Everybody Loves Raymond

Season 9 Episode 8

A Job for Robert

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 29, 2004 on CBS

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  • a job

    This episode of Everybody Loves Raymond was just really unfunny. Raymond was very out of character with how he behaved, and was relegated to nothing more than a childish instigator to Robert, not the often witty comedian that he usually is on this program.

    And the storyline itself with Marie trying to force Robert and Amy to be intimate to produce a grandchild was just lame. She babies Robert and Ray, why does she need a grandchild?

    There is no denying that this was a classic sitcom, but not every episode can be a classic, and this one was far from it.
  • Robert the Baby Machine

    Of the 209 individual episodes of ELR, this is one of the 44 that I believe have put this show into a category of its own.

    Robert and Amy have been living at Frank and Marie’s ever since that fiasco with “the home.” Marie has been extra nice to Robert, which puzzles everybody. She even insists that Ray change the screen windows instead of asking Robert. In doing so Ray gets into the newlyweds bedroom and realizes that Marie’s attentions all seem designed to enhance the romantic atmosphere, with the aim of producing more grandchildren. Robert refuses to believe this, clinging to the possibility that he may have risen in his mother’s affections. Marie comes in with some silky boxer shorts for him, confirming Ray’s suspicions. He tells Amy, whose recent gift of a Barry White album from Marie now makes sense.

    Now that Marie’s plan is out, the question of Robert and Amy reproducing becomes an open family discussion. Here is ELR’s adult comedy at its best, mixing Marie’s meddling with Robert’s indecisiveness and insecurity over his status in the family. Marie tells Robert he is her favorite, telling Ray she is sorry with a wink and a nod. Robert knows his elevated status is only temporary, but is determined to make the best of it. At one point with Ray, Debra, and Amy he declares himself to rank fourth with Marie. Debra objects and Robert admits, Debra is fourth and he is third. We all know how true this is.

    The episode ends with Marie and Frank in bed, Marie very contented with the sounds of lovemaking coming from the next room. Then we see that the sounds are being artificially made by Robert, who doesn’t even have the energy to keep that going for fifteen minutes. He’ll do anything to please Marie.
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