this classification here is a sucker. Big time
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  • Chris Rock has done it again. He's even bigger and blacker than before!

    It really is like the Wonder Years but with Chris Rock and the comedic genius' ability to appeal to his audience carries through in this tremendous show. The adult perspective reflecting on the childhood is a wonderful concept - similar in a way to How I Met Your Mother, and I'm a big fan of this if done properly like in both of these shows. I love to see all the stereotypes and hysterical black humor that I have always enjoyed. Hot Show!
  • Everybody Just Hates Chris!

    Everybody Hates Chris is a sitcom based on the early life of comedian Chris Rock. Rock narrates the show.

    The title of the show is obviously a spoof of the hit sitcom, Everybody Loves Raymond, although this show is about Chris struggling through his horrible childhood.

    On September 22 the premiere beat out NBC's season premire of Joey, giving UPN its third highest rating in history. With seven million viewers it was fourth highest rated program at the 8pm EST time slot. Ratings are expected to increase over the next few weeks, as UPN expands in advertising campign for the show.

    Probably the ONLY good show on the UPN Network!
  • This show is 2 funny!

    i knew if Chris Rock created something, it would be funny. This a funny that i watch now. Especialy when Chris's mom made pop tarts and sauage. I've never heard of that before! It's a classic! I really loved it when Chris said "Back at my old school we had 2 fight the principle." i was crackin up!!!
  • Have you seen it?

    If you haven't already been tuning in for this show, you better start now. You've seen the reviews. Chris "Rocks"! This show is hilarous, narrated by none other than himself, Chris Rock! Critics are calling this the best sitcom on television in a decade! This show is a must see! Chris television biography is hilarious and entertaining. This show is off the wall with it's wonderful cast. Tichina Arnold ("Big Mama's House") and Terry Crews ("White Chicks") portray Chris parent's, so you already know that your bound for a laugh. And Tyler is doing a great job at portraying young Chris! This show rocks, if you aren't tuning in on Thursday nights, then boy do you not know what you are missing out on!
  • Great funny show, excellent acting. Never before a Chris Rock fan but his narration works excellently. Everybody Loves Raymond fans would probably appreciate this - at least as funny and as good with things like facial expressions

    Really great show. I generally don't appreciate family shows as I don't have kids.

    But while this is about the kids, it's not the old "teach family values" boring stuff.

    It's really funny, well written, well acted, well marrated.

    Has a little of the old "The Wonder Years" feel but in a rather different way, as the family is SO different.

    Has a little of what worked in Everybody Loves Raymond too, family friction, funny, great facial expressions. Brad Garrett, watch out, you've got competition in Terry Crews, the father on the show.
  • Everybody Hates Chris

    Everybody Hates Chris is a funny show. It is in it's first season so I rate it the same number I rate The War at Home, 8.1. Chris Rock is very funny, I already knew that, but he makes himself funnier with this TV show. The funniest guy on the show is Chris' friend (a.k.a.: running like a bitch) and the father, I hate his sister, though.
  • pure cometic genious

    everybody hates chris is another show with a disfuntional family that cracks me up. Most of the funny lines are said by the narrator, Chris Rock himself. Chris has a mother, father, brother, and a sister. The father cares about money, and nver lets anything go to waste, while the mother always thinks that anything her daughter does wrong will lead to her being pregant. Already sounds funny huh?
  • Everybody May hate chris But everybody Loves this show!

    Awesome i Love this show Great Comedy Seris. like chris rock as the narrator really spices up the show a lot! the better part it also is a great UPN Show there. Who ever made this Rocks! This show is funny and great i hope they come with more seasons.
  • this show is so funny

    This show is a cult classic. Chris Rock does a good good good good job on this show. I dont hate Chris I love dis show.This show is so funny.
    My favorite part of this show is when Chirs and the little fat guy get to fighting.
    This show Great.
  • LOL hilarity in this funny and comedic sitcom about Chris Rock's real life in the 80s.

    UPN brings this hilarious comedy that makes you laugh senseless and brings a smile to your face.
    Chris Rock narrates his story about himself growing up in 1982 Brooklyn. Chris has just moved to a new home with his family and a new school. Chris' dad, Julius, works hard and is very serious about saving money and knows the exact price of food; Chris' mom, Rochelle, is a hard working mom, strict, and has a 101 phrases fore whopping butt; his brother, Drew, is younger but taller than him and has more experience with girls; and his sister, Tanya, is a tattle taling snitch who has her dad wrapped around her finger. Chris also goes to a new school, a good school, according to his mom where he's the only African American kid and encounters problems with school bully, Joey Curuso, whom he's not afraid to stand up too and also makes a new friend, Greg, a friendly yet geeky guy.
    Everybody Hates Chris is funny and awesome. If your not watching this then you'd better.
  • Watched it yesterday, and loved it! The extended preview they have on their website is fantastic!

    How much did I enjoy "Everybody Hates Chris?" So much that I am going to start watching it instead of ALIAS, which I've watched for the last five seasons. This show is hilarious. Chris Rock does some really funny voice overs, and the kid who plays Chris is so funny and awkward. I can't wait for next week's episode! The dad is so freakin' cheap and refuses to waste ANYTHING!!! And the mom is really funny too. It's a keeper for sure. I'm super glad that Chris Rock got this on the air, and I really hope that UPN gives it another season! Love it!!!
  • Its the funnest show out this year.

    Chris Rock you made a great show. Its one of the funniest shows in years. If you like to watch comedys this is the show.The show is basically his childhood when he was growing up in Bedsty.Great job Chris Rock.Chris rock rocks. This is the best show on UPN. :)
  • Not Everybody Hates Chris

    I love this show! At first I was not so sure about it, but after the second episode, I am now hooked! It kept me laughing throughout the entire episode and I am looking forward to the next episode. I should have knew this would have been a hit, Chris Rock is awsome! And I know that he will keep us entertained!
  • EHC is so good! Its hilarious!

    Everybody Hates Chris tells the story of famous comedian, Chris Rock's childhood growing up in the 1980's in Brooklyn, New York. Unlike most comedies EHC is actually funny and has good acting/writing. I hope UPN picks it up for a full season!! I hope everybody watches this new outrageous hilarious series!!!!
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