Everybody Loves Raymond

Season 6 Episode 5

Marie's Sculpture

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 22, 2001 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Ray and Debra are horrified when Marie presents them with an abstract sculpture she made in art class which bears a striking resemblance to a part of the female anatomy. Frank, on the other hand, is totally mesmerized by Marie's creation, though neither he nor Marie have picked up on its erotic resemblance.moreless

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  • I Don't Know What This Is... But i love it!

    A hilarious adult oriented episode of this show finds Marie enjoying her sculpting class. She brings Ray and Debra an abstract piece of work. Only thing she doesn't know is it resembles part of the female body.

    A hilarious episode where Ray has to figure out a way to tell Marie they don't want it in the house without hurting her feelings. This episode could have been way more adult, they added a few innuendos, but all in all it was good fun. Easily one of the funniest episodes. Surely one of the seasons' bests, and one of the all-time greatsmoreless
  • Adult Humor at its Best

    Of the 209 individual episodes of ELR, this is one of the 44 that I believe have put this show into a category of its own.

    Marie has found a new outlet for her talents in a sculpturing class, much to Frank’s annoyance. She is so proud of her latest “abstract” creation she wants to give it to Ray and Debra. Right away Ray realizes that what is abstract to Marie may be obscene to anyone else, for the sculpture bears a startling resemblance to a certain area of the female anatomy. Debra and Robert quickly catch on (Robert: “Make it stop!”), but Frank only knows that he likes it.

    Ray and Debra don’t want the sculpture in their house, but find it hard to explain to Marie why. Marie is hurt by the rejection and plans to donate it to a church auction run by nuns! Two nuns come by to collect the work of art but immediately see a problem with its “subject matter.” When the obvious is pointed out to Marie she is shocked at first, and then comes to the hilarious conclusion, “I must be a lesbian.” Ray talks to her about how some of the best art is controversial; its success measured by how much it gets people talking. Thus Marie is reconciled with her creation, and enters it in a show of the students’ works where Frank, with the help of a janitor’s suggestion, finally gets it: “Holy crap!”

    Sexual themes and situations make up some of the best Raymonds, but this episode takes it to a new level. By objectifying its central situation, the producers took a risk that amazingly works. (I wonder how many possible sculptures they went through before deciding to go with this one.) Marie’s Sculpture is creative adult humor at its best.moreless
  • One of the best episodes of all time. One of MY favourites anyway.

    It's really funny when Robert looks at the sculpture and says, "This is bugging me. Where have I seen it before?\\\" Then Ray tells him and he looks horrified. It's also funny that Frank doesn't even notice it until the end. He wanted to have a picture of everyone around it and use that picture for their Christmas card. It's funny that Frank just looks at it and doesn't take his eyes off it. He does the same thing at the exhibit. It gets really funny when the nuns notice it too. They'll be willing to take a sculpture of almost anything else. I really like it when Marie finally realizes what the sculpture resembles.moreless
  • Marie sets out to prove she can so something besides cook. The result is a real "piece" of sculpture!

    Tired of simply being known as the world's greatest Italian cook, Marie enrolls in an art class. Her abstract sculpture is beautiful at first glance until Debra notices it's uncanny resemblance to a very private area. As she whispers it to Ray, the look of horror that comes over his face is a scream. Funnier still: Frank declares that he doesn't know why, but he "just can't take my eyes off this thing!"

    The family tries to keep Marie from finding out, but when they have to tell her the truth she says "Oh my God, I'm a lesbian." I laughed till I couldn't breathe.

    This is a gem of an episode from a classic, very funny and wonderful show.moreless
  • Marie's Sculpture

    Ray and Debra are horrified when Marie presents them with an abstract sculpture she made in art class which bears a striking resemblance to a part of the female anatomy.

    Very funny episode, one of my personal favorites. Especially when they try to donate it, and the nuns won't even take it!

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    • Ray: (reading a magazine) Look at this—says here I could look like this guy just by working out 15 minutes a day.
      Debra: (looks at the magazine) You better make it twenty.

    • Debra: This may upset you, but we have to support her.
      Raymond: Okay, we will support her. Meanwhile there is going to be a cover charge to get in the living room.

    • Frank: (looking at the sculpture) I got to tell you, I don't know what the hell this is. But I love it!

    • Marie: (upon realizing what her sculpture looks like) Oh, my God! I'm a lesbian!

    • Ray: (about the sculpture) Debra thinks it's a sailboat.
      Marie: There's something wrong with her.

    • Debra: (to Marie about why she doesn't like the sculpture) I'm really more into unicorns myself.

    • (Michael comes downstairs and sees the sculpture)
      Michael: What's that?
      Ray: (moves in front of it) Nothing.
      Debra: Ray! Come here, Michael. This is something Grandma made. This is a sculpture, this is art.
      (Michael just stares at it, like he can't take his eyes off it)
      Debra: Okay, I think that's enough art. Go upstairs now.
      Michael: Can I color it?
      Debra: No!
      (Michael leaves)
      Ray: You know, Debra, the way he was looking at it, he was like his own little man.

    • Nun: We'll be happy to take another sculpture from you, if you have a sculpture of almost anything else.

    • Frank: You know how you can tell it's good art? Because it follows you when you move!

    • Debra: You know, from this angle, it kind of looks like a sailboat...
      Ray: A sailboat that could use a pair of underwear!

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