Everybody Loves Raymond

Season 8 Episode 4

Misery Loves Company

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 13, 2003 on CBS

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  • All true storis

    I swear god made me watch this episode for a reason, i never watch cable because i dont own it. so when i had a chance to view this episode it truly touched my heart. i am in my first year with my husband and we have our first daughter 7 weeks old, We tend to fight and argue and i sometimes wonder when enough is enough and with that i envy those who are so in love and tuned into some love bubble that has tentacles of sort that connect to the love heads. and my most favorite part of the scene is when the old married couple swoops in with advice of their own that throws a completely different perspective on the table , so to speak, and sounds out all bad advice and the whole grass is greener conflict. I relate to this because my family is much like this and i agree that there is room for love and hate, compassion and selfishness, empathy or just not caring at all. And if you love each other you work it out. My husband and I arn;t perfect but i want to work it out. i have never had more fun with this man and my child. it is definitely worth the fight and struggle. And i plan to trudge on for the rest of my life with high and higher hopes.
  • undeniably, my favorite episode of Raymond & ive seen them all twice. Why? because it touches so humorously and beautifully on the most important relationship of our lives in a way that doesnt scold or preach. it eloquently & tactfully reminds us what mar

    i loved this episode dearly because Marie finally says something worth listening to. you have to wait till the end though! in a nutshell, she conveys the fact that she and frank truly DO love each other, who knew?!?

    Amy presents Deb (and Marie!!...OMG) with a self help book entitled Marriage is an Amusement PArk. They both resent the gift because Amy is still a newlywed, and how dare she be giving the experts advice on how to have a happy marriage!! how dare Amy?!?

    the book; if you havent already guessed; parallels itself to the many highs and lows of marriage, just like an amusement park. a roller coaster? hmmm, you decide.

    Deb and Ray grow increasingly annoyed with Amys over the top affection for Robert, and a fight ensues. Marie has to stop the fighting and here lies the heart of this show. Marie is at her finest at this point. this is where you'll need the kleenex, although Franks comments during this speech are priceless!

    Basically that thru 46 years of good and bad, she and frank continue to "plow thru it" no matter what. maybe not the best choice of words, but we get the meaning. No matter how hard it was, they stuck by each other; thru the "highs and the lows". Frank: "What day was the high?"....That there will be moments of utter frustration and a bit of screaming too... Marie: "let me tell you, Amy will be screaming sometimes, and it wont be on Mr Toads Wild Ride!" i think we can all see the wisdom in that.

    Anyone that has been married any length of time will relate to her words and remember why we got married in the 1st place. And the best line? Amy: "Even though you might not enjoy ALL the attractions, you might as well enoy the ride."