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  • I'd watch this if I had nothing else to watch, or do.

    As someone who loves Chris rock, this turned out to be one huge disappointment. It just wasn't funny. I watched around three episodes until I decided to stop. I wanted to give it a chance since I thought Chris Rock was one great comedian, but the whole time I was watching the show, I never burst into laughter like the way I do with Chris Rock's other shows/movies. I know it's supposed to be different because this shows Chris Rock's childhood, but I was expecting even just a little amount of humor, which I didn't get. It's sad how one amazing comedian didn't follow through with his own show.
  • ...And Chris hates everybody right back.

    I knew the odds were againt this show being any good the minute I saw Rock's "all liberals are racists" rant in an interview. I guess if I don't laugh at the show, that makes me a racist or something? It can't just be boring? Gee, I would have thought that those people who paid to see your concerts and buy your comedy albums can't all be racist, but then again, so many people mistake obnoxiousness at high volume for humor these days, it's not hard to see why this sort of thing lingers on. Having a chip on your shoulder does not make you the discoverer of truth.

    There isn't a plot on this show you couldn't see marching five miles away. There isn't an episode that actually reflects the real variety of childhood, even in a tough town-- up, down and in between. Chris bleats about everything, everybody bleats back at him, roll credits. Bitter much?
  • One word describes this show: Defeatism.

    This is a show for Chris Rock to complain about how hard and unfair his childhood was and make a buck out of it.
    It's not funny, the father is the typical guy with kids and a crappy job (why do these people have kids if they don't have money????), the mother annoys me and the kid (Chris) just bends over and takes it when someone tries to take advantage of him.
    This is one of the few shows that actually pains me to watch. It's not funny, it doesn't make you think and the fact that it's being succesful kills my dream (no more sitcoms in the near future).
    I also don't like the tone about how life is hard and unfair and bla bla bla and all the stereotypes make it even worse.
  • Life of Chris Tucker.

    Nobody knows i watch this because no body even knows this show exist. It has not gotten enough publicity outside the west. I began watching this show when it was first aired. I found allright and nothing special really. But the funniest character and most interesting i found was Chris's dad. His mom is just plain annoying and irritating. If you're planning on watching this with you significant other on a romantic evening, don't! Both of you will just get freaked out by Chris's mum. I don't plan to watching this show if it's going to be a returning series.
  • Stupid Sitcom! Kids show my ass! >:(

    Ever since Nick@Nite started airing reruns of this show, I've never felt so much hatred for a television series since The Simpsons. Chris is an unlikable, disloyal, coward who is bullied everyday at school (by the same bully, mind you) and never once asks for help. In one episode, he told his Mom that he didn't want to go to school because he was picked on: does she call the school? Does she talk to the bully's parents? Does she talk to the bully? NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! She does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!!!!! Lady, your son is being bullied in school everyday: DOOOO SOMETHING!!!!!! That's just the tip of the iceberg, as this show is full of unlikable, annoying and racially offensive characters. Chris' Dad, Julius, is so cheap, he makes Mr. Krabs look like Michael Jackson. Every scene he's in, he's always worrying about money. DUDE!!!!! Calm the duck down!!! Money is no object (in my opinion), as long as you have a roof over your head, food to eat, fresh water to drink, and a family that loves you, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!!!!! Then there's Rochelle, Chris' mother: she is not a good parent. I know you're suppose to discipline your kids, but this is down right boarder line child abuse. "Knocking you into last night?" "Smacking the chaps of your lips?" "Making your behind hot as well?" Not even my mother threaten me like that, and when she did, it wasn't this harsh. She also swears right in front of her kids; I count in one episode where she swore twice in front of her kids. I'm surprised they don't swear to; remember: Monkey see, monkey do. Parent say, child do. Rochelle's constant use of profanity should have plagued these kids; speaking of which, Chris' brother and sister are (in a nutshell) my brother and sister. They're always going at it with each other, Tonya is always telling on them (sometimes when they do nothing wrong) and Drew is very annoying (not like my brother thought; my brother just loves hearing himself talk, Drew just likes stealing Chris' girls). The rest of the cast are no better: Kill-Moves is a schizophrenic hobo who should either be in a homeless shelter or an insane asylum (which ever comes first), Ritsky is a dude who sells stolen material and never goes to jail for it, Jerome is a thief who also never goes to jail, and James is a criminal who should be in juvy. Then there's Ms. Marcello: GOOD GOD, IS SHE ANNOYING!!!! She's racist, she knows she's racist, and she never gets any consequences for it. NEWS FLASH, RACIST TEACHERS ARE ALWAYS REPORTED AND FIRED!!!!! She had every right to be called a bitch in one episode, because that's what she is: a racist, stupid, annoying bitch! What's worse is the fact that this is based off of Chris Rock's childhood, which doesn't add up in the slightest. In reality, Chris grew up in the 70s (not 80s, you pricks), he was pulled from school because of bullying, he had no sister, and his Mom's name is Rosalie. If you're going to make a series based on your childhood, that stay true to the source material; your source material. And even as a series on it's own, it's bad; the characters are unlikable, each episode is torture porn for the main protagonist, and no one (I literally mean no one) does anything about it. Also the jokes are very offensive, very bad, and very poorly executed. The setting is also off; this is suppose to be Bedford Stuy, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country. People don't just rob you, they go as far as to shoot you or stab you or jump you or whatever. Does the show have it's few of them: Greg is tolerable, the judge was okay, and the last episode was sort of good, as it's depicted almost frame for frame on how Chris Rock dropped out of high school and got his GED. But all and all, this series sucks balls; the characters are unlikable, the plot of each episode is the same, and the jokes are offensive and poorly executed. I don't recommend anyone to watch it unless you're someone who'll laugh at anything. That's all I have to say, I hope this series disappears forever one day.
  • this is a show that everyone likes because of where it takes place but it isnt really good I HATE CHRIS

    I try to watch this show every week on upn just if i'm down at i need a laugh or to.That laugh never comes. I havent laughed 3 times since this show has been on. It is not funny. None of Rock's jokes give me even the slightest tickle, and i laugh at just about anything.The show is a comedy but where is the comedy. No where. If its a comedy then it is a big waste of network tv. It just isnt funny. Never was Never is, Never will be, not on upn nbc abc, cbs, wb, or PBS it just isnt at all funny. No stoylines, but writing, bad plot , can anyone tell me the main idea? A kids dad that is cheap on everything, if thats the plot and it works well I;'m going to make a show about my ice cream falling on the ground.
  • Um, why would someone want to watch this?

    First off, the name really annoys me. I can't believe I even watched it one night...I must have been really really really beyond really bored, if you catch my drift. Anyway, I didn't like it too much, cause it was like...boring. Semi, funny, that is why I gave it the 0.1

    Yep yep, I certainly will never ever ever watch it again...

    :D :D That's my opinion.
  • Not so good

    I know this is gonna get many dislikes but... Chris is the dumbest in his family. He does anything to look cool (join with delinquents, go to an adult party being only 13, break his own brother's arm, really?). In my opinion the funniest parts are Julius and Rochelle's plots, they're great. However, the show still mentions innapropriate things openly.

    However, the “snow day” episode on 2/5/07 was a little concerning. Everyone I know watches this show—I just hope after reading my comments you take a more careful effort in verifying some of you details, especially where the mom and her overwhelming role is concerned.

    It is a simple thing, but most moms know that “Syrup of Ipecac” is a serious extract. Specifically, Chris’s mom told her oldest son, while he was in the bathroom throwing up, to take the ipecac and “go to school.”

    The following information explains why her instructions were scary…Remember, there a lots of young mother that have entered the world of motherhood, without the benefit of an older family member to guide them. Please be careful…

    Normally Syrup of Ipecac should not be given at home if: The patient is less than one year old or Corrosives (lye, drain cleaners, oven cleaners, automatic dishwasher detergent, or other strong acids or bases) have been taken or burns are seen around or in the mouth or A petroleum distillate-containing product (kerosene, gasoline, paint thinner, furniture polish, etc.) has been taken or The patient is lethargic (sluggish), asleep, or commatose (unconscious) or The patient is convulsin.

  • Malcom In The Middle,huh?

    The childhood of Chris Rock which is very bad is shown.This show is good,but not the best.Hate Chris Rock's annoucing in this episode.Too bad it ended like all of the good channels do and hire a lot of bad ones!!!Well,it's not that stupid or anything it said,but it kind of reminds me Malcom In The Middle.They always have to end with bad shows if they have to cancel all the good ones like what they did to CN.All I know is that the narrating is so annoying in this show and that doesn't really make Chris Rock's career very bad.Good show,but it's not the best show ever.It kind of ripped off Malcom In The Middle,but it's still a good show.
  • The right charcters with the right attitude with the right time where African-Americans were not treated fairly with a mother who is jobless and a father who slaves on two jobs as Chris\'s father try to save every penny they have

    Mix people being rude to African-Americans+A thrifty father+A mother who wants to show-off+a trouble-casuing sibling+A \"better-than-you\" brother+a school of Americans+A school bully=A great show...A great cast with a great plot to match the show,worth every single second of watching the show and see how the family go though trouble,incidents with a twist here and there without any happy ending which only exist in story books it hits you right in the face with reality and watch how this family go though life with a enviroment which are unfair to them and see how Chris faces being in a school of white people
  • very good show but it is not funny

    the problam with the show that it is not funny
    but it is fun to look you know it is very interesting and it is graet i dont have any more to say so bla bla bla bla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla blabla bla bla
  • Toothless, to say at least...

    This show reminds me of those family - morality sitcoms from the 80s / early 90s. Of course - the optics are improved and the narration by Chris Rock is nice, but it definitively lacks the edge to entertain adults. I realize it is supposed to be told from the view of a child, and that's what it is: children book material. No wonder the PTC is promoting this show - any good show has been critisized by them in the past and present.
    All in all I have to say I am disappointed by the humor of this show and the simplicity of situations and storyline, I would have expected much better from Chris Rock.
  • Thought it was alright to begin with but its just so boring.

    I dont think ive actually laughed out loud yet ? I've lasted this long because i like to give shows a chance but im gonna have to leave it at that.

    It seems alot of people like this i just don't see why.
    Chris Rock as narrator does an ok job but his puns are limp.
    The acting is good but i have no favorites. Nobody stands out as the funny guy or the silly guy its all just too weak.

    Everybody hates for each episode title is just copying friends, it was unique then, now its been copied its cheap.

    Im now trying to think of the positives and cant think of any!

    Im not a negative person and to be fair i have lasted 8 episodes of this.

    Good luck to the rest of you.
  • Havent watched alot of this show but I think it's pretty good.

    I like Chris Rock but I think he thinks to much of himself like in this show. I do though like the actors in this show are great. I also think this show is really funny. Its pretty informitive to because like before this show I didnt know Chris Rock grew up in a poor neighborhood.
  • Everybody Hates Chris, a show inspired by the teenage life of Chris Rock is, from what I can see from the pilot episode, a show that is at least worth one or two seasons. While the show did cause a few audible laughs from me, I found the humor to...

    Everybody Hates Chris, a show inspired by the teenage life of Chris Rock is, from what I can see from the pilot episode, a show that is at least worth one or two seasons. While the show did cause a few audible laughs from me, I found the humor to be a bit repetitive. (For example, Chris's Father knows exactly how much money is being wasted on anything.) However, I never found any part of the show to be "stupid" (like American Dad, which makes me laugh occasionally, but is not a good comedy in my opinion). I can see a reflection of Chris Rock's comedy in this show. I don't know how the show will hold up as a series, but the pilot episode is decent. If you've got nothing better to watch, watch Everybody hates Chris.
  • Based on Chris Rock's comedy, it seems like it's Everybody Loves Raymond except it takes place during his teenage years. One that could be interesting if it got the right story.

    Seeing the fall pilots is always an exciting time for me. I can decide what I like and what I dislike. While this show has some of the comedy, I wasn't laughing as hard as I thought I would. It takes the Malcolm and the Middle approach, there is no studio audience and it's told by an adult who's reflecting. This wasn't anything like I thought it would be like. I thought the acting was dry and the chemistry was weak. The punch-lines didn't really have any kick. It did get the main story across and at least you could figure out who was who and what they were doing and why. The plot wasn't hard to follow, that was good. I wouldn't give this series a second thought. It'll probably be cancelled after airing only a few episodes with the competition it's against.
  • Chris Rock actually makes a funny show.

    I am not a big fan of Chris Rock but, I must admit that he did a nice job of developing this comedy. I like to call this a "Ghetto Wonder Years." The lead character is so cute and funny. I also think Tichina Arnold was the perfect choice for the mom. I have seen a few of Rock's stand up acts that barely recieved a chuckle, but I cannot stop laughing at this show.
  • Funny I tell you its dang funny...let em read cake!

    This is one of those shows that is just going to get better with a little time but they can't drag there bottoms to long or the cast is going to grow up like Malcolm in the Middle and get hooked on crack..oh wait that last part hasn't happened yet!
    Seriously though the mother is just a down right riot and deserves any praise that she gets for her acting in the show. "YOur acting Suspious!"
    The Father is a laugh a minute in anything he does plus hes build like a brick house check him out in The Longest Yard.
    The Kids are all funny in there own right and doing a great job entertaining.
    If you have checked it out, check it out with the whole family even!
  • It turns out, it wasn't easy living in the poorest end of town, growing up with a father that works two jobs just to keep the clothing on back, and being black in the 1980's..Dont believe me? Ask ledgendary comedien Chris Rock, and he'll tell ya!

    "Everybody Hates Chris"is set in a small town in Brookland, in the early 1980's, and centres around a younger, 13-year-old Chris Rock, whose life is turned when he is uprooted from his comfortable home and school and sent to asociate with other children who enjoy taughting him about his skin color and family income.

    Chris' parents, over-excentric-shopper-holic, mother Rochelle Rock and money-consious Julius "That' 59 cents worth of oatmeal'" Rock, may be strick at times, but all together give the impression of wanting the best for their children.

    Drew and Tonya are chris'onscren brother and sister.
    Drew is obsessed with Karate and can perfect the skills of a black belt by just watching them on TV and movies. While Tonya has developed a growing intrest in gossip.

    All in all, this show has the grownds of becoming an instant classic.
  • everybody hates chris is a comedy you cant help but love.

    It is generally assumed that the last name of the family is \"Rock\", but this has not been established on the show.

    Tichina Arnold as Rochelle Rock, the sassy, scary, scolding mother who cares a lot about what other people think. Terry Crews as Julius Rock, the generally cool-headed, big-hearted, but penurious father. Tyler James Williams as Chris Rock, the hapless, soft-spoken, and innocent eldest child. Tequan Richmond as Drew Rock, the effortlessly cool and handsome, middle child. Imani Hakim as Tonya Rock, the antagonist of her older brothers. As the youngest and only girl she is able to get anything out of her father. Vincent Martella as Greg Wulliger, the shrimpy, advice-giving best friend of Chris. Chris Rock as the narrator (voice), an older Chris looking back at his youth, a la The Wonder Years.
  • quite funny

    i was never really a big fan of chris rock, but when i seen this show was coming to the uk on channel 5 i decided to give it ago, as it was on a sunday, and all i do on a sunday was relax and watch tv. i found eveybody hates chris to be quite amusing, its harmless fun and can be watched by all, young and old. if you havent seen the show id recommend you give it a try you might like it. the characters of chris and chris's dad are great. a decent honest family show.
  • "Malcolm In The Middle" meets Spike Lee's "Crooklyn" with a dash of "Bernie Mac." Not a bad recipe.

    "Malcolm In The Middle" meets Spike Lee's "Crooklyn" with a dash of "Bernie Mac." Not a bad recipe. I love Rock so I guess I'm a little biased but I think this show deserves shot. It's smart and funny - a tall order for most comedies on TV today. It's in a tough time slot so set your TIVO.
  • It's funny

    Everybod Hates Chris was supposed to be the anti Everybody Loves Raymond. If Chris Rock's aim was to create something completely different than the CBS primetime hit-than he has succeeded. The era, race, neighborhood, and family dynamic of this show all culminate to make 'Hates Chris' a very viable show. Yet, at the beginning of the series in '05, I had my doubts about the comedies staying power. I thought the voice overs would annoy me, but they only add comedic punch. I assumed this show would play old black sitcom cliches like not being able to pay the rent- so far, I haven't seen that plot. It's fresh, humorous-a bit forced at times, but all in all a good show.
  • Chris - what the hell is your problem. Bruh do you need money! I can get a fund raiser going for ya. You are so much better than that. "Everybody Hate Chris", and opposed to "Everybody Loves Raymond". That was the best title you could come up with. Chris

    Can we say Black Writers, from the black perspective in the 1970's, because baby this an'it it. Good cast, but unbelievable some of the lines, responses. Those words weren't even said back in the 70's, and if they where you got your azz kicked for it. Chris we love ya
  • I like it

    Even though this show makes a fw offensive jokes, I think it made up for it with the clever diolauge and the intresting plots. All the charaters are worthy of notice and I think that the show really did its best it could do all the way to the end. Nice job people.
  • This show is pretty good, but i have a few problems with this show.

    Everybody Hates Chris is a funny show and i laugh at it, but i have a few problems with it. The only place they show this show is Nick@Nite well sometimes. I don't think they do that anymore. The problems are the bullies at school are mean to Chris and annoying, and basicly everyone hates him, that's he problem i have. The good thinks about the show is the funny Chris Rock and he narrates the show which i find funny. Now he has a brother named Drew Rock, Tanya Rock, and he has parents named Rachelle Rock, and Julius Rock. Now the funniest character would have to be Julius Rock. HE is so funny and he just cracks me up. Chris also has a best friend named Greg who is pretty funny. Overall 8/10.
  • This show cracks me up so much but there are a few problems though

    "Everybody Hates Chris" is a great show and this show makes me laugh very hard. It isn't my favorite show because of the fact that I have a few problems with this show but it is very enjoyable and just plain hilarious. Also, the hilarious Chris Rock narrates this show about his childhood with Tyler James Williams as teenage Chris Rock. Chris Rock has a brother named Drew Rock, a sister named Tanya Rock, a mother named Rochelle Rock, and a father named Julius Rock. I love Terry Crews and he always cracks me up as Julius Rock (the man who worries about money alot). Chris Rock also has a best friend named Greg Wuliger. There are more characters as well such as Kill Moves, Mr. Omar, Doc, and more. My least favorite character in this show is Tonya. I just despise that girl so much, she always gets whatever she wants from Rochelle and Julius. She loves to get Chris and Drew in trouble especially Chris. She even blames them for her trouble that she causes. She also eavesdrops on the schemes that Chris or Drew are up to and she demands to keep her mouth shut for them. She gets in trouble once in a while which is good but most of the time... she just gets away with everything and I hate her so much for that. Tonya is one of the problems I have with this show. The other problems is how Chris is being hated so much at school just because Chris is black (to me, that's not funny... that is just being messed up to another race), Caruso beating up Chris, most of the episodes also have cruddy endings. Overall, I have a few problems with this show that can improve so much more but the humor in this show is absolutely excellent and makes me laugh very hard. 8/10
  • its got a few problems

    this show is good but the story line is boaring, what makes it as good as it is,is the comentary by chris rock,without it i think the show would a flop, and also i think the story would be better, more complete if it was an hour long show, most of the time i'm like wait what thats the end.
  • This is a decent show, but it is the best comedy out there today.

    I was going to give this show a 7, as I did not find it too funny. However, I gave myself a moment to think, and decided to give it an 8. Why, you might ask? Well, I realized it was the best comedy show out there today, so I gave it an 8.

    The best parts of this show are in Chris's mind. He has such a wild imagination! The funniest character on this show is Chris's dad. He is so cheap it is hilarious and it makes his character hilarious. I also like how everyone always blames and picks on Chris for every little thing, but it is not his fault.

    Finally, I can't really find anything bad with this show, but I can't find anything jaw-dropping with it either.

    For all the reasons listed above, I give Everybody Hates Chris an 8/10.
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