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  • This show's awesome

    If I had to explain why this show is good I would run out of room for typing! But overall this show is so good, from the humor to the plots, you can totally relate to Chris and his adventures through Brooklyn. Really cool show. I wish I could give it a 100.
  • One of my favorites!

    I find this show extremely funny and there's never a dull moment! Great cast!
  • evrey body hates chris is very funny and really interesting and it is my personal favorite just like the o.c

    i love watching evreybody hates chris and it is good that it is based on his life because someone might be a fan of chris rock and they can see how his chilhood used to be . it is an absolute entertaing hour to watch that and absolutly interesting evrey week on sunday i watch that i cant wait to see the next episode why cant it come on evrey day?? but i am glad it dosent come on evrey day because then i might like miss a few episodes so its better to come on once a week plus i cant wait till the next episode comes on and the whole week gets me thinking whats going to happen next???
  • i love it

    i think that chris rock did a tremendus job with the show its one of my favorites

  • Really miss this show.

    Never missed an episode. Also liked the adult characters that were on sum of my other fav sitcoms from back in the day. Like Todd Bridges from Dif'erent Strokes, Jackee from 227 n Sister Sister, Tachina Arnold from Martin, this show was just a modern day classic. Wished that this show had 2 more seasons at least. Terry Crews as Julius Rock was my fav. Him n his cheapskate quotes: That's $2 worth of candy in the garbage. Glad this show is syndicated though, but wished that this show went onto Chris' upstart in stand-up n Hollywood. PS, couldn't stand that Tonya, straight up bratty.
  • the life of Chris Rock as a kid

    This is a very funny show. As the title says, we see all the misfortunes he encouters in his childhood. The show is also very original as Chris Rock narrates his own life which i have never seen before in any other show. It is also informative as we see how someone with a bad childhood became so famous
  • I like it.

    I like Chris Rock, and this show. He is funny and talented and I think he dose a great job with this show. I like the show. It is very funny, and cool. I think the show should be on more often. I dont see it a lot any more. This show should keep on going for a long time, So more people could see it. Cause I want to see it more!!! This show is so cool, I love it, and give it a 10. Also, a spot on my favorite shows chart. Chris Rock is talented. Well, to me!
  • It turns out, it wasn't easy living in the poorest end of town, growing up with a father that works two jobs just to keep the clothing on back, and being black in the 1980's..Dont believe me? Ask ledgendary comedien Chris Rock, and he'll tell ya!

    "Everybody Hates Chris"is set in a small town in Brookland, in the early 1980's, and centres around a younger, 13-year-old Chris Rock, whose life is turned when he is uprooted from his comfortable home and school and sent to asociate with other children who enjoy taughting him about his skin color and family income.

    Chris' parents, over-excentric-shopper-holic, mother Rochelle Rock and money-consious Julius "That' 59 cents worth of oatmeal'" Rock, may be strick at times, but all together give the impression of wanting the best for their children.

    Drew and Tonya are chris'onscren brother and sister.
    Drew is obsessed with Karate and can perfect the skills of a black belt by just watching them on TV and movies. While Tonya has developed a growing intrest in gossip.

    All in all, this show has the grownds of becoming an instant classic.

    I never watched Everybody hates Chris until this year and I love the show. The last episode is definitely a cliff hanger and I can only hope that somebody would have pity on the viewers and not leave us hanging. I even watched it over again to see if there were any clues besides Chris singing the lyrics about the guy working the dock as his mom tells him Drew and Tanya are at Docs, and the strange guy that came in the diner before drew and tanya. They focus on the rear of the dad's truck. . The guy looked at Chris and he looked back. For anybody that's a good sleuth that's too many coincidences and way too many open windows. And who wouldn't want to know what he scored on the GED?! The most haunting detail (I really am laughing out loud) is they didn't....DID NOT play everybody hates chris at the end. So now we are all left in suspense....... If there is anybody that pays attention to anything that is ever said about television viewing.....I hope the show is not cancelled and we get to find out what happened to Chris before he got famous.
  • Vanessa Makes The Show!

    If only Jackee appeared in every episode!

    There is a few scenes in this episode where Vanessa (played by Jackee Harry) is making a bet with some girls from her salon ('Nessa's) against the boys from the barber shop. If the girls lose the bet Vanessa has to go on a date with Kill Moves.

    Rochelle is convinced that it's because Julius did the ironing that they the girls will win the bet. Turns out it just isn't so and they lose!

    In the end everything turns out okay. Vanessa comes into the beauty salon on a natural high. To the girls' surprise it was because her date with Kill Moves was AMAZING!

    Vanessa is such a wonderful character and I just can't wait until the episode titled "Everybody Hates Vanessa" comes out (which I'm sure will happen one day)!
  • I don't hate chris!

    to start off with this show is really funny. its one of my fav shows on tv there needs to be dvds or more dvds if there are some already i havent bought any but i have some on my iPod and PSP. NEVEr eVER ENd ThIS ShOW! i love it so much i dont know how I could live without it it should come on FOX instead of CW thats how good it is. it isnt your average show. it always puts me in a good mood i watch it all the time. Chris rule so hard! I like it so much
  • Everybody may hate Chris but I love him!

    I am three quarters of the way through season one of this show and I can't believe that I'm just now starting to watch this.

    I'm currently on my third tour in the middle east and this is the perfect time to get into new shows. I have had the first season of Everybody Hates Chris for a while now but never really into it. Now I have to say that I can't get enough of it. For 20 or so minutes, this show never fails to make me forget that I'm away from home and in the desert.

    The writing on this show is similar to a few others in that it doesn't seem scripted. The actors deliver their lines with a precision that truly makes me forget I'm watching a television show and makes me feel like I'm watching the life a young boy and his daily life.

    I think the narration by Chris Rock is what truly makes this show unique and a pleasure to watch. I watch this show by myself and often catch myself laughing hard at the combination of Chris' comments and how they are visualized on the show.

    I only have a few more episodes left to watch in season one and it's gonna kill me to have to wait until I get back home to watch the rest. For a Marine in his third tour in the middle east, second in Iraq, this show is a big moral booster, if only for 20 minutes at a time. I am definitely a fan of this show for as long as it's on the air.
  • it's about a story of a black kid Chris and the real life of black people.

    it's so so funny with strong sense of humour.i love the story,once you've seen,you will never forget the interesting details of it.haha.it lets me realize that the blacks are born to be comedians.Chris Rock is such a funny guy with creative comedy ideas.this story is unique as it also display ironical meanings,contrast of the facts.these are more essential to let people thinking about its theme of discrimination.seemingly it's about a black family's normal daily life,a kid's experience in school,but it's not just the simple one.by showing how people really are,what chris sees and thinks tell the truth of unfair facts. besides,everyone plays very well.ROCHELLE,chris' mum is so funny,all the members from chris' family impress me a lot.
  • Spectacularly funny

    Motivated by his childhood experiences, Emmy Award-winner/actor/comedian Chris Rock, narrates this very hilarious & touching story of a teenager growing up as the oldest of three children in Brooklyn, New York during the early 1980s.

    Uprooted to a neighborhood and bused into a primarily white middle school two hours aways by his strict, hard-working parents, Chris (played by Tyler James Williams) struggles to find his place, all while keeping his younger brother & sister in line at home and surmounting the tests of junior high school. This dependable, resilient teen brings a unique, comedic spin to his everyday trials & upsets in a new single-camera comedy, "Everybody Hates Chris."
  • The show plays all the songs I grew up with! Terry Crews and Tichina Arnold make me laugh sooo hard when they do flash back examples of how they have sayings for everything. Tyler Williams, Imani and Tequan are the perfect cast for the show.

    What can I say, this show ROCKS! I can't think of any other shows that have the same type of humor, that goes with the soundtrack as well. Terry Crews is hillarious and the perfect match for his role. Tichina Arnold is really strict and down to earth as a mother of three. She knows how to express the trouble you would be in of you were to cross the line. Her facial expressions say it all, but yet still beautiful.
  • great show about life in the 80s.

    i like this show so much. when it came first came in england, every one was all hyped up about it. i found out it about 6-7 months earlier. england is so slow. when i found out and told people about it they didnt care but as soon as the commercails started they were so excited!anywho, this show was, is and wil allways(hopefully) be great. i like the way chris rock narrates it. the humour in this show never stops. theres never a dull moment in this show. its just so great and funny. i like it so much and i cant wait for season 2 to start in this slow country.everybody hates chris rocks!!!
  • everybody hates chris is a comedy you cant help but love.

    It is generally assumed that the last name of the family is \"Rock\", but this has not been established on the show.

    Tichina Arnold as Rochelle Rock, the sassy, scary, scolding mother who cares a lot about what other people think. Terry Crews as Julius Rock, the generally cool-headed, big-hearted, but penurious father. Tyler James Williams as Chris Rock, the hapless, soft-spoken, and innocent eldest child. Tequan Richmond as Drew Rock, the effortlessly cool and handsome, middle child. Imani Hakim as Tonya Rock, the antagonist of her older brothers. As the youngest and only girl she is able to get anything out of her father. Vincent Martella as Greg Wulliger, the shrimpy, advice-giving best friend of Chris. Chris Rock as the narrator (voice), an older Chris looking back at his youth, a la The Wonder Years.
  • The right charcters with the right attitude with the right time where African-Americans were not treated fairly with a mother who is jobless and a father who slaves on two jobs as Chris\'s father try to save every penny they have

    Mix people being rude to African-Americans+A thrifty father+A mother who wants to show-off+a trouble-casuing sibling+A \"better-than-you\" brother+a school of Americans+A school bully=A great show...A great cast with a great plot to match the show,worth every single second of watching the show and see how the family go though trouble,incidents with a twist here and there without any happy ending which only exist in story books it hits you right in the face with reality and watch how this family go though life with a enviroment which are unfair to them and see how Chris faces being in a school of white people
  • The new malcome!

    It's such a shame malcome in the middle finsihed, but I beleive this has taken it's place. Each family memeber has their own personaltiy and storylines, not just Chris. It's very funny and has a sweet side to it like Malcome did. I can see it being around for a while and it getting bigger and bigger.
  • Good laughs

    I think Chris rock has out done his self because his show tells you about all his troubles when he was a pre teen and you can get alot of good laughs

    a n d w h o e v e r y r e a d s t h i s p l e a s e t e l l m e w h y d o y o u n e e d t o t w o h a v e o n e - H u n d r e d w o r d s f o r a r e v i e w
  • Everybody Hates Chris...

    What trouble is Chris going to get in today? In each episode you never know. Tanya being dared by Drew, Chris failing Math, and then the Momma whooping their butts. Then there's Dad. Sweet old money makin' two job Dad. Alwats complaining about money, $2 is a lot of money back in 1983.
    Chocolate turtles. Gotta love them turtles. Chris' mom is crazy! Tanya a little tattletale, Drew a cutie pie to the ladies, Two job Julious(also a ladies man), and Chris. Chris, what to say on Chris. He's the only colored kid at Corleon and is sort of a loser. That's why people love Chris. He makes big mistakes and always has no idea what to do. Chris a hilarious family show, all about Chris Rocks life.
  • Awesome show

    The life of Chris Rock as a, kid who wouldnt wanna see that.This show is about (as I said before) Chris Rocks life as a kid.Its really funny because Chris thinks dat everybody hates him (just like the title says).Chris has to go to school that is like across town.There a boy beats him up every day.If you still didnt see it you really should.
  • It's a sitcom that is based on the routine of and the childhood of commedian Chris Rock.

    The more I watch it the more I fall in love with it. It's a great show and Chris Rock was brilliant to have come up with it. He has a lot of material and if the writers keep doing what they are doing it could be around for sometime to come. The young man who portrays Chris Rock is really good and this is a show that I tape as well as watch everyweek so as not to miss it.
  • One of the best we need more shows like this one

    This show is so great. I'm old enough to get all the jokes in the show without feeling old. This has potential to become the next "Cosby Show" meaning that it crosses racial and socio-economic boundaries. It is funny, very well written and the cast are all great actors. I know that the voice over thing is starting to get old but it works so well here. It's got this kinda like Wonder Years vibe to it
  • very good show but it is not funny

    the problam with the show that it is not funny
    but it is fun to look you know it is very interesting and it is graet i dont have any more to say so bla bla bla bla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla bla
  • A show thats actually good.

    I've been watching the show every since it first aired, and this is one show that I look forward to seeing every week. The show follows the crazy childhood of Chris Rock. Each episode is packed with hilarious situations and outcomes that show what family is all about. This is defiantly a show to sit down and chill out to if you need a good laugh, or just a small chuckle. It has it all from school yard fights to sibling rivalry. The show only gets better and better, it keeps me coming back week after week. I give the show a complete 10 for being a family classic in my books.
  • This show was Inspired by Chris Rock's life as a kid,Everybody Hates Chris takes place in NYC in the 1980s.Chris struggles to find his place while keeping his siblings in line and dealing with the pressures of juniorhigh school.he manages to make friends

    When I saw the first episode of "Everybody Hates Chris". It is the first time I have seen a "situation comedy" in years that made me laugh aloud.

    "Everybody Hates Chris" was so cleverly written that what could have been somewhat disturbing, like the schoolyard fight,was hilarious. The characters delivered their lines brilliantly. Chris's Mom has unique and rich lines that are not only funny, but they help define her character and the situation in which Chris lives. Somehow the writers manage to keep the adversaries from being hate objects - they simply move the funny storyline along.

    I LOVE it. At last a REAL comedy.
  • I love this freakin show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok not tryin to say this show aint great i mainly watch it to see Tequan RIchmond he is fine. I love the shown though. Many peopel say that it has nothing to do with his childhood. And that it is madeup. I dotn care if its made up or not its a good shown and Chris Rock is a funny narrator. I love all the characters expecially Drew (FINE!!!) i love him but the show is the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Everybody Hates Chris is the best comedy/show on UPN!

    This is my favorite show on UPN. It\\\'s really the only good one. What makes this show so good is that every character is unique. Like Julius. He always talks about saving money. \\\"That $2.00 worth of candy in the trash!\\\" The show is smart because they make him say it every 5 shows or so so it doesn\\\'t get old too quick. Chris\\\' life is exactly what I would have thought of. It\\\'s crazy and full of people calling each other cracker. Hands down, Everybody Hates Chris is the best comedy on UPN. Who watches Eve any how right!
  • This fresh show about Chris Rocks childhood will get your stomach jumping up your throat. Tyler Williams does a good job of playing Chris Rock and I think Terry Crews does an outstanding performance of playing Chris father Julius. ...

    This fresh show about Chris Rocks childhood will get your stomach jumping up your throat. This show truly has all the kinds of comedy that we need. I didn't have much hope for this show until i gave the first episode a chance, and that got me stuck.
    Tyler Williams does a good job of playing Chris Rock and I think Terry Crews does an outstanding performance of playing Chris father Julius. I can berely wait until the next episode gets on tv.
    If you haven't seen an episode of this show yet, just give it a shot.
    Watch it! I know i will.
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