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Everybody Loves Raymond

Season 3 Episode 15

Robert's Date

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 01, 1999 on CBS
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Episode Summary

When Robert's entire demeanor changes when he starts clubbing with his patrol partner, Judy, and her black friends, Ray and the rest of the family find it hard to believe the extent to which Robert will go to fit in with his new friends.

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  • Robert's Date

    Funniest show ever! I laugh so hard whenever I watch that episode. Very clever dialogue!
  • The BEST!!!

    I believe that out of ALL the comedic sitcoms EVER produced, this is the best & funniest episode ever!!!
  • Robert goes black.

    Everybody Loves Raymond just knows how make my day. When I'm tired and exhausted I love to sit back and watch a really good episode and this episode is it for me. It was hilarious the way Robert starts hanging out more with his partner Judy and ends up trying to be black by talking slang the way Judy and her friend does like saying yall, dawg, and etc. I loved the scene where he calls Frank Dawg and Frank is like what is that supposed to mean and Robert goes it's how you greet people you like. So Frank goes and calls Raymond Ugly and Marie Good looking implying that she's the opposite of that haha and then Marie goes let's go jacka§§ and tells him she meant it literally haha. I love those two. Roberts dancing cracked me up as well. Overall another great episode.moreless
  • Robert becomes Super Fly.

    Of the 209 individual episodes of ELR, this is one of the 44 that I believe have put this show into a category of its own.

    Robert’s date is his police officer partner Judy, a very funny lady played by Sherri Shepherd who has appeared in many episodes. Judy is black, of course, so this leads into new and interesting situations. First there is the reaction of Marie and Frank in a scene that has to be one of the series’ classics. Frank is of the mistaken impression that the two are dressed to “bust johns” but falls into uncharacteristic silence when he learns they are going out on a date. Marie’s face becomes fixed in a forced smile, feigning support, but really wanting to know “how long this has been going on.”

    Robert and Judy go to an all-black club where Robert is ill at ease at first, but is soon showing off his dance moves and becoming the life of the party. Robert is so drawn into this new world of friends that his dress and manner of speech change accordingly. When he shows up at Ray’s house in a mustard-colored outfit with black shirt Ray calls him Super Fly. Robert tells him, “ya gotta get out more, my bro.” When Judy asks Robert for a dinner date alone, Robert fears the relationship is taking a romantic turn, so he persuades Ray to come along. At the restaurant Ray discovers that Judy wanted to talk to Robert about his becoming too… “ethnic” is the word Ray offers. Judy has to go, leaving it up to Ray to explain things to Robert. Ray reminds Robert of their Italian heritage, but Robert feels dejected and a bit angry. They decide to order dinner as Robert’s thoughts go to the Hasidic Jews. Ray warns him, but Robert shrugs and says, “A person can’t make an observation?”

    With this episode the ELR writers take on race relations without getting preachy, and in a way that everyone can enjoy.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Marie: (To Frank as they were leaving) Come on, jackass; and I mean jackass.

    • Robert: That is so whack!
      Ray: What?
      Robert: Tonight Judy and I were going to, you know, go to this club to hang out with our peeps. And now she tells me that she wants to go out to dinner—just the two of us.
      Ray: So?
      Robert: She says she wants it to be just us, so we can talk. What does that sound like?
      Ray: Well, I don't know what it's called in your new world, but we call that a date here in honky land.

    • Frank: What did you call me 'dawg' for?!
      Robert: That's a nice thing, Dad, you say it to people, it means 'I like you'.
      Frank: Oh really? Well, from now on... I'm calling you 'Jackass'!
      Marie: Frank!
      Frank: That's a good thing, it means 'He's great'.
      Ray: Hey.
      Frank: (to Ray) Hey Ugly!
      Ray: What?
      Frank: That's Robert talk, it means 'You're good looking'. (to Marie) Hey good looking.

    • Robert: That is so whack!
      Ray: Okay, see right there... we're Italian. "Whack" means something else to us.

  • NOTES (3)

    • A highlight of this episode is Robert's mustard-colored suit. In the scene with Ray and Robert alone in the restaurant Robert demands, "Do you know where I had to go to get this outfit?" Ray responds, "Little shop of horrors?" There is an outtake of this scene where Ray's response is "Guldens?" Brad Garrett breaks up, ruining the scene.

    • Voted the fifth favorite episode of the entire series by the fans, and was rerun on February 28, 2005, as part of the events leading up to the series finale.

    • Music: "Fantastic Voyage" by Coolio


    • Frank says to Robert, "Nice suit, Where's Gladys and the other two Pips?" referring to Gladys Knight and the Pips, an R&B group.