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  • DVDs from boxed set

    The show is awesome but I don't like how you got to choose each episode on the DVDs

  • great show but debra is emotional and a bitch

    I love the show from top to bottom besides Debra and Amy, Debra is too damn emotional and always mad and complaining, gets old real fast and Amy's teeth are too damn big! Why does she show so much of her teeth when she smiles?
  • funny show about real family life

    I do love this show but my one big complaint is that this show and almost all on tv make the lead female characters all bitchy most the time. Every wife and mother is always in a bad mood, nagging, and doesn't want sex. While men are always child like. Why can't their be shows where women are nice and friendly and want to have sex with their husbands,and men are not idiots. All these shows give bad examples to women on whats normal for a woman to act like. Also I hated the episode where robert uses the $1000 to go on vacation that Debra and Ray gibe him. That was so out of character for him especially since he adored debra and the kids.
  • The Best

    This is a great show
  • Not funny

    Worst scripted sitcom ever!

    I watch the show and I can't stop laughing because many issues with mother-in-laws are true in many cases. Comedy at it's best.
  • Compliain-a-lot

    While I will watch the show any chance I get, the fact that Ray is against doing so many things puts the character down. Like he complained about not wanting to go to Italy. He didn't like Deb having a job and therefore he would have to watch the kids. Plus sometimes not able to stand up to his parents and not defending Debra when Marie 'attacks' her. The show may have been better if Ray didn't complain so much. Plus if the show is based of Ray Romano's comedy style, how is hating a lot funny? I know this may go against most of your views on the show and I'm okay with that.
  • Incredible show

    I just love this show. Great humor, great acting, the kid actors are great too. Laugiing a lot, thats what sitcom should be.
  • My Best Show Ever!

    I love everything about that show.

    Just love it.
  • Love It!

    Its fun.

    While it has its flaws

    It is a classic
  • Why does Debra seem so overbearing and bossy ?

    I agree that Raymond sometimes seems kind of immature, but he tries to be a good husband, loves his wife and takes care of his family, so he deserves credit for that. Why does Debra seem to get away with being arrogant , selfish and condescending ? Did she marry Raymond because he is the only man that would excuse and continue to accept her attitude? He needs to make some adjustments, but so does Debra, who acts like a spoiled brat sometimes. There should have been an episode made where Debra takes a good look at herself and tries to act more appreciative of her marriage and be glad that Raymond has been so kind all along.
  • I NEVER crack a smile watching this show.

    The only one who is funny is Marie, played by excellent actress Doris Roberts. She is the epitome of a loving grandmother, a meddling parent, and an annoying mother in law. The guilt she puts on her sons is priceless. Other than that, I find Raymond and Robert extremely UNfunny. Frank is not nice, and I don';t think his put downs on his sons is funny one bit. Patricia Heaton is a great actress as Debra, but wow she is always angry. Raymond is a big wimp! I heard he is an atheist, too. Eww.
  • The series ended while still strong.

    Unlike many sitcoms and other TV series, ELR actually got better as time went on. Perhaps both the writers and the actors needed some time to hit their stride. Compare almost any of the main characters - certainly Debra, Marie and Frank were better in the final years than in the first season. And although she's never given much credit, I believe the show got even funnier when Monica Horan became a regular after Robert and Amy got married.

    I've seen some episodes 20 times, and I still laugh.
  • Raymond Sucks

    I really enjoy the shows, except Raymond who is an uncareing, selfesh, rude,into himself,liar who cares about himself and only his pleasures. If this were a real couple Debra should divorce the jerk and take him for everything he's got or ever will have. I watch the 2 or 3 times per day when able and really enjoy it until the idiot comes on. Good luck Barone family, you would be better off without RAYMOND!!!!!
  • Fantastic

    while the scripting isnt the best, this show makes me laugh everytime i watch it. definetely a classic.
  • Pretty good.

    but not my favorite. Could take or leave.
  • Makes Real Life Funny.

    The great thing about this show is that people of different ages and sex can relate to it. It takes everyday problems, which usually suck, but which we all experience in some form or another, and makes them funny. We all have annoying family members, a lazy husband, nagging wife, and that's why the show works, you can relate.
  • One of the crappiest comedies ever made

    Everybody Loves Raymond is probably placed 2nd or 3rd on my "Worst Comedy List". Every time I visit my grandmother, I have to endure half an hour of agonising torture whilst eating my breakfast at her place when watching this. I can't decide which comedy is worse: Everybody Loves Raymond or Frasier, both are as bad as each other. Having to watch Everybody Loves Raymond is not fun for me as I usually have to sit through canned laughter. I have not laughed once in the amount of times I've watched this show, really, I haven't, it's that bad.
  • One of the funniest shows of all time!

    I've only recently begun to watch Everybody Loves Raymond and I find it absolutely hilarious. All the characters in this show, unlike in other shows, are extremely likable. Obvious favorites are Raymond, Frank and his brother Rob.

    What makes this show even more interesting is that its based off a real family and that all the actors/actresses in this film are an ACTUAL family. I've just finished Season 1 and I could not help but laugh at least twice every minute of the first season.

    Alongside the Simpsons, Everybody Loves Raymond has instantly become one of my favorites.
  • Funnier than standing on a rusty nail...

    ...but not by much.
  • Really?

    This show did have some good points, but I stopped watching it because Debra was downright nasty to Ray all the time. All she did was nag, nag, nag. She didn't like what he did, she didn't like his family; she wanted him to do what she wanted all the time. What a nag. I would have run screaming from this relationship.....
  • Everybody Loves...?

    Well, I don't know if everyone actually loves Raymond - but as for his parents, Marie (Doris Roberts) and Frank (Peter Boyle), I believe they are the real stars of the show.

    I usually only ever bother to really watch the show if it is an episode involving Marie and / or Frank.

    Frank is a terrific character - I love the way that he puts everyone in their place by delivering sarcastic one-liners and exuding both a negligent and pompous attitude (even though he actually has a heart of gold).

    I also think that Debra's (Patricia Heaton) chemistry with Marie is great, especially when she is trying to stop Marie from walking all over her. I am sometimes rooting for Marie (since Debra can sometimes be downright vicious), but other times I am on Debra's side (Marie can become overbearing).

    Everybody Loves Raymond? I think it's actually the rest of the cast that everyone loves.
  • Very funny

    I love this show,my favorite character is Rays dad. Not one flaw in this show,cant even think of one.
  • Raymond and his family = Must see!

    I think the sarcastic jokes from all the family members is what makes the show overall compelling. You can tell they were family, because they were sarcastically funny. The grandparents were really gruesome at times with the jokes... I almost felt bad for Raymond. His wife is hard to please, but when he does, she is real sweet. She is a versatile character. Raymond and his big funny brother are hilarious together. Raymond knows how to act. He comes off to me weird... another compelling factor to the show. A must see for your TV!
  • Love Everybody Love Raymond


    Recently I watched another hilarious episode of Everybody Loves Raymond.There are two reason why I like watching this show firstly that it reminds me of Friends .As it has unfunny humor but still manages to be put in high regard despite the fact that there are much better shows out.Secondly I find Ray Romano a really funny kind of actor who have the ability to grab the attention of the audience even if the rest of the character are complete airheads.As he sure knows how to make me laugh .Overall the show does not always promise to make you laugh and sometimes get boring but still most of the episodes are really hilarious so I really like the show.In fact I would highly recommend other people who are huge fan of comedy genre that it is a must watch show.
  • Dont see the big fuss - just because its old DOESNT mean its good

    I honestly don't see what the big fuss about this mundane, forced show is about.

    The characters are 24/7 sarcastic and have very unoriginal and UNREALISTIC lines. Just because the show looks old and is old, doesn't make it good. (Even though it does seem to be the case for many things, but its not always true...)

    I know I'm going to get thumbed down a lot for this but hey, that's my 5 cents for ya.
  • Similar to "Friends".

    "Everybody Loves Raymond" reminds me of "Friends". It has unfunny humour, no heart and overuses the laugh track but still manages to be put in high regard despite the fact that there are much better shows out there. There is occasionally a decent episode or two but other than that this show is generally bad and fails as a comedy. If you want a good sitcom that is funny and has heart then I'd recommend "That '70's Show" over this garbage. That show actually has likeable character that you will care about. Overall you may like Everybody Love's Raymond but it's not for me.
  • more like "Everybody Hates Raymond"

    I don't know about anyone else, but i don't find the comedy style of Ray Romano funny. The only funny person in that show is Ray's brother (the one with the deep voice). The rest of the characters are complete airheads. When this show was about to end, I loved seeing the TV Guide magazine that said "goodbye Ray" on it. It's hard to believe it lasted as long as it did. This show was too boring and the humor was too dry. I found the show "Everybody Hates Chris" a thousand times more entertaining than this show. . .
  • Ray Romano stars in this mostly hilarious sitcom called "Everybody Loves Raymond"

    Ray Romano is a very funny actor and he is the reason why I watch this show. He isn't the only reason though. I also watch it because Doris Roberts and Brad Garrett. Doris Roberts plays as Marie Barone (Ray's mother) and Brad Garrett plays as Robert Barone (Ray's brother). Ray Romano, Doris Roberts, and Brad Garrett are the reason why I watch this show because those characters sure know how to make me laugh so hard. As for the rest of the main characters, they only make me laugh sometimes but they don't make me laugh that much like those three characters. My score is a little low because this show can get boring sometimes. Some of the episodes just get boring and aren't that funny. Most of the episodes are hilarious though and this show isn't a bad show at all. It can also be family-friendly at times but I wouldn't suggest kids watching this show since they are a lot of sexual jokes in this show. It's not family-friendly like "According to Jim" or any of those sitcoms, but I think teens and adults would much more harder watching this show, maybe it's because they understand the jokes while the kids don't. Overall, while this show can be boring sometimes, it was hilarious most of the time and I really like "Everybody Loves Raymond". 9/10
  • I don't know I feel like there is no point to this show.

    I turn on the TV and when I see this show I automatically change the channel. The times I have actually watched this show, waiting for a more decent show such as friends, I felt the most pain ever. The jokes, not funny. The actors, somewhat decent. The script, not unique. I don't know if I have any bias against this show, such as I saw another television show, but I just dislike this show. As the Plain White-T's put it "Hate is a strong word but I really really really don't like..." Everybody Loves Raymond! Seriously, who does like this show?
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