Everybody Loves Raymond

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 06, 1997 on CBS

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  • Robert has his 2nd anniversary of his divorce.

    Today is the day of Robert 2nd aniversary of his divorce. Raymond forgets about it. Marie comes over and tells Raymond to go get him out of the house but he does'nt want to. Debra convinces Ray to take robert to a movie. They went. When they got back from the movies they started to talk about their memories. Finally robert finds out that Marie and frank told ray to take him to a movie. Ray denies it. The next day ray goes to try to tell robert that it was his idea. His plan backfires. But he uses jokes from his past.

    Marie:"One day your gonna turn around and I aint gonna be here."

    Ray:(turns around)Not today!

    Robert:(laughing hard)

    Marie:Stop it! (leaves the room)