Everybody Hates Chris

The CW (ended 2009)


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  • quite lteratlly situation-comedy. chris is put in a sticky situation, it gets worse, we laugh. but trust me its a whole lot funnier than it sounds. its called execution. (not the killing definition)

    Everybody hates this show! no, not really. we love it. And in a world were the sitcom is dying fast, this show is a revitalization. maybe not so much a trendsetter, hopefully, it will be the start of a new generation of sitcoms. remember those?
    but enough of my reminising, this show is a blast. who cant love the retro feel of it? & the way chris rock narrates it (from the future/present) bringing humor not only with his comments, & how he tells how things are 'now' relating 2 his story (like how his brother now gets girls). another thing that i love are the clips. whether its the 'example clips' (like of how his father is always so cheap) or the 'it could happen clips' (my best example: "Where's Chris" "oh, i knocked him till next weak. he'll be back on tuesday"