Everybody Hates Chris

The CW (ended 2009)


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  • This show cracks me up so much but there are a few problems though

    "Everybody Hates Chris" is a great show and this show makes me laugh very hard. It isn't my favorite show because of the fact that I have a few problems with this show but it is very enjoyable and just plain hilarious. Also, the hilarious Chris Rock narrates this show about his childhood with Tyler James Williams as teenage Chris Rock. Chris Rock has a brother named Drew Rock, a sister named Tanya Rock, a mother named Rochelle Rock, and a father named Julius Rock. I love Terry Crews and he always cracks me up as Julius Rock (the man who worries about money alot). Chris Rock also has a best friend named Greg Wuliger. There are more characters as well such as Kill Moves, Mr. Omar, Doc, and more. My least favorite character in this show is Tonya. I just despise that girl so much, she always gets whatever she wants from Rochelle and Julius. She loves to get Chris and Drew in trouble especially Chris. She even blames them for her trouble that she causes. She also eavesdrops on the schemes that Chris or Drew are up to and she demands to keep her mouth shut for them. She gets in trouble once in a while which is good but most of the time... she just gets away with everything and I hate her so much for that. Tonya is one of the problems I have with this show. The other problems is how Chris is being hated so much at school just because Chris is black (to me, that's not funny... that is just being messed up to another race), Caruso beating up Chris, most of the episodes also have cruddy endings. Overall, I have a few problems with this show that can improve so much more but the humor in this show is absolutely excellent and makes me laugh very hard. 8/10