Everybody Loves Raymond

Season 9 Episode 6

Boys' Therapy

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 15, 2004 on CBS

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  • A solid entry, thought-provoking, and especially good for one of the later entries in the series.

    The Barone men find their own brand of therapy.

    This episode works because it employs most of the series' greatest strengths, the dysfunctional/functional family dynamic, but with a meesage behind it - rather than emphasizing it soley for its own sake.

    Plenty of the standard sparring goes on, but what works is the plot's idea that by avoiding a real therapist and deceiving their wives, Robert, Ray, and Frank find some real understanding by doing the "wrong thing" - going to the race track. The implication is that this might be an environment where the guys can actually talk some stuff out. Their lies to the family are funny at the same time that the protagonists draw closer despite their ulterior motives. In a way it vindicates everyone's thoughts. Episodes where one character is "triumphant" at the expense of the others are less interesting to me.

    I wouldn't say that this episode is among the strongest of the series, but for a final season entry it still has some of the differences that set the comedy apart from a lot of others.