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  • Kudos, Sr. Rock

    This is once again another piece of comedic genius on the part of Chris Rock. The show is a breath of fresh air from the other watered down comedies on UPN that put forth too much energy into their punchlines. Rock shows his comedic prowess and timing with great writing and effortless one-liners that will leave your side aching for days. My only problem with the show is that his best jokes leave you aching days before the show airs, which ultimatly leaves me dissapointed and wanting more. I finish by tipping my hat to the talented actors, Tyler Williams, Terry Crews, and Tichina Arnold, that help make this show as great as it is today.
  • Everybody Love this

    Everbody Hate Chris, is the best new comedy on UPN. After the network cancelled its only black drama, Kevin Hill, they have hit a goldmine. This comedy is witty and will be timeless. The issues that have been brought up, have actually happened in most families in America or you knew someone like that. The voice over by Chris Rock is perfectly placed and gives a little insight into the situation. I will be watching this every week along with my six year old daughter who laughed the entire first episode.
  • This show is awesome

    I knew I would like it from the time I saw the commercials. This show is truely hilarious. And I know I will watch it every thursday night from now. On. I ant believe this show wasnt thought of sooner it is extremely funny. And I hope that it doesnt get cancelled after a couple of seasons.
  • i think its a great back in the day modern comedy.......

    everybody hates cris..i thinks it a great new comedy show something you can laugh at and its something that some people may be able to relate to if you family was like that type when you were younger or mabye as a parent the tipical everyday problems mabye like the piolt with the money issues i give it thumbs up its a great comedy for the modern eye if your the type of person that has a open mind to new an fresh thing "everybody hates cris" is the show for you and if your looking for a good laugh mabye you should give him a chance i garnette you will like it.....
  • "Everybody Hates Chris" has heart; unlike so many other modern sitcoms, it does not fear to pair sentimentality with the laughs.

    I'm not sure if I loved "Everybody Hates Chris" because, as a lifetime sitcom fanatic, I am starved for a high quality sitcom or because this one stands head and shoulders above all the others. But, a full day after seeing this gem for the first time, I can honestly say it is one of the best sitcoms to come along in a very long time. Not only is it funny, it also has pathos. And when these two qualities are coupled, a sitcom, in my opinion, has the makings of a future classic. I was blown away by the father's habit of defining food and all other family possessions by the pennies they cost -- he is so frugal -- and then, at night, giving Chris a few dollars for lunch the next day. (Wow!) The fight scene, with "Ebony and Ivory" playing in the background, was a classic. The characters are memorable, the writting, superb. It serves as a refershing change from all those NBC and CBS sitcoms featuring yuppies chattering away and insulting each other in bars and the workplace. I can relate to the characters and their situations and just loved it!
  • I just watched the premier last night. If you missed it, I feel so bad for you

    This show is for sure the best new comedy of the fall season! I just got so into it and didn't want it to end! The witty characters and hilarious jokes were fabulous! And Chris Rock narrarting made it even MORE funny! (if thats even possible!) To sum it up, it was cutting edge and my new favorite show! WATCH IT EVERYONE!
  • This show has breathed new life into the sitcom this fall!

    Everybody Hates Chris is the best new comedy this fall. I think it will help UPN broaden its audience. Chris Rock's childhood is intersting and I think it will make Americans look back at their childhood along with him. I think the first episode was bold. In that episode Chris was called the "N" word by one of his fellow white classmates. I think it is showing how hateful people were back in those days, and still are today. I hope that this show will all make us think about how we look at race relations. Everbody should LOVE to Hate Chris!
  • Everybody Hates Chris is inspired by the real life of comedian Chris Rock. It takes place in the early 1980's where Chris(Tyler Willaims), his mother Rochelle(Tichina Arnold), his father Julius(Terry Crews),and his younger siblings Drew(Tequan Richmond)an

    What sets this show apart from a lot of other comedies is the way the characters are treated. None of them are painted with broad stereotypes. Rochelle is the one who keeps everything together, but she is not reduced to a black woman who overreacts at everything. Julius is hard-working and reasonable, but he is not reduced to a gruff, tough father who doesn't want to be bothered with his children. Even as the show makes jokes about Chris getting beat up, there is realism and heart to be found in this comedy.
  • This show is a very funny and Chris Rock is a comic genius. No matter what you say about this guy he is funny and this show actually has a heart. It's about Chris growing up in Brooklyn and his family. Great show, and I expect big things from it.

    If Chris Rock were doing his stand up routine he would probably be making fun of ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX for not picking up his shows. Chris Rock is a comic genius and one of the greatest stand up comedians of all time. I like this show alot although I am a little disappointed in the title because it's a bit unoriginal. However as for the show people are predicting this to be the next big thing. UPN needs the success to become a dominant network and rival that of FOX, NBC, CBS and ABC. Chris Rock is a genius and I wish him all the best. The show looks pretty good and when you got a smart guy like Chris Rock, the end result is going to be great.
  • Ok, how can everybody hate Chris when he is just the most funniest person ever! lol.. this show had found its way to my tv screen every Thursday... good bye to the O.C I am through.. all that repetition can't hook me when this show airs... I lobe it!

    I loved the firs episode... the actors all did a wonderful job and are brilliantly talented. Its based on Chris Rock's life so obviously its gonna be from the heart real - which makes it tons more worthwhile of watching. From his school life to home Chris makes every scene and situation funny... too funny at times... the subtle comments and everything are just hilarious. When the father had that talk with him and then ended by saying - "you can't tell time when you are sleeping..." I cracked up so bad. I think this show is adding to great tv coming back!

  • The best new comedy in my opinion this season. I have seen all the rest of the new comedies but none appealed to me this much. Not even critically acclaimed "My Name Is Earl". This puts UPN ahead of the WB,FOX,and even ABC in terms of comedy. Great for ev

    Unlike the much anticipated "My Name Is Earl", "Everybody Hates Chris" is the quality that's been missing since some comedies have left. Now with "Everybody Loves Raymond" gone it's up to any of the networks to claim the Comedy genre. And I think UPN might just do it with this show.
  • A hilarious comedy based on a funny guy.

    I liked this show I didnt get to watch all of it but what I saw was some funny stuff.So Chris Rocks life must have been pretty rough getting beat up almost everyday,getting a good pair of shoes messed up from the same punk who beats him up,yeah I would say life is going pretty rough.Chris's mom was very strict but she loved Chris and Chris's dad was a man who needed his slepp until 5:00 o' clock if he was woken up or someone ate his chicken he was mad so the kids had to stay as quiet as they possibly could.This episode was good and im looking forward to watching the next one.
  • A good show worth watching

    In a television world that is lacking great comedy. (The only other current good comedy in my opinoin is Arrested Development) We need another good show that gives us lots of laughes. "Everybody Hates Chris" is just what we need. This show is funny, cute, and refreshing.

    It's about Chris Rock's childhood. He is always being picked on because he's the only black child in his all white school. His dad is a money freak and his mom is the "If you don't take out the garbage I'm gonna woop you butt" type of mom.

    But this show is very good and I would reccomend it to anyone who wants to watch a good comedy.
  • Everybody Hates Chris is supposed to be the childhood story of Chris Rock. The writing is extraordinarily tight – like a good stand-up comedy routine it weaves an interesting story that ties the ending to the beginning in a clever and satisfying way.

    While Chris is the oldest of three (bother and a sister) he is smaller that his younger brother and has to wear his brother’s shoes to school because his mom is particular how Chris presents himself at school. They have moved out of the projects into a new neighborhood but the local school isn’t suitable for Chris in his mother’s estimation. He has to take several buses to get to his school where he’s the only black kid.

    Chris Rock narrates the show and provides a humorous insight to his perspective as a child. It is also very helpful in creating characters that are multi-faceted and very interesting.

    It was a funny show and is on my list of regular shows to watch. We need more comedies that don’t insult our intelligence and Everybody Hates Chris fits this perfectly.

    Keep up the great writing…and acting!
  • Wow, I didn't believe all this hype. Well the hype is right!

    A CD - ROM came in my Entertainment Weekly last week with the pilot of My Name Is Earl on it, now this week came with a DVD of the pilot of Everbody Hates Chris. I watched it and enjoyed it. I watched it with my sister and we were quickly agreeing that this was a great show. It's not laugh out loud funny, but to me this is a good thing because you feel satisfied about what you just watched it. Not cheesey at all and still halarious. The only problem is with the station it's on! UPN is not the place for this ,but FOX would of just killed it. I hope this show suceeds because it's the first great sitcom in a couple years. (besides Arrested Development)This is a defalt choice for me since I don't watch Alias, Survior, Joey, or Smallville. I love it and I'll watch the pilot on TV because it's good enough to watch twice. WATCH IT!!
  • Based on Chris Rock's comedy, it seems like it's Everybody Loves Raymond except it takes place during his teenage years. One that could be interesting if it got the right story.

    Seeing the fall pilots is always an exciting time for me. I can decide what I like and what I dislike. While this show has some of the comedy, I wasn't laughing as hard as I thought I would. It takes the Malcolm and the Middle approach, there is no studio audience and it's told by an adult who's reflecting. This wasn't anything like I thought it would be like. I thought the acting was dry and the chemistry was weak. The punch-lines didn't really have any kick. It did get the main story across and at least you could figure out who was who and what they were doing and why. The plot wasn't hard to follow, that was good. I wouldn't give this series a second thought. It'll probably be cancelled after airing only a few episodes with the competition it's against.
  • Chris Rock? In a sitcom? but as a boy? Sounds like it should work, and thankfully, it does! A quirky, sharp and sometimes edgy comedy that at it's core has real heart and a good story to tell.

    Ah, Chris Rock. You loud-mouthed genius.

    I must confess that I am a big fan of Rock's stand up. It's always funny, always loud, always controversial, and always cripplingly well observed.
    So here we find Rock narrating the story of a 13 year old version of himself(although, not entirely acurate: he was one of 7 children for one thing).
    The style of the show I'm sure will remind some of Malcolm in the Middle but it's only in the way it focuses on the brighter of the children in a family that it bears it's similarities. This is a different beast.

    Tyler Williams, who plays Chris, is quite a find and one for the future. He brings a certain intelligent charm and wit to the role but without coming off cocky at all. He also has a great way of making you laugh just through the faces he pulls. The pilot was very well paced, keeping things moving fast and funny but allowing time to slow down to reveal more of the characters.
    As well as the instantly likeable Williams, Terry Crews - as Chris's father Julius - and Tichina Arnold - as his mother Rochelle - are great, providing a very strict parental unit but very carefully showing that these parents are loving ones who believe a strict and moral upbringing is the best thing to offer their children in the slightly dangerous world they are growing up in.
    While the pilot episode doesn't reveal much of his brother and sister(Drew barely says anything), they seem well cast and will be interesting to see develop. The same with Chris's friend Greg.

    But more importantly, the narration by Rock is very funny, unlike other shows with narration that is redundant and intruding(sex and the city, desperate housewives). You certainly catch Rock's personality here but wisely he's toned it down just enough so it doesn't distract from the show, it adds to it, and it doesn't put people off who aren't fans of his.

    A lot has been made of the mention of the N word on the show. Personally, I think it's not only inoffensive, it's necessary. When it is used it is used in a derogatory way by a bully to Chris. Back in 1982 this was a common thing and as this show should reflect the look, feel and even music of the times(it has a great soundtrack too!), it should also reflect the language.

    But let's not get too bogged down in that sort of thing. This IS a great show, and promises a lot. I will be keenly watching it develop, I have a feeling it will be a big one to watch.
  • One of the funniest shows to hit television.

    This is a very funny show based on Chris's life. Everyone who watches it will enjoy it. Especially if you love Chris Rock, or hate him. It's definitly will have you laughing your shoes off. So make sure you don't miss one second of this show, cause I promise you will enjoy it.
  • Everybody Hates Chris, a show inspired by the teenage life of Chris Rock is, from what I can see from the pilot episode, a show that is at least worth one or two seasons. While the show did cause a few audible laughs from me, I found the humor to...

    Everybody Hates Chris, a show inspired by the teenage life of Chris Rock is, from what I can see from the pilot episode, a show that is at least worth one or two seasons. While the show did cause a few audible laughs from me, I found the humor to be a bit repetitive. (For example, Chris's Father knows exactly how much money is being wasted on anything.) However, I never found any part of the show to be "stupid" (like American Dad, which makes me laugh occasionally, but is not a good comedy in my opinion). I can see a reflection of Chris Rock's comedy in this show. I don't know how the show will hold up as a series, but the pilot episode is decent. If you've got nothing better to watch, watch Everybody hates Chris.
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