Everybody Loves Raymond

Season 5 Episode 20

Net Worth

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 23, 2001 on CBS

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  • Ray gets into strife with Debra after investing $1000.00 with two friends who are setting up a go-kart business.This leads to a discussion about whose money it is with some amusing observations from Ray,Debra & Marie.

    I've never been a huge fan of ELR but several episodes in Season 5,in particular this one,had me laughing out loud.On reflection,perhaps ELR was one of the early cringe-comedies as some of Ray,Marie & Frank's remarks are certainly cringe worthy & not just in this episode.The subject of money within the marriage relationship has always been a touchy subject & here it is dealt with both humourously & at times even a tad sensitively,especially by Marie which IS surprising.

    Some of the comedic highlights are provided by sitcom staples Bob Odenkirk & Brian Posehn who play Ray's two high school friends who are hoping to convince Ray to invest in Kart Attack.When Ray admits to Debra later that he already chipped in with $1000.00 & compounds the situation by suggesting that it's his money,all heck breaks
    loose & this is where this episode really takes off.

    After spending a chilly night without any bed linen,Ray comes downstairs for breakfast only to be presented with an account for all the work Debra has done over a twelve month period.More fireworks ensue & there's some very clever banter between Ray,Debra,Marie,Frank & Robert.