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  • The Best

    This is a great show
  • Incredible show

    I just love this show. Great humor, great acting, the kid actors are great too. Laugiing a lot, thats what sitcom should be.
  • My Best Show Ever!

    I love everything about that show.

    Just love it.
  • Love It!

    Its fun.

    While it has its flaws

    It is a classic
  • Fantastic

    while the scripting isnt the best, this show makes me laugh everytime i watch it. definetely a classic.
  • One of the funniest shows of all time!

    I've only recently begun to watch Everybody Loves Raymond and I find it absolutely hilarious. All the characters in this show, unlike in other shows, are extremely likable. Obvious favorites are Raymond, Frank and his brother Rob.

    What makes this show even more interesting is that its based off a real family and that all the actors/actresses in this film are an ACTUAL family. I've just finished Season 1 and I could not help but laugh at least twice every minute of the first season.

    Alongside the Simpsons, Everybody Loves Raymond has instantly become one of my favorites.
  • Very funny

    I love this show,my favorite character is Rays dad. Not one flaw in this show,cant even think of one.
  • Raymond and his family = Must see!

    I think the sarcastic jokes from all the family members is what makes the show overall compelling. You can tell they were family, because they were sarcastically funny. The grandparents were really gruesome at times with the jokes... I almost felt bad for Raymond. His wife is hard to please, but when he does, she is real sweet. She is a versatile character. Raymond and his big funny brother are hilarious together. Raymond knows how to act. He comes off to me weird... another compelling factor to the show. A must see for your TV!
  • Great family Comedy!

    This series is a series comedy about a family who live on Long Island. Ray Barone (Ray Romano) who works for New York Newsday and his wife Debra Barone (Patrica Heaton) with their three kids Ally, Michael, and Geoffery. This family have most of their troubles because ray's parents live across the street Frank Barone (Peter Boyle) and Marie Barone (Doris Roberts) and Ray's brother who lived with his parents for half of the season Robert Barone (Brad Garret). This show aired in 1995 and ended in the year 2005. This family comedy show is a very very good show. Awesome show!
  • everybody loves raymond starring raymond suprisingly

    evedrybody loves raymond consists of a nice but i suppose a not fantasticly good father, a mother who trys to keep the house clean, two twins who can get up to a bit of trouble, a loving grandmother for some people, a not so loving grandfather who enjoys to be lazy and watch sports all day and a brother who is freuquily jelous and i have no idea why. He is jelous since everybody loves raymond. Raymond is a sports writer that is why his dad loves him more than raymonds brother robbie who is just a police man. And the mother, the mother prefers raymond since he has a family she can be a grandmother this is why these people love raymond!
  • Funny

    Everybody Loves Raymond, - Is about a family living all together and the effects that has on them. The is centered round a sports writer named Ray and his wife Debra and their three kids. Ray's parents live across the street with Ray's older brother Robert. The mother favors Ray in all situations while Robert is left behind and feels sad about this so sad that he unknownly compeets for the mothers affaction. As the show goes along they learn about each other and why they love and hate eacher other. A funny show that was about such a simple topic. Family
  • Excellent episode!

    I think there's a certain chemistry when Ray, Debra, Robert, and Amy are on-screen together. Patricia Heaton is a much better actress than people realize and her interaction with Marie towards the end of the episode really hightlights how talented she is.

    Marie plays her role perfectly here and even manages to diminish and embarrass Debra as she's trying to have a soft moment with Marie. Brilliant!

    And you have to give the writers credit for (at first glance) trying to write Marie and Frank out of the show in a classy way. But again, the brilliant writing finds Marie and Frank coming back home again, much to the chagrin of everyone.
  • Best Episode Ever!

    This episode is a series classic, HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! Geofrey writes a story about the angry family, Ray and the family thinks it's about them. They go for a meeting where Debra's longest and best line happens, then right after that they're in counseling. In the end they find out that Geofrey really wrote it about a TV show. Sweet episode, Hhhhhh Iiiiiii Lllllll Aaaaaa Rrrrrrr I O U SSSSSSSSS !!! !! !! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!! !!!!! !! !!!! !!! !! !!! !!!! !!! !! !!! !! !!!!!!!!!!!!! !! !!! !!!!! !!! !!!!!!!! !!! !!!! !!! !!!! !!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I've seen "Seinfeld", "Yes,dear", "King of Queens".... Yet, "Every Body Loves Raymond" beats them all!

    I have to mention though, that singles won't enjoy it as married people. I find most of the situations between Ray and Debra exactly what I experience in life :) I even enjoy it more when I dicuss the issues wit my husband after each episode!!

    To give you an impression of how much I'm obssessed with "Every body loves Raymond", I got the full 9 seasons from a friend who recorded it on DVD from the T.V. After 2 years of watching it, almost everyday during lunch, I recently bought the full package f 9 seasons from Best Buy!! Now I'll be able to see it more clearly :D
  • I heart Frank! ^_^

    I love Frank! Not on a romantic level of course, considering I'm just a teen and he's a grumpy, gassy, old man. I just like him because we have the same attitude towards nagging people, which in my case would be my mother. My mother is my Marie, OK? Except we get along most of the time, unlike Frank and Marie who get along on a rare occasion. Anyway, this show is about Ray Barone, an Italian sports columnist, and his screwed up family. There's his parents, Frank and Marie, who are an old fart and a nag, his brother Robert and his wife, Amy, a whiner and a whiner's wife, but despite that, I love Robert, and then Amy's family, who is completely insane! But I do like her brother, Peter, though. :P Ray is married to a perfectly normal woman, Debra. They have three kids, Ally, then the twins, Jeffory and that other one. :P Michael? Was that his name? I don't remember. Anyway, it's a pretty funny show.
  • The most relatable, enjoyable, real-life comedy I think I've ever seen. It's the total pkg when it comes to the many different relationships we must all endure when it comes to married life with children, in-laws, grandparents, siblings, etc.

    Ray Romano and the entire cast are unbelievably remarkable. They bring to light the many complexities and indeosyncracies with regards to the many relationships we all must endure, some of us more than others, regarding family, both nuclear and extended. They really poke fun at so many of the ridiculous life situations I think many of us encounter. This, I've found, makes me feel less stressed when these type situations arise within my own life. Instead of getting so stressed when I realize the many ridiculous situations and arguments going on around me from day to day, I'm able to see the humor in it much more often. Thank you to the wonderful Everybody Loves Raymond cast and writers for eight wonderful seasons of laughs!
  • The story is about Ray Barone, his wife Debra, and his three children. The family lives right nacross the street from Ray's parents, Frank and Marie, the parents, and Robert, his brother.

    Okay then, this is my own personal favorite! I love the show! It is one of America's most critically acclaimed sitcoms ever, and it makes me laugh every time I see an episode. Even though I just started like the show, I am becoming more of a fan after watching another episode of the Barones getting into all sorts of problems. It makes me laugh, and sometimes, I can even see this show has won a lot of Emmys. I mainly watch it becasue I love the characters Marie, Debra, and Frank. They can be so funny in this show. So, this is my review of "Everybody Loves Raymond".
  • I certainly love him!

    A very funny show! I was absolutely in love with this show when the first season came up. It's quite good,and the lines are hillarious! You can see from the jokes that Ray Romano was a stand up comedian,and a funny one too. Every episode has good moments,especially the ones when Frank 'has something to say'. It's a good show,from my point of view,generally my kind of humour... I think. Anyhow,I liked it a lot,and as in the case of F.r.i.e.n.d.s,I hate that it finished. You definitely don't see shows like this ones anymore. All hats off for 'Everybody loves Raymond'.
  • Its more than a decent show. Its a great show, based on Ray Ramono's stand-up. Nothing like making fun of the mother!

    You have Ray. The sportswriter/funny guy. He never helps around the house and sometimes, wnats nothing to do with his kids. Then you have Debra, Ray's wife. Shes great with the kids, but horrible at the cooking. Theres always that hint of attitude towards everything. Then theres teh parents, marie and Frank. Debra has been quoted as saying on the show, "Frank is about as a disgusting creature God has every put on the planet!" Marie is always critical about everything. Then theres Amy. She stays back and trys to avoid all the probelms. Finally, theres Robert. He thinks everyone prefers Raymond over him. "Everybody loves Raymond."
  • Great show, it is very funny!

    this show is very good and funny, it has been good and funny for eight seasons! definetilly something i would take time out of my day to watch! Raymond is a very funny person and has a good personallity, he is adored by others (Marie) while Robert sits ignored in the shodows, and is very jeleous of their mothers love for Ray! Debra always finds herself mad at her husband, Ray, and yelling at him for something! it is very funny and they all have little witty comebacks and remarks (even if no words are said) sometimes just their actions alone are enough to make me laugh!
  • One of the best comedies on television today!! Certainly a good show to turn to if you need a good laugh.

    Everybody Loves Raymond is a great show. Whenever I watch it, I laugh. There hasn't been a single time that I've viewed Everybody Loves Raymond that I haven't laughed. With hillarious stars like Ray Ramano and Brad Garett, how could you not laugh? I really like Marie and Frank. What a pair, huh? The way that Marie thinks of Debra is also funny. I also love Ray's perspective and sense of humor. I love almost everything about this show. The plots, the setting, the everyday lifestyle- I love it. I'd have to say that the only thing I do not love about the show is the thirteen-year-old Ally. She was okay when she was younger. She was calm and harmless. When she gets older, she's kind of stuck up and rude. It just has me thinking that if I were Debra and Ally talked to me like that (frequently I might add), I would get her in so much trouble. She wouldn't scream at me as much as she does in that show. I realize it's a show, but I can't stand seeing that child get snobby with her parents like that and have them not do anything at all except think about what they can do to make her happy (it just bugs me to high Heaven!!). It's a realistic show, right? Anyway, I really like this show a lot, and the only negative comment I have isn't significant enough to bring my rating any farther down than a "ten". I only wish that Everybody Loves Raymond was an active show, and had new episodes, and all that jazz.
  • Funny As Hell!

    I Love Ray! He's Always Getting Himself Into Trouble And Never Quits While He's Ahead. He Digs Himself Into a Hole Everytime With His Wife And Family. Ah, Classic Ray! Like I Said About King Of Queens, You Can'y Have One And Not The Other. Raymond Would Be Nothin Without Debra, And His Mother Come To Think Of It! Excellent Show! Highly Recommended
  • Ray and his wife Debra live a happily married life. Yeah! Right...!

    Ray Barone and his wife Debra live in a house in Long Island with their three kids. Across the road, live Ray's parents Marie and Frank and elder brother Robert. They are a constant nuisance. They always drop in unexpectedly and barge in on Ray and Debra's lives. They invade their space, take over their lives and cause chaos to their lifestyle. It is virtually impossible to live in the house with the other Barone's right across the street. They pose a constant invasion of privacy threat. Robert is always jealous of Raymond cos he is the lucky brother of the two of them. He gets all the luck and all the breaks. Frank likes to take the children out for a drive and he loves to smell the hair of the twin boys. He calls it his fountain of youth. A great comedy series and a great entertainment for all ages. Funny and a great show.
  • Nothing makes me laugh harder!

    Everybody loves raymond. I first saw this show in Star World here in Asia, because I live in Hong Kong. At first, I saw the pilot episode and already felt that this was going to be a great show. So I kept on watching it every Monday night, and there was not an episode where I didn't laugh. The writing is good, the whole cast did a great job, and what I liked the most is that every time there is a part where it makes you laugh a lot, then suddenly there is something more to even laugh about! This show is great and is perfect for those who want to relax for thirty minutes.
  • guy living with 3 kids and living in a house seems normal but no! who lives across the street?

    his parents do and duirng its incredible run the show hit the issues thenit didnt and just made you laugh i watch this show every night because this show is true. its true abouyt life and true abbout relatoin ships and everytihng else. im saddened though becuase peter boyle (frank barone) died he was a great man this is a great show and its will be on reruns forever. but thats ok at least the shows creators had enough sense to end it when they did i mean last couple of episodes were iffy. but in the the ending was neccasry ofr it not to run inot the ground like some shows "cough" "cough" "simpsons" "cough" but really a great show great values it taught me things that i will cherish forever and it will live on long live raymond!!

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  • Ray lives with his wife Debra across the street from his parents Frank and Marie. Ray's brother also lives near by, his names Robert. Ray and Debra have three kids.

    One oF ThE FUNNieST SHOWs On TELevISION. i absolutely love everybody loves raymond. No matter how many times i see an episode i still laugh every time. They have the perfect family with the best humor there can be. Frank makes me laugh every time he says HOLY CRAP. Im so sad that they ever cancelled it, it was one of my favorite shows. I also loved how Debra was like the outsider to the family and she was one of the only ones that understood their crazyness. So everybody definently loves raymond and everyone else on the show. For years they were the funniest group. I wish they were never cancelled.

    Everybody loves Raymond is personally my favourite comedy sitcom, it has great humour and comedy. Every character in the show are unique and contribute greatly towards the overall performance of the show. The dialogue in this show is so amazing and best of all, this show is realistic, like seriously, real families act similar to the people in everybody loves raymond. i personally believe that every family can some way relate towards the different characters in this show in their own life. Actually watching how everyday people may act in everyday life really brings out the brilliance of this marvelous comedy series to life.

    This comedy was like no other. It was so funny the cast was just great they seem to work well together and I think that is what made the show. Really going to miss this show but I guess like any other show it has to come to an end sometimes and some goes sooner than we would like. Peter Boyle was such a great actor he will be miss so much.
  • One OF The Big Funny Show

    Everybody Loves Raymond Is Amazing Show And Funny is woes so Cool to watch at Every Night Before Sleeping The Cast are wily Great I wily like the Face that Raymond make this woes so Funny and is Perents wow this wily wily Funny I woes like any minute of this show beacuse this I have on DVD After all :)
  • One of the best sitcoms that I have ever watched and it will always be my personal favorite, no matter what.

    Im just going to always wounder what would have happened if we continued with at least 2 more seasons, because I would have loved to seen Amy and Robert have a kid and at least Ally, Michael and Geoffery get into high school and maybe even college. But still a awsome sitcom series.
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