Everybody Hates Chris

The CW (ended 2009)


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  • ...And Chris hates everybody right back.

    I knew the odds were againt this show being any good the minute I saw Rock's "all liberals are racists" rant in an interview. I guess if I don't laugh at the show, that makes me a racist or something? It can't just be boring? Gee, I would have thought that those people who paid to see your concerts and buy your comedy albums can't all be racist, but then again, so many people mistake obnoxiousness at high volume for humor these days, it's not hard to see why this sort of thing lingers on. Having a chip on your shoulder does not make you the discoverer of truth.

    There isn't a plot on this show you couldn't see marching five miles away. There isn't an episode that actually reflects the real variety of childhood, even in a tough town-- up, down and in between. Chris bleats about everything, everybody bleats back at him, roll credits. Bitter much?