Everybody Loves Raymond

Season 8 Episode 6

Peter on the Couch

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 03, 2003 on CBS

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  • Robert shouldn't judge someone who he used to be like.

    Robert says having Peter live with them is an inconvenience and he should go back to Amy's parents and yet, Robert seems to be forgetting that he used to be just like Peter. He too, was living with his parents while in his 40's. Robert should be suggesting that Peter get a place of his own. Robert thinking it was so hard to have grown man living with them and he never stopped to think that might have been just as hard for Frank and Marie when he lived with them. When Robert overhears the conversation, he realizes that he was a little rough on Peter as he's been in the same position as Peter. I like how Robert and Peter talk to each other about the difficulties that come with living with your parents and how they may want you there but are happy when you leave. Not to mention how parents screw up with you because your the oldest but they don't make any mistakes with the second born because they practiced with you and know what NOT to do.

    Amy and Peter's parents are changing Peter's basement room and not telling him. Hank says that he's never heard of MAD magazine?! Those are on ever supermarket shelf. Hank and Pat need to get out more often. I don't think they ever leave the house except for work and church.

    Plus, when Amy, Ray, Debra, Frank and Marie discuss a 40 year old man still living with his parents is weird, it's like they don't even notice that Robert IS STANDING RIGHT THERE! But then again, nobody ever seems to. But it was outrageous that Amy didn't.