Everybody Loves Raymond

Season 9 Episode 15

Pat's Secret

Aired Friday 8:30 PM May 09, 2005 on CBS

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  • Awesome

    It was awesome. That is all I have to say.

  • Robert catches Pat smoking and she pleads with him not to tell anyone. But after Amy smells smoke on Roberts Clothes it prompts her to believing Robert is actually the one smoking.

    "Boring, Unimportant, Filler"

    Three words which I use to describe this tasteless episode. Not only is it irrelevant, but also very below the standards this great show usually sets. It could be seen as a technique of character developmentation were we see a contrary side to the usual bright and happy side of Pat but all I see it as is clearly destroying her character and the her reputation which was built up over a vast number of seasons. It is very evident why the writers of ELR chose to end the series while they did because if they kept producing episodes such as this they would deafinately loose this loyal fan.

  • this is an episode that has perfect timing and even better comedic writing!

    One thing that this episode is that it tries to teach a multitude of lessons in a form that people can understand and it does it with a big laugh. t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t. The reason I did that was because i run out of words real quick!
  • Interesting

    Amy was a horrible addition to the cast. She is hideous, she is not funny at all, and most importantly, she is just not necessary. There were no problems with the main group of characters. The show was still able to create new and interesting storylines for years, so why did they have to bring her in? Hank and Peter were good additions though, played by comedy legends Fred Willard and Chris Elliott and they brought something to the episodes they were in.

    "I like to blow up fireworks." Just a great, well-timed line that he was able to make funny, despite it not being that funny.
  • Great!

    Robert sees Pat smoking outside at night, and she pleads for him not to tell. He promises not to when it is revealed nobody, not even Raymond, knows, and Robert wants to know something nobody else does. But soon everyone thinks he is the one smoking. Then, all the Barones and Amy's parents tell secrets that they all have been hiding from each other.

    Not their all-time best, but it was pretty funny in places. It's pretty good considering it is one of the final episodes. It had a good plot and was handled well. Overall grade for me is a B+
  • Even Robert gives in to peer pressure when it comes to smoking...but there wasn't any pressure to give in to! One the funniest episodes of the series. Very nice touch to have Amy's parents and brother on the show for the second to last episode.

    With Amy's parents and brother staying at Frank, Marie, Robert and Amy's house, Robert finds Amy's mom, Pat smoking in the backyard. Wanting to get in with her, Robert decides to share her interest in smoking by having a "ciggie" with her, only to make him sick, which makes Pat realize he's never smoked. When Amy smells him in bed she reaizes what he's been doing only to wake the house up and have Marie join her in yelling at poor Robert. When Pat and Hank wake up Marie tells them that he's been smoking and Pat doesn't tell the truth. The next day at Amy's birthday party at Ray and Debra's, Robert tells them that it was Pat smoking. When Amy, Robert and Amy's parents gang up on Robert, Pat finally comes out and shares her secret. An amazing job on Georgia Engel's part. some of the funniest moments are...

    When Pat lights up a cigerette after she tells everyone she smokes, thinking it was ok since she wasn't hiding it anymore LOL

    -When frank finds everyone yelling at Robert and doesn't know whats going on, only to have Marie ask him if he knows what Robert's been doing, and to smell him....knowing Frank I think u can guess where he smells on Robert LMAO

    -Amy spilling her habit of turning Robert's toothbrush west when he always has to have it east. LOL

    -Peter talkin about how he likes to growl at his cat like a dog LOL Peter:i have secrets too
    Amy: We know Petey, now eat your chips LOL

    The episode ends with Frank and marie telling all the couple what they are doin is wrong and Frank says that all they need to say is, "darling, put a sock in it" LOL
  • Very funny and original.

    This episode is so funny. it also has a serious side. Robert is trying to get closer to Pat. He smokes to try to be like her. He ends up getting busted because he smells like smoke when he goes to bed. some parts were slow but it was very well written and fun. this is an amazing episode and recomend it to all fans!
  • The best episode of the season.

    The episode titled "Pat's Secret" easily stood as the best episode of the season. Welcoming back recurring characters Frank, Pat, and Peter McDougal, played wonderfully by Fred Savage, Georgie Engel, and Chris Elliott, the episode focused on Amy\'s parents staying at Marie, Frank, Robert, and Amy\'s house for the weekend. Robert soon lurked outside and discovered Pat smoking and he decided to bond with her by sharing a cigarette. Amy soon smelled smoke on Robert and he was strongly put down by Amy, Marie, Frank, and later by Ray and Debra for becoming a smoker, but once everybody realizes Pat is the real smoker a lot of secrets unravel, Robert exposes how Ray drives around the block to release stress, Debra exposes her habit of eating chocolate, Peter barks at the cat, and Hank blows up fire works. It seems like everybody does things to help their relationship, except Frank and Marie.

    Overall this was a very good episode and the funniest of the season. Strong acting came from guest star Fred Savage and Brad Garrett once again stood strong, but the episode\'s highlight was of course Doris Roberts and Peter Boyle as Marie and Frank, who never have a trouble in the world.
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