Everybody Hates Chris

The CW (ended 2009)


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  • This show is pretty good, but i have a few problems with this show.

    Everybody Hates Chris is a funny show and i laugh at it, but i have a few problems with it. The only place they show this show is Nick@Nite well sometimes. I don't think they do that anymore. The problems are the bullies at school are mean to Chris and annoying, and basicly everyone hates him, that's he problem i have. The good thinks about the show is the funny Chris Rock and he narrates the show which i find funny. Now he has a brother named Drew Rock, Tanya Rock, and he has parents named Rachelle Rock, and Julius Rock. Now the funniest character would have to be Julius Rock. HE is so funny and he just cracks me up. Chris also has a best friend named Greg who is pretty funny. Overall 8/10.