Everybody Loves Raymond

Season 5 Episode 9

Fighting In-Laws

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 20, 2000 on CBS
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Fighting In-Laws
While celebrating Thanksgiving, Debra discovers that her seemingly contented parents are really not very happy with each other.

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  • I hate debra's parents !

    I hate debra's parents !

    and i hate episodes that are just about them !

    nothing was that funny in this episode.

    the best part was when robert walked out the door !

    and to see ray slipping down the stairs for that one second.

    don't watch this episode

    but if you do, you have been warned.

    james haagensen

    18 november 2005

    This is a great episode. Debra\'s parents warren and lois are coming in for Thanksgiving. Debra is really excited they are coming and tells Ray to be on his best behavior. Ray starts whining about them coming over. They annoy him xcuz they are always smiling and perfect and talking about the cruises to Greece and Thailand. He says nobody\'s that happy all the time and their such fakes.. Debra gives him and dirty look and says he shouldn\'t talk. His parents are over there house EVERY day. Plus , he should be thankful to have normal people over the house for a change.

    True to form Warren and Lois are all smiles and talking about how they are going to some fancy resort in switzerland for Christmas.

    Frank and Marie start arguing AS USUAL.

    Ray and Debra sleep in Ally\'s room, so debra\'s parents can sleep in the big room. Ray isn\'t very happy about it and can\'t get comfortable, so he goes downstairs to get a drink of something, and hears warren and lois fighting.

    Ray hides in the garage and listens gleefully as they argue.

    Turns out his in-laws are not only not perfect,they are at the point of thinking about divorce and are going to marriage seminar as a last resort.

    Ray falls asleep in the garage and wakes up to Debra making the turkey. He gleefully tells his grumpy half a sleep wife about what happened, Debra is really shocked, she just saw them and they seem really happy.Ray asserts that he was right and she was wrong and his parents are not so far off - at the point debra drops the buttery turkey and scrambing over and over to get, and says, ray my parents could never be anywhere near as bad as your parents, not even if they lit an orphanage on fire oon christmas eve.

    In the backround, you can hear Frank and marie fighting over the tv.

    Later on, at dinner,Debra\'s parents are all smiles and Robert gets drunk. DEBRA tells them to cut the crap and tell whats really on, they end up fighting and lois goes into the kitchen with marie and warren and robert finish up the vodka.

    Lois tells marie how things were great until he retired and started treating he like his employee. He makes her iron his friggin jeans !

    Marie tells lois she\'s never felt so close to a person in her whole life and hug and tells how frank has to wear maternity jeans cuz he has a gut on him.

    Very good episode. ANYONE who is married or has a not - so perfect family will relate these people.

    Something actually happened like this at a Christmas party I went to last year. My bf who supposedly had \'\'the perfect marriage\" ended up fighting right in front of everybody with her husband an affair he was having, he accused her of being frigid, ect ect,, they are currently in the middle of getting a divorce.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In the beginning of the episode when Robert is greeting Lois, he bends down and accidentally kisses her on the lips.
      Later on, when Lois and Warren are arguing, he mimics her about the kiss. This is strange, because when they kissed Warren was outside. So unless someone told him about it, he shouldn't know they kissed.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Ray: Your parents seem to be doing okay. It's nice.
      Debra: It's not nice. My father just said "Holy crap."
      Ray: What? You always wanted our parents to get along.
      Debra: Yeah, but I didn't want my parents to convert.

    • Warren: So, where you keeping the libations locked up? It's got to be after five somewhere in the world.
      Robert: I'm with you, Warren. Let's get snockered.

    • Robert: So you're stuck with Debra's parents for the whole weekend?
      Ray: Well, we hardly get to see them, so when they come to town, we want to spend as much time as possible with them...I've been told that's how I feel.

    • Debra: If my parents lit an orphanage on fire on Christmas Eve they wouldn't be as bad as your parents!

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