Everybody Loves Raymond

Season 5 Episode 25

Ally's Birth

Aired Friday 8:30 PM May 21, 2001 on CBS
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Episode Summary

As Ray escorts Ally to a father-daughter dance, he realizes how grown up and independent his daughter has become. As a result, he begins to recall the day, nine years ago, when the Barone clan welcomed her into the family, but not without incident.

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  • As we see a flash back of Ray and Debra from the past we see the birth of there daughter Ally.

    A fantastic episode with Ray and Debra getting ready with the first birth of Ally they plan on how to keep Marie from the Delivery room. But hillarty ensures on the way to the hospital when Debra goes in to laubor in the back of Roberts Police Cruiser and Ray and Robert have got to help out upon later in the episode Debra gives birth Debra and Ray look at there beautifull Baby. This Episode ends off with a very touching end wihch brought A tear to my eye and its moments like those that gets me coming back for more I say Bravo to this wonderfull episode and the cast and crew of ELR.moreless
  • Emotional Episode

    A flashback episode, I was immersed. Hilarious scenes. The ending caught me completely off guard. I could not contain the emotion that the ending evoked, so I actually cried at the end. Cried badly, actually.

    I have recently ended a relationship with a woman that I loved for 8 years, and I have discovered that this show is a kind of soothing balm for me, a refuge, as I can relate to almost every episode. Watch the end of this episode and you will be moved.

    I can\'t say enough about how well this show is written and acted. There are a few dud episodes that don\'t really resonate with me, but the great majority of episodes are not only funny, but poignant and full of meaning. Excellent show.moreless

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    • Debra: Did you find a parking space Frank?
      Frank: I hate all these damn fire hydrants. I'm glad dogs pee on them.

    • Debra: (in flashback when Ray says he doesn't want kids) I can't believe you're telling me this now! You know what your problem is? You just don't want the responsibility. You're a baby!
      Ray: And you know what they say about babies having babies. It's a crisis! Look, all I'm saying is that you don't have to get all crazy about getting pregnant.
      Debra: Well, why the hell not?
      Ray: Well, first of all, the language, not so good for kids.

    • Ray: (when Debra's water breaks) You're not gonna tell my mother?
      Debra: When we get to the hospital and we're well under way, then you can tell her.
      Ray: What's "well under way?"
      Debra: Kindergarten!

    • Debra: (about Ray's father-daughter dance with Ally) Hey, you know what I would love? Ask one of the other dads to film you two dancing. (Ray whines) Fast and slow. (Ray whines) And stay the full two hours! (Ray whines) Have a good time.
      Ray: There better be booze at this thing!

    • Raymond: Holy Moses...What are you looking at?!
      Robert: I'm waiting for the baby, Raymond.
      Raymond: Your eyes gotta be so open?

    • Robert: Maybe the bridge would have been faster.
      Raymond: It would have been faster to put a stamp on her butt and mail her.

    • Debra: I am gonna bite your nose right off!

    • Marie: I'll get some tea. Pregnant woman love tea.
      Debra (to her stomach): Come out!

    • Debra: That's okay, Marie. My doctor told me not to eat anything heavy.
      Marie: So you're just gonna do everything the doctor says? Let me tell you, I ate 3 full meals a day when I was pregnant, and look how my boys turned out.
      Frank: Stop eating immediately, Debra!

    • Ray: (You Are the Sunshine of My Life starts playing) Want to dance with me?
      Ally: That's okay. You don't like the slow songs.
      Ray: No, I want to. (starts dancing with her) It's going fast enough.

    • Ally: Watch me, Daddy! (does a little dance)
      Ray: Hey, that's pretty good. Where'd you learn to do that?
      Ally: I don't know.
      Ray: How old are you anyway? 21? 22?
      Ally: I'm nine!
      Ray: Oh, right! Nine...

    • Ray: I should have been able to impregnate you by now.
      Debra: Your father said that?
      Ray: Well, he said "knock you up," but yeah.

    • Ray: Why can't you take Ally to this thing?
      Debra: Because it's a father/daughter dance.
      Ray: Yeah. They should have father/daughter poker night at the racetrack!

    • Ray: (to Debra in flashback) We've been having sex every day for the past month. I'm kinda starting to feel like a piece of meat.

    • Ray: (viewing Debra's rear end) Holy Moses!

  • NOTES (3)

    • In the Season 1 finale, which flashed back to Debra's pregnancy with the twins, she is very pleasant toward Frank and Marie and thinks they are just the greatest. In this flashback episode, which shows Ally's birth and is therefore earlier, Debra is much more wary toward Marie. You'd think that would be the point that Debra liked her the most.

    • The song Ally and Ray dance to at the end, "The Sunshine of My Life," is the same song Ray sings to Robert at the very end of the finale episode.

    • Music: "You are the Sunshine of My Life" by Stevie Wonder