Everybody Loves Raymond

Season 7 Episode 3


Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 30, 2002 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Robert grabs the video game console, he doesn't unplug a single wire from the TV, despite the fact that he and Ray were playing games right before that.

  • Quotes

    • Ray: (after choosing to help Ally with her homework instead of giving the twins their baths) All right, what do you have to do?
      Ally: I have to answer all these questions about Abraham Lincoln.
      Ray: Okay.
      Ally: I have to do these three worksheets on fractions.
      Ray: All right.
      Ally: And I have to make a diorama on a marine ecosystem.
      Ray: Baths! I'm gonna do the baths!
      Debra: Too late. (takes twins upstairs)

    • Ray: Reading all those sports books and watching those sports on TV, that's how I got to be where I'm at.
      Marie: (long pause) "That's how I got to be where I'm at?"
      Ray: Yeah.
      Marie: You're a writer, and that's how you use the English language?
      Ray: Yeah, what? What did I do?
      Marie: You never end a sentence with the word "at!"
      Ray: Okay, okay. Big deal, so I ended a sentence with a proposition.
      Marie: Preposition! It's a preposition--oh my God!

    • Debra: I'm sorry, Ray, but this is what Mrs. Purcell assigns.
      Ray: Yeah, yeah. Mrs. Purcell. I know the type: "My life is miserable, children, so guess what--I'm taking you down with me!"

    • Ray: (about Ally) It's just that she has too much homework! Did you see all the books she has to carry? She's gonna be a hunchback!

    • Ray: (after doing homework with Ally) I was down there all night!
      Debra: Well, this is what we do. It's called being a parent.
      Ray: Maybe I don't want to be called that.

    • Ray: (to Debra, sarcastically) Sorry to disturb you, Your Highness. While you were upstairs reading your latest "Boy Kisses Girl" book and rubbing lotion on your bunions, peasants were downstairs building an ocean out of a shoebox!

    • Ray: I was down there with Ally doing homework for 2 hours!
      Debra: Well, I guess that makes the score 3 million to 2!

    • Robert: And just to make sure you don't get distracted, I'll take this!
      (Robert unplugs and takes the Playstation 2)
      Robert: (as he leaves) By tomorrow morning, I will be a master zombie hunter!

    • (Robert and Ray are playing a video game)
      Robert: Hey, you blew me up! We're on the same side, I'm not a zombie!
      Ray: Nobody believes you, man!

    • Ray: (disgusted) Miss Purcell. Miss Pur-Smell!

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