Everybody Loves Raymond

Season 1 Episode 3

I Wish I Were Gus

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 27, 1996 on CBS

Episode Recap

Ray and Debra are sitting on the couch and Debra tries to get Ray to do the dishes. She says she thinks it's sexy when a man does the dishes. Ray says he thinks it's sexy when two women to the dishes together. Ally walks in and says she drew on Geoffrey. He has a mustache like that of Hitler.

Frank and Robert come by to tell Ray that Ungle Gus is dead. Frank also tells Ray that Gus wanted him to deliver the eulogy. Ray hates talking in public and doesn't want to do it. Marie walks in and is upset because her sister Alda is coming to the funeral. She's mad at Alda for not sending Ray a wedding gift. Ray begs Marie not to make trouble at the funeral, and she says she won't because she's not going.

Ray draws a blank at his computer while trying to type the eulogy. Debra comes downstairs and helps him by fluffing up Ray's thoughts about Gus. Frank comes downstairs, stressed out about Marie and Alda. He asks Ray to go talk to her.

Ray goes across the street to convicne Marie to come to the funeral. She talks about all the things Alda did to her as a child. Ray only upsets her more by making jokes and she kicks him out of the house.

At the funeral, Ray is still nervous because he didn't finish the eulogy. Goeffrey still has his "moustache" and when they walk by a group of veterans one of them screams out of terror. As Ray and the family walks in Robert asks "Bride side or groom side?" Ray tells Robert not to make the noise he always makes at funerals. Marie shows up with Frank, but she is still mad at Ray. Aunt Alda appears and greets Ray, but Marie walks up and brings up the fact that Alda never sent Ray a wedding gift. Ray tries to calm down Alda and Marie when the funeral director tells him it's time to deliver the eulogy.

As Ray begins giving the eulogy, Robert interrupts by making a loud noise. Ray tries to pronounce Gus' full name but he can't. He tries several jokes, but the crowd doesn't laugh at any of them. While Ray is talking, Marie and Alda are squirming next to each other. Alda moves out of her seat and Marie moves to the other row of pews. Fed up, Ray begins mentioning that Gus cared most about family while staring at Alda and Marie. He say's that family are "people who love you no matter how stupid you're acting."

Ray finishes the eulogy and Alda walks up to congratulate him. Marie gets up and she and Alda begin fighting again. The wedding comes up again, then people in the crowd start yelling at Marie because they thought the reception was horrible. Ray takes Marie and Alda outside. He makes them sit next to each other, and he says now is the time for them to apologize. They forgive each other until Debra brings up the wedding again, saying she forgives Alda for her behavior at the wedding. This causes Alda and Marie to start bickering again.